Luxtoberfest V Award Ceremony Chat Log

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Luxtoberfest V Award Ceremony Chat Log

Post by dustin » Sun Oct 26, 2008 9:14 pm

Here's the chat log from the Luxtoberfest V award ceremonies. I edited out a bunch of "xyz has joined" and other lines to clean it up.


▉ dustin: OK guys, thanks for coming to the awards ceremony
Eice: I'M NOT IN????
Dr.Thorvaldt: wow I say WOW!
Eice: WHAT????
▉ dustin: we are going to start now
Drifter: Dang shuffle
Soundboy: all set
ViVaLosChichos: whoohoo
Big Will E Style: thanks for having us Dustin
Soundboy: u bet
Mach: Hi, all.
Eice: did i win yet?
Mach: Begin the chaos!
Eice: ?
∞ Lantern listens ∞
Beetroot: im so hungover
Micella: hi Hearts!
Drifter: Heya Heartsy
▉ dustin: jokes and fun are encouraged, but please don't spam the chat
Dr.Thorvaldt: Crexx can I have that petrol station over there
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Heartscoffee: hello
Soundboy: np
♥ Lantern hearts ♥
∞ Black Pope doesn't spam the chat ∞
∞ Micella shoots Eice with rubber bands! ∞
Big Will E Style: hi hearts
∞ Eice throws peanuts at Micella ∞
Beetroot: Ω
▉ dustin: This year has been another great one for Luxtopia
Drifter: ∞
Eice: §
Lantern: §
Drifter: HA!
Eice: HA!
Eice: we win
Owned: Ω
Lantern: bah
Owned: beety!
Dr.Thorvaldt: How many bans .... Herr Dustin
Black Pope: Congrats, Dustin
Beetroot: hey bud
▉ dustin: Lux Delux is entering a mature stage, but still twisting and turning with the tides of all you Luxers
Eice: that's cause we're missing some people
Soundboy: Ω
Eice: oh good
Beetroot: OMEGA WINS
Eice: plenty of people from the cleanup crew
Big Will E Style: Dustin, were the 900+ new players the most in awhile this week?
Owned: Ω all the way
▉ dustin: There's plenty more Lux fun in the Sillysoft pipeline coming up as well...
Micella: woo hoo!
∞ Drifter claps ∞
Dr.Thorvaldt: aha
Owned: lux=best friend
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
∞ Micella claps louder than Drifter! ∞
∞ Black Pope gives drifter the clap ∞
▉ dustin: OK, so I am starting with the Best Map awards
C-Rex: did i miss anything?
Micella: yes!
Lantern: you won rex
Dr.Thorvaldt: yes the nudes
▉ dustin: HUGE props to all the great map makers out there
∞ Mach cues the percussion. ∞
Mach: Drumroll NAO.
Eice: :D
Beetroot: you missed the part where we talked shit about sweden
▉ dustin: you guys make Lux Delux everything that it is
Drifter: even that st00pid mbauer
∞ Eice drumrolls ∞
Micella: lol
Heartscoffee: aww
Joshua of Beersheva: is sweden even a country?
Dr.Thorvaldt: Crexx do you still love me ?
Beetroot: i am lux!
Drifter: He did do a great job on the Nevada map, cause I had to help him
C-Rex: I named a country on a map
C-Rex: does that count?
▉ dustin: So I am going to start out with the overall Best Map of 2008...
Dr.Thorvaldt: .......
Owned: i won!
∞ Beetroot slaps rexxer ∞
Eice: lol
Dr.Thorvaldt: this map is the winner ?
▉ dustin: the votes have been tabulated...
Eice: tabulated?
Dr.Thorvaldt: lol
∞ Utan likes this map ∞
Beetroot: looks wrong...
▉ dustin: Best Map goes to Castle Lux MP !!!
Eice: hey n00less
Owned: big words :(
Eice: :D
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Drifter: counted, I know that is a big word for ya Eice
∞ Mach applauds. ∞
Black Pope: whoohoooooooo
ViVaLosChichos: whooo
Eice: weeohooooo
n00less cluebie: Ooooh, how much did I miss?
Dr.Thorvaldt: aha
Eice: shush Drift
Utan: !
Eice: xD
Drifter: Nice
▉ dustin: created by Mark Bauer
Owned: woohoo
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Micella: hoooooraaaaay Castle Lux!
