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The Roman Campaigns 5

The Conquest of Britannia and Hibernia

Made for the 'Lux DLX' mobile version available on Googleplay.

Special Note:
Blue lines are for crossing sea areas.

Version 1.02:
Deleted various trees, and repositioned them.
Major adjustment of various country shapes to get rid of meeting a single corner.
Laigina now connects to Maridunum.
Mide no longer connects to Maridunm.]]> Peter Karsten 2018-05-16T18:17:23-04:00 THE ROMAN CAMPAIGNS 6

The Roman Campaigns 6

The Conquest of Cyprus

Made for the 'Lux DLX' mobile version available on Googleplay.

Special Note:
Blue lines are for crossing sea areas.

Version 1.02:
Deleted various trees, and repositioned them.
Major adjustment of various country shapes to get rid of meeting a single corner.
Redid country connections.]]> Peter Karsten 2018-05-16T18:17:23-04:00 THE ROMAN CAMPAIGNS 4

The Roman Campaigns 4

The Conquest of Africa, Cyrennia, Egyptus & Taurica

Made for the 'Lux DLX' mobile version available on Googleplay.

Special Note:
Blue lines are for crossing sea areas.

Version 1.02
Rechecked all 'Country Connections' and corrected/added connection between Varnarum and Sinope.]]> Peter Karsten 2018-04-29T16:14:21-04:00 THE ROMAN CAMPAIGNS 3

The Roman Campaigns 3

The Conquest of Britannia, Gallia, Macedonia and Mesia

Made for the 'Lux DLX' mobile version available on Googleplay.

Version: 1.0.

Special Note:
Blue lines are for crossing sea areas.]]> Peter Karsten 2018-03-26T18:35:10-04:00 THE ROMAN CAMPAIGNS 2

The Roman Campaigns 2

The Conquest of Macedonia, Greece, the Middle East and Egyptus.

Made for the 'Lux DLX' mobile version available on Googleplay.

Special Note:
Blue lines are for crossing sea areas.

Version 1.02:
Repostioned Continent Names.
Recoloured border to black, that wasn't really black to begin with.
Added a couple of small trees.
Retyped wording on the large scroll.]]> Peter Karsten 2018-03-18T08:02:23-04:00 Siege Lux - Paris

In the year 845, a daring, ruthless, and cunning Norse warrior known as Rangar Lodbrok sails down the Seine river with a mighty fleet of warships in search of the legendary "city on a river." After hearing glorious stories of the tremendous riches to be plundered, the Viking raiders are eager to sack the heavily fortified city. Standing in their way is Charles the Bald, leader of the West Franks and desperate to defend Paris at all costs.]]> Mark Bauer 2018-03-10T15:58:09-05:00 THE ROMAN CAMPAIGNS 1

The Roman Campaigns.

The Conquest of Gallia, Hispania and Mauritania.

Made for the 'Lux DLX' mobile version available on Googleplay.

Special Note:
Blue lines are for crossing sea areas.

Version 1.02:
Refixed all country connections.
Version 1.04:
Readjusted all country army boxes.
Version 1.06:
Renamed Continent Name, Corsica & Sardinia to Corsica and Sardinia.
Repostioned Continent Names.
Added black border, that was supposed to frame the game.]]> Peter Karsten 2018-03-07T11:25:11-05:00 Lux Alliance

Lux Alliance is Sillysoft's epic follow-up game to Lux Delux!

It features same-time turns, teams, different units, and more!

Click the Install button to go to a webpage with more screenshots and info...]]> Sillysoft Games 2017-03-23T00:33:44-04:00 SILKEN SAILS

"Silken Sails" is a Pirate themed map sporting ships and sea monsters. This map is a tribute to all you Luxers... inspired by A Special Luxer.

Ships can access their own ports (see flags) and other ships. The exception is Mnemo's Plunder. It can also attack SEA MONSTERS.

