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MotM host

Posted: Sun Oct 29, 2017 1:03 am
by Naraku
It is currently missing from the tracker.
I only have 2 days to pass PJB and it's impossible to do without a host on the tracker.

While we're here about the MotM, I'd like to request that dustin reinstate the MotW. It is beyond time to restore it to it's former place in luxtopia. MotW was a LOT MORE FUN than the MotM has been imho. Way more fun games then too, but with so few active players lately it's hard enough to get a fh of bio lately.
The MotW chase was very entertaining to me and other lux greats from ages past, Dr.Snuggles, Licht, Digital Jihad, djdee, Odelay, and many other lux legends that for whatever reason left luxtopia. (Whatever happened to Golfmanananananananaananen?)
Gfips, George874, Mnemosyne, samuel99, bean, perhaps others & myself would all love to see the MOTW return please!

Any plans for future tournaments? Castles 2017?
Will you be hiring a lux caretaker or a supermod/liason to supervise or manage lux in your rather lengthy absences?
Any plans or ideas for future lux deluxe updates or revisions? like fixing the death glitch or other odd quirks?
Very curious also to the spate of crashing hosts or games freezing lately. Any particular cause or reason for it?

Thanks for reading and hope to hear some GREAT replies about how soon the MOTW will return to the lux tracker!!!
Besides I still have to beat gfips gold monkey tally! I only need like 68 or so more! :evil:

Re: MotM host

Posted: Sun Oct 29, 2017 6:39 am
by GFips
Thanks for the thoughts and the info on the missing MOTM host.

While most of your questions can only be answered by Dustin himself, I have set the actual MOTM map on the Titan-X host until Dustin restores the MOTM host. Good luck in getting PJB :-)

I myself really would like to see happening a Castles tournament in 2018. But unfortunately i don't see enough players around actually.
If you find enough players who want to signup I would offer to help organize and hosting it.

As far as I know is PJB having plans for a tournament coming soon, but I do not want to augur anything. So lets complete Luxtoberfest first.

Re: MotM host

Posted: Mon Oct 30, 2017 10:14 am
by Naraku
█ dustin: I think we're fading into the sunset actually
Well that explains much; the captain at the helm of Lux deluxe has abandoned ship long ago only turning the wheel in the wrong direction when he did bother to show up @ his post. Why even bother to host online games for the community that is left if this is how you feel? Lux Deluxe was a lot of fun; I still know & believe it has a lot of potential left.

MOTW MUST RETURN!!! You lament that lux is dying & yes it has been ever since you left to do other things. Lux should have an active mod staff and a leader that helps to grow the community not seemingly shrink it by converting players to the new or next sillysoft game. It could be as simple as showing up every Wednesday to play or watch a few games wasn't it Dustin?

The HoF inductees and awards to players absent for over 5+ years??? still leaves me scratching my head. :smt017

What an entirely lame luxtoverfest as well. The skimpy schedule and small window of the tournaments compared to years past left much to be desired. No map retrospective weekend, Teamgames, Survivorfest, Memory, or a simple Bio Tournament for the masses? 1/2 of a forum game from Gfips, Ty for trying to entertain & amuse everyone.
Special Thanks as well to PJB, & GFips for organizing and hosting tournaments this month!
Previous luxtoberfests saw participation from almost all the mods, organizing forum games, tournaments and hosting just fun matches. Is that so hard to communicate amongst the mods or to the owner what would be great/nice for the game?

Amnesty International

I would appeal for you to reset the mod log or at least commute everyone's crimes on a 1 time basis. Unban all the players that weren't Multi-regging or very vile. Leave those in there imo for good reason. Otherwise pardon or give back forum & gaming, hosting privileges to everyone. Make it clear the rules are the rules, the past is the past and this is a chance to change or start over if they want to.

Revamp the Rankings

fix RaW or revise it to make it more competitive like it use to be. When you do resurrect the MotW please do NOT give it an insane bonus for winning. I understand why there was a bonus there but I don't think it was really necessary when we had consistent FH matches. or make it like a slight bump maybe +10 extra

Where have all the Clowns gone?

There was a squad of lux near do wells called "the Clowns" that once haunted the forums and hosts of luxtopia. Where have they all vanished to? N00less!! Ratmouse!! Deuce!! Nimrod7!! C-Rex!! Jesterme!! General K!! Golfmananenenenenenenenenenenenenenen!!!! Where are you all?
no more clown invasions? that was so fun to help in! :-D Krazy clowns! where are your pranks & jokes now? :llama

I hope that sillysoft/dustin won't let luxtopia keep shrinking or otherwise ignore it.

Any plans, ideas or future luxtopian tournaments in the works?

Any new maps coming out this year? :?:

Re: MotM host

Posted: Mon Oct 30, 2017 1:55 pm
by RogueMonk
/me votes Naraku for best forum influence 2018.

Re: MotM host

Posted: Sat Nov 04, 2017 10:37 am
by Marauder
I think Dustin has pretty much said it isn't happening and I'm actually glad he has said it. I will look back fondly, but also with a sense of "what if?".

Probably will always be my best game purchase, can't imagine the number of hours I put in to this game over the years I played, so thanks for that Dustin.

To those still playing and enjoying it, just keep doing so until the lights go dark, there are bigger problems in the world than the fate of Lux.

Re: MotM host

Posted: Sat Nov 04, 2017 5:28 pm
by Big Will E Style
Marauder! Come play and get whooped!

Re: MotM host

Posted: Sat Nov 04, 2017 9:08 pm
by Marauder
I do miss getting whooped in a good game, those were the days! Hope all is well for you and yours Will.