Beetroot: YAY MP
C-Rex: what is castle?
▉ dustin: you rock MB
Micella: hooooooooooray Mark Bauer
Owned: i should of won that one
Big Will E Style: good job MB
Dr.Thorvaldt: Gratulations MB
∞ C-Rex claps ∞
∞ Drifter gives MB the clap ∞
Mach: You missed best map of 2008, n00less! Where've you been?
Owned: go MB
Beetroot: MB im your mother!
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Beetroot: tazzzz
∞ Black Pope gives MB the clap ∞
Owned: Kad!
Micella: Monkey!
Micella: Tazzy!
▉ dustin: MB has a strangle hold on the luxtoberfest best map awards
∞ Drifter grabs Tazzys butt ∞
Black Pope: His maps rock
edu711: when is it gonna start?
♥ C-Rex hugs Tazzy ♥
Owned: Ode!
Eice: HEY
∞ TazzyGirl passes out lolis :)
Beetroot: 
Odelay: Howdy howdy howdy!
▉ dustin: but plenty of up and coming map makers are growing strong
Eice: howdy!
Dr.Thorvaldt: 
∞ TazzyGirl chases drift to pinch his arse ∞
n00less cluebie: Luxtoberfest coincides with my Busiest Month, so I missed much of it :-(
Owned: sqaure bos
Owned: box
♥ TazzyGirl rexy ♥
∞ Drifter takes it n snickers ∞
▉ dustin: Next up is the Fantasy Map category
Dr.Thorvaldt: Fantasy here ?
tech1: anyone seen licht
Beetroot: i voted for harry potter
C-Rex: XXX Fantasy online?
Dr.Thorvaldt: I voted for Winny the Poof
Owned: drum roll
Beetroot: poof?
Drifter: Litch was huggin a tree and got stuck
Drifter: Licht*
∞ n00less cluebie WONDERED where he'd seen C-Rex's mom before... Thanks for the reminder ∞
▉ dustin: Runner-ups for best fantasy map are IceCave999, Lovecraftian and Tribal Lux
Eice: Drifter was huggin a tree and got crotch-burn
Eice: xD
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
♥ Lantern tazzy ♥
Eice: woohooooo :D
∞ Utan throws an elephant at Eice ∞
♥ TazzyGirl lantern ♥
▉ dustin: Award for Best Fantasy Map goes to Luxtopia !!!
Eice: lol
∞ Drifter zaps Eice with the cattle prod ∞
Billy93: woohoooo
tech1: that wasnt a tree it was sexy lady
Mach: w00t!
Beetroot: wheeeee
∞ TazzyGirl throws sticky lolis ∞
∞ Eice pokes Utan ∞
▉ dustin: created by RandomGuy
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Mach: grats!
∞ Drifter claps for RG ∞
♥ C-Rex informs the lovebirds that a verb is missing ♥
Dr.Thorvaldt: Gratulations to RandomGay
∞ Beetroot takes eice's peanuts away ∞
∞ C-Rex claps ∞
♥ Lantern c-Rex ♥
Micella: wooo hooooo Random Guy
Eice: nuh uh
Owned: peanuts
Eice: i have infinite
Eice: :D
Lantern: congrats RG
Micella: wooohooooo Luxtopia
Billy93: yup
∞ TazzyGirl pokes beet ∞
Drifter: Where has RG even been?
∞ Beetroot drinks ∞
Big Will E Style: yay RG!
▉ dustin: next up is the Asia-Pacific map category
TazzyGirl: hey will
∞ Dr.Thorvaldt drinks too at the moment ∞
Owned: beet juice?
Big Will E Style: hi Tazzy!
Black Pope: √
▉ dustin: Runner-ups for best Asia-Pacific maps are Western Asia, The Byzantine Empire, and Rapa Nui
TazzyGirl: :)
TazzyGirl: POPE
Beetroot: last night i drank two 40oz and a bunch of beer
Black Pope: Hi Tazzy!
Beetroot: im still messed up
▉ dustin: Winner of the best Asia-Pacific map is World on Fire - South East Asia !!