The Sea monsters can attack ports, ships, and other sea monsters... However, due to their hunger for human flesh, they result in negative income.

Have Fun Luxers!]]> Centrico 2016-11-17T21:05:31-05:00 Italy Mini

Conquer the country of Italy on the iPhone!]]> Sillysoft Games 2016-09-30T14:37:47-04:00 France Mini

Think you're as strategically gifted as Napoléon? Let's see you start with conquering France!]]> Mark Bauer 2016-09-30T14:35:53-04:00 China Mini

This map has been optimized for use on the iPhone.]]> Mark Bauer 2016-09-30T14:33:43-04:00 Japan Mini

The Pacific island nation of Japan is ready to be conquered on the iPhone!]]> Sillysoft Games 2016-09-30T14:31:22-04:00 Germany Mini

This map has been optimized for use on the iPhone.]]> Mark Bauer 2016-09-30T14:29:42-04:00 War on IsiL

2011 the civil wars in Iraq & Syria tear the countries apart, paving the way for IsiL to seize vast amounts of land, people and cities. The world waits with baited breathe to see who will be victorious in the wars of the middle-east. The neighboring countries haven't been drawn in yet but may soon find war at their doors...]]> Naraku 2016-09-30T14:25:53-04:00 Australia Mini

This mini version of the great island nation of Australia has been optimized for use on the iPhone.]]> Mark Bauer 2016-09-30T14:21:35-04:00 Italian Unification

After Napoleon's defeat, the Congress of Vienna returned Italy to a patchwork of kingdoms ruled over by the prevailing European powers. Nationalism begins to rise across the countryside as cries for a Risorgimento intensify. Revolutionary movements take hold and soon the entire peninsula is at war, each faction with their own visions of a new unifed Italy.]]> Mark Bauer 2016-09-30T14:20:32-04:00 Napoleonic Wars HD

Napoleon has returned from Egypt to a French Republic in tatters and suffering terrible defeats at the hands of the British and Austrians. He immediately siezes control, disbands the government and proclaims himself Emperor of France. With a reinvigorated army he sets out to confront the Coalition and put the whole of Europe under his thumb! Can Napoleon be the first to conquer the entire continent? Or will Russia, England and the Coalition stand in his way?!]]> Mark Bauer 2016-09-09T14:27:27-04:00 King Arthur

This map is optimized for use on the iPad.

The over extended, weakend Roman army can no longer hold on to Britannia and has decided to abondon the distant colony. Unending assaults from Saxons, Picts, and Celts have caused Britain to descend into chaos as various kingdoms struggle with each other for dominance. One man sets out to unit the Britons and defend Britain from the merciless barbarrian invasions. His name is King Arthur!]]> Mark Bauer 2016-09-09T14:08:10-04:00 Mother Russia

While fighting a bear and a shark simultaneously, President Putin has mysteriosuly vanished in the tiger infested swamps. This has caused a massive power vaccum as 6 factions rise up to take control of Mother Russia.]]> Mark Bauer 2016-09-06T17:31:13-04:00 The Cold War 50

The Cold War '50 - The world worries as the Korean war begins and the reds march across the pennisula with ease! Will the UN defend what's left of free Asia!?! Can the communists be contained? Or will it be the Komrades who triumph in the end? The Cold war is about to get really steamy...]]> Naraku 2016-07-10T05:19:29-04:00 The Cold War

The Cold war: The year is 1946, the 'Iron Curtain' falls over central Europe spliting Germany in two and for the time being spliting Vienna from Austria. The Soviets say they want 'peace'. The West thinks the USSR just wants pieces of western European countries picking them off one by one... Can you contain the communists, or will the Komrades conquer the world? Who will win the Cold War at the start of 1946?

Note: Berlin connects to East Germany all 6 tiles of the inset will exit there. West Berlin can be reached from West Germany via the Berlin Airlift!]]> Naraku 2016-05-23T21:35:46-04:00 Castle Lux - Pirate Invasion

King of the Land vs King of the Sea. Who will triumph in this war of gunpowder and steel?

