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Helpful Introductory Information and Links

Posted: Mon May 30, 2016 3:51 pm
by GFips

Herein are summed up some of the most helpful links for all players. I have locked this thread to keep it clean, but if you feel there are some links missing, let any moderator know by pm, so we can add them. You can also always contact or the moderators for further help if needed.

Basic infos, rules and tips: Additional Links: Tournaments, Scoring systems, rankings: Host your own games: (did you know Lux has more than 800 different maps?) Sending reports: (in the case of troubles/bugs)
  • • for bug reports please use the the “Report a Bug" menu command in Lux’s online menu directly after experiencing the issue. That will send the log file to Sillysoft for further inspection
    • for reporting misbehaviors of other players please use the "/report <playersname and short description of the issue>" function in the chat window – this will send an info to the mods and Sillysoft
Some more links: For mapmakers: - Create your own map/AI [/list]