5,10^ 25%

Game of universal domination. New dice available free upon request.
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Dangerous Beans
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5,10^ 25%

Post by Dangerous Beans » Mon Jun 11, 2018 7:31 pm

TeamEvil: what does 5, 10^25% actually mean?
█ Dangerous Beans: http://diceroll.stritar.net/risk.html

TCraig: does this game use the same dice rolls as in the original?

█ Dangerous Beans: it means each cash value is increased by 25% from the last cash value
█ Dangerous Beans: after the 5, 10 cashes
TCraig: and increased by 25% each round on top of that
█ Landlord: TCraig: and increased by 25% each round on top of that
█ Landlord: didnt notice that
█ Dangerous Beans: █ Landlord: TCraig: and increased by 25% each round on top of that
█ Landlord: nice
TeamEvil: but that isn't whatt the list is, it goes 20 to 25, which is right but then it should go to 31 not 30, and then it should go to 38 not 43
█ Dangerous Beans: well i guess it goes 5,10,15 and by 5's until a certain point
█ Dangerous Beans: then 25% afterwards
TCraig: i believe that is right
TCraig: dont know for sure
█ Dangerous Beans: in order to keep up with continent bonus increases
TeamEvil: but even after that its still wrong
TCraig: yeah ... makes the game closer to classic lol and not just an income hording event
█ Dangerous Beans: 87, 122 ,167
█ Dangerous Beans: yea if it went up 25% it would be 87, 109
█ Dangerous Beans: not 122
TCraig: what about plus 5 then 25% each time?

█ Dangerous Beans: then it would be 87, 115
TeamEvil: that still doesn't explain the jump from 43 to 62
TCraig: yeah just did that... hmm
█ Dangerous Beans: yea thats weird
█ Dangerous Beans: fucking dustin
TCraig: lol
█ Landlord: farm india ?

█ Dangerous Beans: thats weird
█ Big Will E Style: these aren't actually 25% increases
█ Dangerous Beans: cuz it was originally introduced in order to keep up with continent bonuses
TeamEvil: ah, I figured it out
█ Dangerous Beans: its a 'feature not a bug' that has only been around for a few years though
TeamEvil: its actually the difference between consecutive terms that is increased by 25%
TeamEvil: I think

█ Dangerous Beans: ah that makes since
█ Dangerous Beans: 417 558 745

█ Dangerous Beans: 141 176

█ Dangerous Beans: then it would be inceased by 187 not 176
TeamEvil: yeah I guess that's wrong too

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Re: 5,10^ 25%

Post by Red Beard » Fri Jun 15, 2018 10:19 pm

So now the 25% x 25% room is gone. Why is it gone? it was the best of the rooms. Did they just fix the settings?

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Re: 5,10^ 25%

Post by PJB » Sat Jun 16, 2018 6:45 am

Some rooms go offline within 24 hours. As far as i know no one changed the settings. I just made a new 25/25 room.

Have fun.

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