Dr.Thorvaldt: aha nice
∞ Mach applauds. ∞
Tortoisestyle: go beet
▉ dustin: created by Salaam
Black Pope: Great map
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Owned: woohoo
∞ Drifter claps ∞
Micella: wooo hooooooooooo
∞ n00less cluebie claps..... One of the Better MOTW this year ∞
Dr.Thorvaldt: Gratulations Salaam Aleikum
Owned: wooooo hooooooooooooooooooo
∞ Lantern claps ∞
∞ Black Pope gives Salaam the clap ∞
Billy93: wooot
n00less cluebie: ewww BP
∞ Beetroot claps lantern on the shoulder ∞
Joshua of Beersheva: BP yikes
n00less cluebie: I thought you were supposed to be Celebate
Big Will E Style: nj Salaam
▉ dustin: next up is best Europe map...
Beetroot: Beer Pong?!
n00less cluebie: How'd you pick THAT one up?
Drifter: N00biesw to the clap I see
Black Pope: Indeed, Drift
▉ dustin: Runner-ups for best Europe maps are Siena - the Palio and The Byzantine Empire
∞ Mach claps. ∞
Dr.Thorvaldt: The Palio !
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
▉ dustin: Winner of the best Europe map is War of the Roses !!!!
Mach: Lemme guess - Roman Empire II? ;p
∞ n00less cluebie wonders if BP confuses "celebate" with "celebrate" often ∞
Mach: o nm. ;p
C-Rex: that was a cool map
∞ Lantern went to the PALIO ∞
▉ dustin: created by illusionlost
Lantern: very cool
∞ Dr.Thorvaldt too ∞
∞ Mach claps. ∞
∞ Black Pope gives illusionlost the clap ∞
Micella: woo hooooooooooooooo
Billy93: soohooo
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
▉ dustin: go up and coming map makers !!!!!
Eice: woohoooooooo
Eice: hey mara
Lantern: mara
Beetroot: beer pong>black pope
Owned: woooo hoooooo!
Marauder: Yo
Marauder: Yo
Dr.Thorvaldt: July this year
Joshua of Beersheva: How did the Byzantine Empire qualify in Europe and Asia?
Odelay: h
Drifter: Hey Rauder
∞ TazzyGirl waves at micella ∞
∞ Black Pope puts his SunTzu for President sign under his chair ∞
C-Rex: cause it includes Europem and Asia
Big Will E Style: good job all!
∞ n00less cluebie still has hope for Geometric category.... ∞
▉ dustin: next comes North American map...
Drifter: SunTzu is so 2007
Lantern: Michelle for President!!!!!!!!!!
Lantern: Michelle for President!!!!!!!!!!
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Eice: :D
Big Will E Style: you were my ROY vote Nooless
Billy93: yummy
Joshua of Beersheva: Go Connecticut
Micella: wooo hooooooo up and coming map makers
Lantern: CT!!!!!
▉ dustin: tona of awesome NA maps came in this year as we completed the US States project
▉ dustin: Runner-ups for best North American maps are West Virginia - Civil War, Nevada - Alien Assault, and Mesoamerican Battles
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Eice: woohoooo :D
Tortoisestyle: go west virginia!
▉ dustin: Winner of the best North American map is Canada deLUX !!!!!!!!
n00less cluebie: LOL, Thanks BigWill
Owned: oshy's too good for awards :P
∞ Beetroot smites the peanut thrower ∞
Billy93: i won!
∞ Heartscoffee puts up an umbrella ∞
∞ Mach applauds. ∞
▉ dustin: created by Mark Bauer
Drifter: WOO HOO!
∞ TazzyGirl thows lolis at eice ∞
∞ Black Pope gives Mark Bauerthe clap ∞
Eice: lololol
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Owned: go Canada deLux
n00less cluebie: Ewwww....The one with Pickle Lake?
▉ dustin: Go Canada !!!!
∞ TazzyGirl thows lolis at eice ∞
Eice: ^_____________________________^
Joshua of Beersheva: Canada's not part of North America... these maps are all in the wrong categories
Micella: woooo hooooooooooooo
Beetroot: durrrrr
∞ Drifter gives st00pid mbauer the clap ∞
Lantern: lol
Odelay: lol
Lantern: canada is in NA
Owned: yes it is
Eice: rofl
Marauder: wow
Eice: someone don't know their geography
Eice: :P
▉ dustin: toque
Marauder: americas asshat
Samuel99: LOL
Drifter: what does that make Mexico?
Odelay: hehehe
Eice: toque?
Heartscoffee: lol
Eice: what's toque?
Beetroot: americas socks?
n00less cluebie: You don't want to know, Drifter....