King James lives very well in his castle laid well inland. He has a secret escape route to Fort James just across the lake. The fort is well defended will prove quite insurmountable during the pirate's invasion.

Pirate King Jack is a weathered dog of the sea. He has been in the business for decades. King James seems like just another landlubber in the way of treasure and glory. He will stop at nothing to pilage the King's land for all it is worth.

Remember to pillage before you burn!

Update 1.01: Moved Royal Escape and shrunk some graphics.]]> Owned 2016-05-22T12:32:27-04:00 Ched Nasad

Ched Nasad: City of shimmering webs. The 12 noble houses of Ched Nasad now battle for supremacy of the city. Who will recieve the favor of the Spider queen & who will she spurn? Will the goddess of chaos grant you ultimate power or leave your house in ruin? In the shadows of the city of shimmering webs lurk the assassins of J'Kaelyo willing to stab any foolish drow in the back. Secretly the lower six houses plot and scheme to overthrow the matron mothers of the houses above them. Which noble houses of Ched Nasad will be victorious & which one's will fall into ruin?

Lloth's Temple - 8
1st house - Nasadra - 6
2rd house - Melarn - 5
3rd house - D'Dgttu - 4
4th house - Auvryndar -4
5th house - Mylyl - 3
6th house - Aleanrahel - 3
7th house - Claddath - 3
8th house - Rilynt'tar - 2
9th house - Maerret - 2
10th house - Zinard - 1
11th house - Ousstyl - 2
12th house - Hlaund - 2
House of assassins - J'kaelyo - 4

Note the daggers represent the J'Kaelyo exits: they have 1 way attack from the "Hideout" to any tile with a dagger on it.]]> Naraku 2016-05-09T02:09:13-04:00 BlueMars

67 Million Years ago before the Age of catastrophe that would wipe out the dinosaurs, our neighbor planet Mars still had water and an atmosphere. Here is a funny/silly take of what conquering the ancient Martians might have looked like. Enjoy!! Note Ocean tiles can only be reached from an icon or city tile. Utopia, the heel, and the oceans wrap around the planet.]]> Naraku 2016-05-08T17:11:08-04:00 Zaoz Void

Zaoz Void: Welcome to the realm of the dreadlord. Can you stop the evil necromancer on his campaign to conquer his kingdom in a dark corner of luxtopia? Or will the Dread King Zao defeat all who oppose him again? Tarnel's treachery reaches all over the realm of Zao but with his power comes a great price. His five vassal subjects now revolt as the Dracolich, & the arch-lich Tarnel pool their power to try to overthrow Zao from the South. In the North of the realm Drandor's fanatics unite their forces with the Witches of Rift City to try to topple the dark lord of the Grey Mountain. The Ghost who rules over the city of bones tries to find the strength to slay his former master. With open revolt declared now Zao will try to crush his former servants and restore his rule in Zaoz Void.]]> Naraku 2016-05-08T13:42:23-04:00 The Greatest War

100 years ago mankind unleashed the most deadly and destructive WAR upon the world. Empires crumbled as others thrived in the fog of war.

This map is an enhanced version of THE GREAT WAR map with updated countries & borders. All 12 Neutral countries are now grouped together as 1 large bonus as the 6 great EU powers of the age destroy each other at the eve of WWI.]]> Naraku 2016-03-06T10:40:31-05:00 Hexwood Showdown

The new sheriff of Hexwood is cleaning up town! With Blaze, the sheriff's loyal and beloved horse, the Hexwood equine population is now one. All month the off-the-beaten-path town has been plagued with gamblers, drunkards, outlaws, desperados, bandits, robbers, and every low-life scum you can think of. With a double carbine and a polished six-shooter, the Sheriff sends the riff-raff scattering into the woods and grasslands outside of town. But they won't be scared off so easily. The outcasts band together to capture Blaze, rid themselves of the Sheriff, and retake Hexwood. The showdown is at high noon!]]> Mark Bauer 2016-01-22T18:32:44-05:00 Downtown Delux

Downtown Delux: Made by Ryanoceros

Difficulty Level: Hard

<- Arrows show where you can cross under bridges or from top-to-bottom or side-to-side. ->
Starting Scenario:
Each player dominates a region of the city. (5 player regions total)
Each player owns 54 territories within your own region, 1 within each opponents region (4 total), and 10 somewhere on the 5 different Highways.

