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Ranking Explanation early 2019 (before explorers)

Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2019 9:27 am
by Bean
The Weekly Chase currently starts and ends at 6pm on Sunday. Currently, the chase is the only contribution to the overall Lux seedings (best 12 of 16 weekly ranks). The only rooms that count in the weekly chase are labeled "Weekly Chase" in the "Network Games" tracker. Week numbering is by month and week (e.g. 3.2 = 2nd week of March).

The system is simple. If it's in the Weekly Chase room, it counts for the weekly rank and seeding. There is a separate thread for logging the maps hosted each week. We plan for around 3 maps per week curated on a rotating basis among moderators. Sometimes mods may invite another Luxer to curate his or her week. The current 3 part scheme: MOTW, BestOfLux, Niche.

We welcome suggestions in the forums for maps to consider and, more importantly, settings that should be used for hosted maps. It is not a moderator obligation to be persuaded by every suggestion, but generally if we don't view it as trolling we are likely to take it seriously even if we disagree.

If the maps do not get changed right at 6pm, the rankings still reset automatically at that time. Any mod can change the map in the rooms so if you get nervous around the transition, you can make an appeal to get on with it. It might even happen that the map gets changed before 6pm, depending on priorities and what is going on in the rooms.

Starting in mid August, 2019, we are changing up the hosting rotation so that traditionally hosted maps are no longer permanently included.
Our previous way of hosting was unproductive and even damaging, so we are changing things up to shape Lux more in line with our values and priorities.

Some existing players who prefer one consistent map exclusively may be saddened by this move, but we believe Lux's decline almost certainly had to do with how it was structured, and we hope many of the current players will go with the flow and join us on a better path. Frankly, we stayed on that old path for a very long time considering its ill effects.

Re: Weekly Rankings and Seedings

Posted: Sun Aug 18, 2019 2:28 pm
by Bean
edited and revised, August 2019