▉ dustin: lol
∞ TazzyGirl pokes sound ∞
Joshua of Beersheva: America's workforce
Drifter: heh
TazzyGirl: hi hearts
Beetroot: Ω
Utan: toque = beanie in Aus
∞ Black Pope thinks clubie is right on that one ∞
Owned: Ω
▉ dustin: next up is the Geographic Other category...
∞ Heartscoffee waves at tazzy ∞
▉ dustin: Runner-ups for Geographic Other maps are Saga of Seas - Bering Sea and Luxtopia
Micella: hoooray other category!
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
▉ dustin: Winner of the best Geographic Other map is Rapa Nui !!!!!!
Eice: wooohooooooooo
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Billy93: yipee!!
Soundboy: Ω
Eice: :D
Tortoisestyle: yay!
∞ Mach applauds. ∞
▉ dustin: another map by by illusionlost
n00less cluebie: Hey Hearts! Good to see you again
Odelay: gooo Rapa Nui!
∞ Black Pope gives illusionist the clap ∞
Micella: woo hooooooooooo
∞ Drifter claps ∞
Beetroot: where the hell is threedeeaye
Beetroot: ™
Owned: woo hoo!!!!!!
Dr.Thorvaldt: telephone sorry
Eice: he can't be here
Eice: he said
Beetroot: boo
Drifter: 3da is working
▉ dustin: now for the Geometric shapes map...
Micella: booooo no 3DA
n00less cluebie: "working"?
Black Pope: I'm heading off in a couple minutes too
Micella: working it
Odelay: here we go Octagons!!!!
Eice: lol
Beetroot: working his corner
Joshua of Beersheva: Go Parrallelograms!
C-Rex: can we take a 15 min break?
▉ dustin: Runner-ups for Geometric Shapes maps are Orderly and Octagons
∞ Micella LOVES shapes! ∞
Owned: this is more important than work
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Drifter: Dr.Thorvaldt is on the phone, let's talk about him
▉ dustin: Winner of the best Geometric Shapes map is Mesoamerican Battles
n00less cluebie: Woohoo! At least a Runner Up!
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
∞ TazzyGirl throw lolis at eice ∞
Dr.Thorvaldt: lol
Eice: :D
▉ dustin: created by Neil Melville
Eice: ^______________________________^
CaptainMurphy: octagons = marathon every time
Drifter: congrats Neil
∞ Beetroot slaps tazzy with a fish ∞
∞ Utan tasted them, and is not so sure they are peanuts ∞
n00less cluebie: ACK! Now THAT one was a Marathon Nightmare
Micella: woooo hooo Neil Melville
Owned: Capt!
Billy93: yeahhhh
TazzyGirl: @--- @--- @---
Dr.Thorvaldt: Octagons ?
CaptainMurphy: OWNED
∞ Drifter whats Beetroot with a duck ∞
Claudiu: What kind of event is this?
n00less cluebie: Octagons, it depended on the settings
Beetroot: whats?
Eice: a peanut throwing one
∞ TazzyGirl takes all lolis from the beet ∞
Black Pope: Oh my lord...they just turned off the Chargers/Saints game with 3:00 to go, the Chargers down seven and in possession of the ball
Eice: Claudiu
▉ dustin: next up is best Hostorical map...
Eice: throw peanuts
Drifter: whats?...I mean whack
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Dr.Thorvaldt: Beetroot wanna have a glass of Hungarian red wine ?
Beetroot: lol drift
Eice: woohoooo hostorical ness!
Joshua of Beersheva: Hysterical map?
Beetroot: dont "what" me
Drifter: Concentrate BP
Mach: Mmm...Tokaj wine...
▉ dustin: Runner-ups for Historical maps are War of the Roses, Prussia, West Virginia Civil War
∞ Black Pope attempts to focus ∞
tech1: I got it on fantasy cast pope
Joshua of Beersheva: There are so many funny ones
Drifter: I'll what anyone I want
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Eice: :D
∞ Odelay opens a fresh brew ∞
∞ Mach applauds. ∞
▉ dustin: Winner of the best Historical map is Booth's Great Escape !!!!!
tech1: river, kading on my fantasy team
n00less cluebie: Herstorical?
Mach: lol
Billy93: wooohooo
▉ dustin: created by RandomGuy
∞ Owned catches peanuts in his mouth ∞
Dr.Thorvaldt: Herbstorical ?
