luxiquette: rs bot game within first 3 rounds?

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luxiquette: rs bot game within first 3 rounds?

Post by mnemosyne » Mon May 23, 2016 3:24 pm

hello all :-)

there was an issue the other day where a guest host did not restart a game with bots after another human joined within the first three rounds, a solid player for whom i have the utmost respect and who knows how to rs a game.

i mentioned that it was in the rules, but after reviewing the rules, clearly it is not (so, i apologize for that). additionally, it is not in the luxiquette guide for hosting games (i swear it used to be, but maybe that was amended, or my memory does not work as well as it used to . . and that is assuredly the case!). it strikes me that guest hosts used to receive penalties for not restarting a game in first three rounds ('guest host abuse privileges' i think it was called).

guest hosts do have the power to restart games with bots within the first three rounds, but not round four and later.

so . . . as i see it, there are four options:

1. do we want a standard and norm for this practice, i.e. guest hosts should rs a game for more humans within first three rounds? if so, we should update the hosting guide and/or rules to reflect this so that everyone is on the same page.

2. do we want to leave a rs for more humans in first three rounds at the sole discretion of a guest host as is the case now?

3. should the guest host be responsible for gaining a consensus among other players in the room, and majority rules? the luxiquette hosting guide seems to indicate this is the current norm. the downside of this is that people often take too long to reply and the window of opportunity often disappears. alternatively, what if one player wants to rs, one doesn't, and two abstain?

4. no restarts for more humans at any point in game. if this is the preferred option, the ability to rs a game within the first three rounds should be removed from guest hosts (as is already the case from round 4 forward).

i think that option #1 provides the most consistency (or #4, but i am not in favor of that; more humans are better in my estimation), and we should change at least the hosting guide to reflect this since it seems to be de facto community practice by most players and guest hosts (even mods sometimes intervene and rs within first three rounds when guest hosts do not). consistency is good because it eliminates arguments, reports, misunderstandings, and hurt feelings (as was the case the other day, save the report part). for the record, i prefer option #1, and i will continue to rs bot games for more humans within first three rounds (even if i do not happen to like the new player who has joined, or have an awesome start, two of the primary reasons that guest hosts do not rs game).

i am curious what others have to say about this. after some others have chimed in, and we have some consensus, i hope the mod squad will pick this up and make appropriate adaptations if warranted.




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Re: luxiquette: rs bot game within first 3 rounds?

Post by GFips » Mon May 23, 2016 3:55 pm

Hi Mnemo

thanks for your input and pointing this out. I agree there should be more clearness.

Unfortunately there is NO rule concerning this. There was some kind of (non written) "gentlemen agreement" for years between most of the players to restart a game for more humans in round 1-3. Today many people do not know how to restart or do not want to restart. We get many reports about issues concerning this.

So to clear the actual situation:
Guest hosts SHOULD restart a game during turn 1-3 if more humans are ready to play (that means guested in)
Guest hosts MUST NOT restart a game just because human players left (unless there are more humans here to play) - this would only cause people to leave the room after a bad start in the hope it will be restartet
(for sure exeptions are always possible if all people in the room agree to a individual decision for some reasons)

Dustin helped the hosts by taking away the possibility to restart a game after turn 3 for guest hosts. Since that time reports about missusing have become significant less. Unfortunately there is no auto-restart during turns 1-3 for more humans. IMHO a autorestart might solve many problems (but might also result in people guesting out after each start to prevent those auto-restarts). So the final decision remains still on the guest host and there is actually no fixed rule how to behave correct.

So i encourage everybody to restart for more humans, but please accept if someone definitly does not want a restart and wants to finish the actual game instead (same as when people guest out and prevent a restart; not sportsmen-like, but definitly not against the rules).

Don't be mad/angry at each other. Talk about it in the games chat. Tell the newbies how to restart ('/start, explain them what means to be a guest host) and if necessary refer to this thread. If you not want a restart in These cases for a certain reason then also try to explain your fellow players (e.g. if you have to leave soon).

I also encourage you all to discuss here for better solutions for future!

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