Obejective: Secure your region then conquer the city.]]> Ryanoceros 2015-09-27T17:31:48-04:00 Mongol Empire HD

Kublai Kahn, the great Kahn, is on his deathbed and the mighty Mongol Empire is beginning to fracture. Kublai, established the seperate khanates as a means to control the vast, continent stretching empire. But without the Great Khan to keep the united, infighting begins as each tries to secure power over the others. Meanwhile, rebellions in China have erupted into all out war!]]> Mark Bauer 2015-09-12T10:50:21-04:00 Cyrus

580 BC- The Median king, Astyages, is having strange dreams. His advisors say the vine wrapping around his land is related to his daughter marrying a Persian prince. Not just of his grandson succeeding him, but ruling in his place. And Persia is ripe for independence from their northern overlords.

So he tries to skew history. A general, Harpagus, is ordered to leave the newborn on a hillside to die. Instead, Harpagus gives Cyrus to a herdsman, who raises the child. Astyages, ten years later, finds young Cyrus and brings him back to the palace, in the hopes all will forget the incident. Harpagus, however, has his son roasted and served to him at a banquet. Cyrus soon grows into a cunning, strong man and convinces Harpagus and the tribes of the Persians to revolt against the Medes and its increasingly insane king.

In the following years, the known world will be torn into turmoil. The Babylonian Empire is crumbling under Nabonidus's erratic rule from Arabia, while the Egyptians and Lydians are consolidating their small kingdoms and forging alliances for what lies ahead. The Great King marches at the head of his army. Who can resist him?]]> heart-of-fire 2015-08-29T14:32:49-04:00 Soccer War HD

The 1970 World Cup is right around the corner. Honduras and El Salvador are preparing to play each other in a tie breaker qualifying match. Tensions between the neighboring countries have been rising ever since the Honduran president enacted harsh anti-Salvadoran laws aimed at lining the pockets of the wealthy and ensuring the campesino stay poor are landless. As kickoff occurs violence in the stands breaks out as opposing fans begin attacking each other. When Honduras goes up a goal, riots break out in the Honduran capital as El Salvador breaks diplomatic ties and begins mobilizing their military. Honduras is ill-prepared to stop the coming invasion, but is determined to go to take part on the ;largest most prestigious global soccer event! The Soccer (Fútbol) War has begun!]]> Mark Bauer 2015-08-10T18:35:06-04:00 War for New York

November 16th, 1776
General Nathanael Greene
New York City is all but lost. The British and Hessian soldiers have almost taken Harlem Heights and with it my fort. Cornwallis will soon be on his way to you in Fort Lee. I fear you must retreat as we have been forced to. Gather what men you can from Fort Ticonderoga to Fort Niagara. To win the war for our new nation, we must Win the War for New York!
General George Washington

mapLAB update: fixed theme]]> Eric Bradshaw 2015-07-26T13:06:36-04:00 Divvy up the World

This is quite a strange setting of continents that I don't think ill be making newer verisons of. I took Classic Part Deux and twisted it a lot, used a couple ideas from deLUX World, and it came out to be this. Take a look if you're getting bored of simple maps.

mapLAB update: added a starting scenario, moved PI window.]]> AJ Bertenshaw-modified by Norte 2015-07-26T12:53:46-04:00 Deep Space War III

Sequel from Deep Space War II : Birth of the Cities... Time passed by and the United Bases, remains of the Kurkan evil government, silently connected themselves, separately, to the cores of the major cities that were built before the 2nd Deep Space War. So now, the citizens are totally unaware that the evil power is growing again near their cases... As an agent of Kurkan discovers the Secret Home of Wilgar, where the rebels secret weapons of war have been hidden for so long, the evil government shall magnifiate its rebirth. Will the rebels fight back and break Kurkans course to total power ?... This is Deep Space War III : The Spell of Kurkan !

