Gametype - Hacking the Net

Synchronized-turns strategy. Calling all teamers.
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Gametype - Hacking the Net

Post by Taurondir » Wed Nov 10, 2010 11:15 pm

I came across this site and was flipping through the board designs, noticed there wasnt any "internet" style boards even for Lux and got me thinking about a "Hacker" type board.

* Make continents into large networks players take over
* Bases are their private networks, and can be make easier to defend via bottlenecks (ie firewall squares)
* Cuntries and Continents being type of networks, and as normal you get bonuses for taking over Coorperations or owning two opposing companies at the same time (ie they are no longer competing, so you gain advantages in the merger)
* Boards can be really BIG (to max Vox Limits) with "soft" - read player decided - winning conditions, like "first player to own 5 Coorperations ... unless Vox can already do that, but didnt see "winning conditions" in the Forums.

Now for the real hard stuff:

Vox would be still too primitive to do what I wanted, and its silly to ask for complex features - if I had $10K to send I would :) - so one possibility is this:

If the game, after each player "move", dumps its state to disk, so that say a perl script can parse the current board, I could:

* Have squares that have rules:
- System firewall : Can only have Knights, and only 4-8 (Pawns always killed, knights over 8 are scaled back, or boosted if below 4)
- Banks : Give bonus at end of turn when owned, but are "blanked" and returned to empty afterward (Banks are meant to be secure)
- Random Companies that fluctuate : Might have 4 units on it NOW, but tomorrow it has 12, and 2 the next day (market changes)

I think you guys get the idea. I think it would be cool to be able to modify game states outside of Vox, so we can create "mods" without Vox getting changed, and Im pretty sure that if we all thought of some really cool stuff that DID need Vox changed, Sillysoft would probably do that eventually anyway.

IM just here for feedback on a concept, thats all. Since Domain Knights went down (a little internet game I helped along) im itching for a replacement idea.

Feel free to flame/replay to my actual email address.

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