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Central Asian Republic Map — More MapsLux Delux Game Info

Central Asian Republic

The Unification of the Cental Asian Republic 2011

Central Asia's population, made up of several ethnic groups, some of which are concentrated in more than one country; Uzbecks in Uzbeckistan, Afghanistan, Kazakstan and Tajikistan, Tajiks in Tajikistan and Afghanistan etc. desires amalgamation into one republic. Combining ethnic populations wanting consolidation, with the Kazak people's weariness of Russia and a hope by all to contain Islamic fundamentalists now that foreign troops have left Afghanistan, Unification Militias in all Central Asian Countries form. These Unification Militias battle Nationalist militias, anti-unionist government troops and Islamic Fundamentalists to create one unified and strong Central Asian Republic.

Iran is pulled into the fight when a Unification Militia forms in its south eastern province of Baluchestan va Sistan. The militia there has the goal of separating this province from Iran and joining their ethnic cousins in the Balochistan province of Pakistan.

India, hoping to capitalize on Pakistan's involvement joins the fray in hopes of gaining permanent control of Kashmir, assuming a larger Central Asian Republic would be too concerned with other matters to fight for it.

1.02 improved scenario

Created by top row. Version 1.02 released January 8, 2007.

Central Asian Republic is a Map Plugin for the computer game Lux Delux.

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