Random Maps Continent Bonus

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Random Maps Continent Bonus

Post by LoudMusic » Thu Jan 29, 2004 1:12 pm

The system of 1:1 bonuses for continents seems a bit much at times, and not enough at others. I see three variables that play into how difficult and rewarding a continent can be.

Number of countries.
Number of countries that have borders to other continents.
Number of exterior countries that have borders to your continent.



The continent in the lower right has four countries, three borders, and four neighbors. The continent in the upper right has four contries, three borders, but only two neighbors. Somehow that could be uses to calculate their army bonuses more accurately, I would imagine. Expressed in ratios they would be 4:3:4 and 4:3:2 repsectively.

I've seen continents that are 1:1:5, which you only get one bonus for. Surely that's worth as much as 3. I've also seen (many times) continents of 6 or more that are 6:1:1 (and the like), which should not be worth four bonus, let alone six.

Is there any chance that auto bonus configuration could be adjusted to take in other considerations in future releases?

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