hacking in lux

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hacking in lux

Post by Naraku » Tue May 17, 2016 1:57 pm

well here it happens again twice in the same day no less!

I hit dtopik87 and his absurd borders. immediately after I am dropped from the host and my connection is refused until after I am dead.

I have sent sillysoft a flood of reports when this has happened to me. I guess you don't bother to read or correct the errors?

If I can't get my turns or am going to be dropped from the host for popping an 8 bonus with a 1 border then there is no point in playing lux.

Are you going to address this or do anything about cheaters who hack lux in such a blatant and abusive manner? :smt013 :evil: :?:

I had 0 trouble joining any other host while being "refused" and my host had guests with no connection issues as well

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