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Pax Galaxia
An Interstellar Strategy Game 
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Pax Galaxia - An Addictive Strategy Game!

Pax Galaxia Strategy Game Screenshot  
Screenshot from the strategy game Pax Galaxia  
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Pax Galaxia was developed
by Dio Games

Pax Galaxia is no longer available.
This page remains as an archive of the past.

Pax Galaxia is a superbly addictive strategy game. It's simple to learn, but far from easy. Challenging opponents and multiple maps will keep you coming back for more.

Empire In The Stars
Build an empire by capturing enemy stars. Set up your supply lines and charge to the attack. Watch your front lines - an enemy breakthrough can be disastrous. Only one star empire can rule the galaxy!

Get In The Game
Pax Galaxia is easy to learn. The interface is very user-friendly - just click on a star and drag to establish your commands. Double-clicking cancels an order. Those are the full instructions!

Quick Strategic Fun
Pax operates in real-time. Your orders get executed as soon as you make them, and your opponents will be constantly on the move. Speed freaks can crank up the pace to suit their needs.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
We're glad to offer a full 30 day money-back refund on Pax. Go ahead and try the game - and buy it with absolutely no risk. Have fun taking over the galaxy.

Unlimited Fun
Pax Galaxia comes with a free trial containing 5 maps and the easy computer AI players. The cost to buy the full version is $20 US. Full registration gives you all of the maps, hard computer players and unlimited gameplay. Register now securely and you will receive full access instantly.

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