Classic game bans

Game of universal domination. New dice available free upon request.
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Classic game bans

Post by Naraku » Fri May 27, 2016 6:33 pm

Why are both RogueMonk and George874 banned from joining the classic host?

so no more back 2 classic tournament for them? :smt013

That was so cool the way you banned them both from the host yesterday during a TOURNAMENT with 0 warning or notice.

what did they do to deserve being tossed from the host? posting the link for the back 2 classic tournament? or did they just say the wrong lines of text in chat that irked you so much you felt they just had to get kicked BANNED from the host? why not just megamute them and try to reason with or warn them of whatever their "offense" was or wasn't :evil:

RogueMonk: just lost connection....then when I tried to reconnect it said: "✱ You have been banned from this host for this session ✱"

Even cooler is the way you're killing off bio from the tracker or more or less forcing players to play on the solo "bio crisp" host you have left up when it doesn't lock up or glitch out. When you feel like hosting it and not forcing everyone into the classic stadium. Then you leave 1 host running when the default setting for all your hosts on the weekend is set to "HIGHEST RANKED ONLY". It tends to piss people off when they can't get in game after game. I shouldn't have to g/o during chasing hours to let other players in... Good thing I can host again... O wait except 4 Saturday and Sunday. Otherwise I would step in then to help out hosting again.

yes we all know sillysoft servers never crash or ever mysteriously disconnect players... :roll:

Also Are you just trying to put more nails in luxtopia's coffin lid? < 800 games / week now and your fix is to shut down all but one bio host for a few weeks? That's like giving a bandaid to a patient who needs a delicate tripple bypass surgery!

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Re: Classic game bans

Post by Red Beard » Fri May 27, 2016 7:26 pm

Drama, Drama, Drama.

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Re: Classic game bans

Post by Shockandawe » Fri May 27, 2016 9:15 pm

The irony of this is just so delicious.

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Re: Classic game bans

Post by dustin » Mon May 30, 2016 2:32 pm

RogueMonk was banned because he's been impersonating other players and being a troll. I was in discussions with mods about the length of the suspension so it wasn't active yet. But when he showed up as a troll I banned him personally.

I didn't ban George, so don't know about that. But based on your activities on sunday and reports, you now have another suspension Nara. Check yourself please.

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