Update 1.2 : fixed 3 missing connections.
Update 1.3 : fixed an extra connection.
Map Lab 1.5: Fixed starting scenario]]> Wizz 2015-07-26T12:48:42-04:00 Galaxy Lords

The untamed systems of the Western Fringe await a leader bold enough to conquer them. Rivals race to establish Starholds and stake their claim on the galaxy. Crush your enemies and spread your empire across the stars!]]> Ghaz 2015-07-19T17:44:16-04:00 Parma Keep

The lands near Parma Keep has suffered a landslide collapsing their only mine.
Their great leader has enacted martial law and is forcing all able bodied men to begin
clearing the rubble.Unrest has taken hold as the people rebel. Who will lead the people
to prevent this "enslavement" of their men and once again bring peace to the region.]]> Shane Hunter 2015-07-19T17:44:09-04:00 Diadochi

323 BC- Alexander the Great dies in Babylon, most likely of West Nile Virus. He leaves behind a massive empire and no adult heir. The army arranges his feeble half-brother Philip as co-ruler with Perdiccas as regent.

321 BC- Fractures begin to grow. Ptolemy hires Greek mercenaries and turns his satrapy into an empire. Perdiccas, unpopular, is assassinated by Seleucus. Amid the turmoil, Roxanne and Alexander's newborn son are moved to Macedonia for safekeeping.

316 BC- Cassander, General Antipater's son, invades Pella to secure his grip on Macedonia. Alexander's mother Olympias is stoned for arranging Philip's murder. Now the map has changed to five kingdoms: Seleucus in Babylon, Ptolemy in Egypt, Lysimachus in Thrace, Antigonus in Asia Minor, and Cassander in Macedonia.

310 BC- Alexander IV, only twelve, and Roxanne are killed by poisoned wine in the castle of Amphipolis. Cassander is obviously responsible. But the other generals refuse to leave the facade. No one proclaims himself king of the whole empire. If he does, he may find all the others allied against him...

7/7/15: Changed corners, modified description.]]> heart-of-fire 2015-07-19T17:44:09-04:00 Ukraine War 2014

Боевые действия ведутся между вооружёнными силами Украины и отрядами повстанцев (в основном сторонников самопровозглашённых Донецкой и Луганской Народных Республик). Кроме вооружённых сил Украины в боях против сторонников ДНР и ЛНР также участвуют другие военизированные и неправительственные повстанческие формирования.]]> Andrey Shestacov (Drelagas) 2015-06-28T16:37:26-04:00 U.S.A. War Zone Redux

35 years have passed since the first global invasion of the U.S. While the Americans succesfully repelled the first wave of invaders, the brutality of the conclift left the country in ruin. Scarce resources and a weakened central government caused the mighty nation to fracture. As anarchy and chaos spread across the land, a courageous leader, Habrahim Blinkin, works tirelessly to heal the nations wounds and once again restore the Union. But now a second wave of invaders has assembled and is keen to finish the job. Can the republic survive? Will the Union ever be restored?]]> Mark Bauer 2015-05-27T22:18:53-04:00 Anarchy of King Stephen HD

In 1120 the White Ship was crossing the channel when it mysteriously sank. One of the souls who perished was William Adelin, the sole heir to the thrown of England. Upon his deathbed, King Henry desperately tries to install his daughter, Empress Matilda, to the throne. But Matilda and her new husband, Geoffrey of Anjou, are off in Normandy attempting to strengthen their holdings in northern France.

