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Lux USA iPad Game
Conquer the USA on your iPad or iPhone 
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Tips & Tricks:
• Pinky fingers are your smallest, use them.
• Hold a finger to make continuous attacks.
• Hold a finger to divide large armies quickly.
• Read the full Game Instructions.

How to Win:
• Attack with 3 or more armies for best odds.
• Conquer 1 enemy county per turn for a card.
• Kill off weak players to get their cards.
• Take it slow at the start of the game.

Lux USA is just the start. Lux DLX is now available, featuring...
• Saves your game
• Harder computer AI
• Hot-seat multi-player
• More settings and options
• Tons of different maps, like these:
Nevada - Alien Assault Map Imperium Romanum Expletus Map Siege Lux Map

Questions and Answers:
When will Lux DLX for iPad be released?
Lux DLX is available now! A big free update with enhanced iPad support has been submitted and should be approved any day now...

Is there any multi-player?
Lux DLX lets you play hot-seat multi-player on iPad or iPhone. Set multiple players to be Human.

What about online networked multi-player?
You need a Mac or PC to play online networked multi-player Lux. Check out Lux Delux on your desktop or laptop computer.

Is there an online community for Lux?
Yes! It's the Lux User Forums.

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Lux Touch, Lux USA and Lux DLX let you conquer the world on your iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

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