Choosing Teams

Synchronized-turns strategy. Calling all teamers.
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Choosing Teams

Post by mbauer » Mon Mar 29, 2010 11:19 am

I had an idea:

What if you let the player decide the teams? So all maps would inherently be a 1-for-all. The player gets to decide who teams with who, if at all?

Do you think that is doable and/or advisable?


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Post by dustin » Mon Mar 29, 2010 5:09 pm

It's an interesting idea, and would give each map more variety in it.

The tricky bit is making a good interface for the team selections. It would have to be an optional mode, to hide the complexity form people on the first games, and hide it from people who didn't want to use it.

And, if it were to happen, maybe it should be an in-game feature, to switch teams during during games. Or maybe just on the first turn.

I'm not sure about including this in the first release, but maybe later it could be a nice update feature addition.

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Post by Mike » Mon Mar 29, 2010 6:05 pm

If you wanted to make it more dynamic - (being able to change throught the game)

I'm invisioning as a part of the player info - a 'friendly' box - if both players check it, then they can be on the same team - and build castles in each others territory (assuming they move 5 men there) - if one player unchecks it, then next round - battles take place non castle spaces, and on castle spaces the pieces not owned by the castle holder are either moved or forfieted. To keep players from using it as a cheat.

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