Stephen of Blois, nephew to the dying King and a keen tactician, moves quickly to secure the throne for himself. Buying off barons and forming powerful alliances with the enemies of the King Henry. Empress Matilda now must work quickly to form an army and invade England. Meanwhile, the Welsh see this as the perfect opportunity to rebel and secure a homeland of their own!
The succession crisis has begun, England is in anarchy!]]> Mark Bauer 2015-05-23T12:50:03-04:00 Chinese Checkers Light

Chinese Checkers Light is a simple, fun and fast version of the original, we recommend you use the starting scenario and above all "no written rules" here, you need to hit your neighbor first in order to succeed. Have fun and enjoy.]]> Documan 2015-05-08T16:22:35-04:00 Heaven Vs.Hell

For best looks, lower country borders to minimum.]]> Tim Harnett 2015-04-23T21:18:54-04:00 Oponn

Oponn is a new, powerful bot and the first built entirely on Monte Carlo Tree Search algorithms. As a result the longer you leave Oponn to think the stronger it'll play! As an added bonus Oponn has spent many years observing the standard Lux bots and will exploit their over-predictable behaviour.

Oponn's thinking time, number of cores it uses and other settings are tunable via the "Oponn.txt" settings file. Oponn's source code is freely available from the link below.

Caveats (there's always some!): Oponn does not yet support Biohazard mode or time limits per go. As with many bots, Oponn will perform better on smaller maps and will take less thinking time per move. It remains playable on Maze 2 with over 300 countries.]]> Matthew Daggitt 2015-04-20T09:43:29-04:00 Hundred Years War HD

It is the year of our Lord 1429, and the French countryside has been in a state of war for many decades. English forces have captured Paris and landed a sizable army in Bordeaux and Normandy. The French situation is desperate, the French King no longer holds the power he once did, the Valois Dynasty is crumbling.

Just when all hope appears to be lost, a young peasant girl named Joan arrives in the French camp outside Orleans and inspires a miraculous victory for the demoralized French army. Can she really be the savior of France?]]> Mark Bauer 2015-04-15T06:51:49-04:00 Castle Lux - Three Kings

After many years of flourishing raw. The fields and mines have run dry. The remaining Three Kings of Lux are in a war to secure every last ounce of the remaining RAW. Who will be victorius?

Credit to: Mbauer for graphics
Nicu for graphics (]]> Owned 2015-04-15T06:51:49-04:00 CastleInfinity

CastleInfinity is a random map generator that makes maps in the style of Castle Lux SI, complete with a similar theme.

Credit for the graphics from Castle Lux SI goes to Mark Bauer.

Version 1.1 additions:
- Added a larger Fullscreen size choice to maximize the map size.
- Theme enhancements: more castle images and water texture.
- Leaves space for the Player Info table when possible.
- Starting scenarios are included.
- Themes show for network players that have CastleInfinity 1.1 installed.]]> GregM 2015-03-16T15:33:04-04:00 Battle of the Baltic Sea

- Consists of 14 "continents"
- Can be played from 2-6 players. 6 players recommended.
- Sweden and Russia split into South and North because of size.
- Map size: 950 x 800]]> Calle 2015-03-15T07:52:10-04:00 Europe 2015


- Consists of 21 "continents"
- Can be played from 2-6 players
- Consists of all European countries
- Additional countries from Northern Africa, Caucasus, Middle East and Kazakstan.
- Map size: 781 x 619 px]]> Calle 2015-02-18T19:18:47-05:00 Sava

Sava - Is an ancient drow game that was meant to mirror the world as the gods moved the people around the planes of existence. How the gods kill... this Sava variant, set in the year DR 1379, Lolth & Ghaunadaur battle Corelion of the golden throne, & Elisitraee, the dark maiden. Their forces fight for control of the planes. Take the Sava dice & roll them to see if you can get double spiders & the favor of the gods.]]> Naraku 2015-02-18T19:18:07-05:00