∞ TazzyGirl throws sticky lolis at eice ∞
Odelay: MB strikes again
Micella: yay RandomGuy
Mach: The anti-holies are on FIRE.
Heartscoffee: nice job RG
Eice: lol
♥ Beetroot hangover! ♥
Eice: :D
Micella: silly Beet
∞ n00less cluebie claps RG for an EXCELLENT map ∞
Owned: go random guys
∞ Dr.Thorvaldt has a hangunder ∞
Utan: Congrats RG
▉ dustin: now for Space map...
Eice: space
Drifter: st00pid antis
Owned: spacey
Eice: ...
Odelay: ohh
Micella: yay space!
Odelay: lol :x
Eice: the final frontier .....
Lantern: the final fronteir
Lantern: lol
n00less cluebie: Thor, that means you are planning to drink a lot tonight?
▉ dustin: Runner-ups for best Space maps are Dark Battle and Galaxy Conquest
Heartscoffee: nerds
Eice: these are the voyages of the starship enterprise
Dr.Thorvaldt: SpaceMap and that all for $ 24,95 ?
Drifter: You two scare me
Eice: xD
tech1: 1st and 10 on the 37
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Eice: :D
Black Pope: Holy crap, I forgot how many Map awards there are...
▉ dustin: Winner of the best Space map is Space LuxWars !!!!
♥ Beetroot : i hope you all voted beet for drunk luxer 08!!!! ♥
Claudiu: Did Rome II win any awards?
∞ Mach claps. ∞
▉ dustin: created by Shane Hunter
Billy93: lux wars!!
Heartscoffee: nice job
▉ dustin: congrats to all Luxonauts
Dr.Thorvaldt: Bootreet lets team them all away !
Mach: No, Rome II has not won any awards yet.
Micella: boooooooooooooo
∞ TazzyGirl voted beet as having the most sticky lolis stuck to him ∞
Owned: boo no rome II awards
n00less cluebie: Ewwww
∞ Micella did TOO ∞
▉ dustin: roman empire came out last year
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Big Will E Style: only 34 in here
Claudiu: That's strange. It's one of the most popular maps.
Dr.Thorvaldt: Luxonauts ...?
Big Will E Style: :-(
▉ dustin: next is world map
Black Pope: We map makers win the award for having the most awards
Black Pope: The map makers that is
n00less cluebie: LOL
Eice: lol
tech1: 2nd and 10 on the 37
Drifter: Congrats mapmakers, even you st00pid mabuer, when you read this later
▉ dustin: Runner-ups for best World map are Dymaxion and Classic-Hex Love Child
n00less cluebie: BP, which ones have you made?
Micella: woo hooo map makers
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
tech1: opps 27
Dr.Thorvaldt: lol Drif
Eice: wooohooooooooooooo
▉ dustin: Winner of the best World map is World Religion !!!!
Eice: :D
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
▉ dustin: created by Sir Loin
Billy93: woooo
∞ Lantern throws Eice everywhere ∞
Dr.Thorvaldt: Fuck Religion
Black Pope: I meant to type "The" not "We"...I couldn't make a map to save my life, I think
Eice: rofl
∞ Owned is buried in peanuts ∞
Dr.Thorvaldt: s
Micella: lol!
Drifter: With this crowd?
Micella: Lantern!
Billy93: come on chargers!
C-Rex: rs?
Claudiu: lol
Lantern: heh
Joshua of Beersheva: fh
tech1: rivers incom\plete pass
Beetroot: KABLAH
n00less cluebie: Nah, I think you could do it if you wanted....
▉ dustin: one last plugin award... for best Map Generator
Utan: too late for an rs - let them finish
Dr.Thorvaldt: lol
Micella: haha
Owned: lol
tech1: rivers 5 yard penalty
Eice: lol
Drifter: lol
Heartscoffee: lol
∞ n00less cluebie thinks Red is going to pull this one off ∞
▉ dustin: Runner-ups for best map generator are Blobs and CrystalInfinity
Bod: lol
∞ Mach applauds. ∞
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Claudiu: lolol
Eice: :D
▉ dustin: Winner of the best map generator is Biohazard !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eice: waaaah!
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Micella: wooo hooooo Blobs and CrystalInfinity
Mach: Go figure.
