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Simple and Sorry-Free Play Protocol (SSF)

Posted: Tue Mar 26, 2019 5:20 pm
by Bean

Have you ever found the last bot isolated from you, so you are cool and leave it, only to find that not taking out the human in the way costs you the game? Or when an opponent has a small defense on a large income and being cool requires you to let it go, even though it would be super easy to pop it? Or when someone makes a habit of such weak defense to take advantage of "cool"? Or when, no matter how "cool" your play is, someone always heaps score and venom upon you for not doing what they prefer? If these seem familiar to you, here is one alternative "way" for you to play? Ask your opponents to use this protocol, or just use it on your own.

In brief:

Keep it simple and sorry-free. Lux means never having to say you're sorry. Don't be cool. Don't be sorry. Don't ever be mad. To play Lux and have fun, try as hard and aggressively as you can to beat your opponents and always forgive them for doing the same. Don't give unsolicited feedback. Ignore unwelcome feedback directed at you.

In more detail:

a. Kill bots first where practical, but not if it costs you the game.
b. Pop weekly defended income whenever you can. Defense requirements start lower but get higher round by round.
c. Prevent income or block kills whenever you can.
d. Kill the sat, kill halfway, whatever. Just damage your opponents as much as you can without damaging yourself too much.
e. Avoid one sided trades. Do not burn or move out unless there is a clearly stated and easy to implement agreement with the other player. If you can't reach such an agreement easily, simply move on without sorrow or blame.
f. Pay attention and learn about how far resources tend to go in this game. In other words, still follow rule #2. Don't go around depleting yourself while damaging your opponents, only to lose the game after running out of armies too quickly or putting yourself in a weak position for the end game.
g. Forgive others for doing these things to you, for missing kills, and for trying to beat you. Do this always and without exception. Don't be sorry and don't expect them to be sorry.
h. Be a good sport about losing and about giving feedback. Do this always and without exception. Don't even give others feedback unless they ask you for it. If you must give feedback, give it to yourself to show you are caring and thinking about the game and your fellow players.


a. Reduced conflict. No sorrow, no anger, no angst. This is because players are expected always to damage each other where possible. Fewer violated expectations of the kind entailed by the "we cool?" protocol. Reduced amount of endless bickering over unwinnable subjective issues like whether or not the balance sheet of favors is equitable.
b. More peace and quiet in chat.
c. Easier to stay within the rules compared to the be oft-unspecified "be cool" protocol.
d. Just easier and more relaxing.


a. Backlash. Others think "be cool" is clear a bell and may be surprised when you try to harm them in game, even though that's the whole point of the game.
b. Identity. It might be lonely not participating in the bs "be cool" way that has caused so much damage over the years.

Re: "Love Story" Protocol for Playing Lux

Posted: Thu Mar 28, 2019 9:59 am
by plane crazy

I love this. All of it. All who have played with me over these many years know that this is the way I tend to approach and play the game.

Long may you Lux my friend.