▉ dustin: created by RandomGuy
Eice: of course
ViVaLosChichos: nooo
Heartscoffee: ahh
tech1: BIO woot
Dr.Thorvaldt: Eice are you Nuts ?
Eice: lol
Mach: Well done, RG.
Billy93: WOOO
ViVaLosChichos: boo
Joshua of Beersheva: yea
∞ C-Rex has cash on zero cards ∞
ViVaLosChichos: blobs
Owned: Blobs!
n00less cluebie: 3DA LIKS BL0BBZ! LETZ PLEY SOM
Eice: it's tradition thorvaldted
∞ TazzyGirl thows lolis at eice ∞
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Claudiu: Why hasn't Rome II won any awards? Is it only recent maps that were awarded?
ViVaLosChichos: ha
Beetroot: BOOO
ViVaLosChichos: cuz rome 2 sucks
Utan: What' Bio?
∞ Dr.Thorvaldt likes Blobs from Flesh ∞
Eice: lol
▉ dustin: there are some exciting Biohazard developments coming up in the Lux pipeline as well...
tech1: 2nd and 15 rivers incomplte pass
Claudiu: What!
n00less cluebie: Ay Claudiu, only maps released since last Octoberfest
C-Rex: who is Utan?
Drifter: What color am I
▉ dustin: Bio is still getting rolling
tech1: BP is is back on yet
Mach: LUXtoberfest, n00less.
Beetroot: bio is for noobs
Dr.Thorvaldt: about time Dustin G'd
Joshua of Beersheva: biohazard developments? do tell!
∞ Utan feeds C-Rex some floor peanuts ∞
▉ dustin: Huge thanks again to all the map makers, you rule!
Black Pope: Nope...its not on
Dr.Thorvaldt: Yes the scoop NOW !
♥ dustin loves map makers ♥
Big Will E Style: nice job map makers
Lantern: maybe dustin is getting rid of bio
Lantern: heh
Marauder: BiOss WiLl EaTS yOuR BrAiNSeS
∞ n00less cluebie still thought it was Luxvemberfest until 3 weeks ago ∞
tech1: time out SD
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
tech1: 3rd and 15
C-Rex: well done map-makers
Black Pope: They are doing summaries of the other games, its the dumbest thing I've seen in a while
Heartscoffee: ????
Odelay: Gooo Map Makers! :]
Beetroot: 
Owned: i think bop already got ya maurader
Eice: :]
Dr.Thorvaldt: 
tech1: who you going for
Owned: bio
n00less cluebie: Where should we go Odelay?
Marauder: heh
ViVaLosChichos: sd's going to loose
∞ Micella is thinking about changing from rubber bands to bricks for Eice ∞
▉ dustin: we didn't have any new AIs this year, so no best AI award, but I'll try and push for some more in the next year
Black Pope: Oh, I really don't care. I'm a depressed Lions fan
Big Will E Style: *lose
Eice: lol
♥ Eice wubs Micella :D
Odelay: back to the workshop and get mapping!!
tech1: as long as my fantasy guys score Im good
♥ Micella wubs Eice back ♥
∞ Drifter hands Cella a pile of bricks ∞
Joshua of Beersheva: bio new?!?!?
Joshua of Beersheva: s
∞ n00less cluebie is still working on AsshatBot. If I ever get it working, I'll let y'all know ∞
Micella: woo hooo amunition!
Dr.Thorvaldt: Yes Bio News
Black Pope: Noob, that would ROCK
Bod: lol
∞ Mach orders the search-and-annoy robot to locate Bertrand. ∞
tech1: 1:18 left
Big Will E Style: yeah Dustin!
Eice: IT'S GO TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Drifter: Maybe I can get in
Heartscoffee: whoo hoo
Marauder: nice win
C-Rex: the news about bio is that NO countries will be missing anymore

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Post by dustin » Sun Oct 26, 2008 9:14 pm

▉ dustin: Now for the PEOPLE AWARDS....
Dr.Thorvaldt: some kinda Caps Hugo BIO
Drifter: dang shuffle
Eice: :D
Soundboy: SAY WHAT
Heartscoffee: rs
Owned: i like PEOPLE
n00less cluebie: The idea is a Bot who will CONSISTANTLY try to asshat the humans
∞ Lantern pulls for Eice ∞
Billy93: NOOO
tech1: rivers throws interception
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Eice: :D
Marauder: Isnt this Rated Insanes map?
C-Rex: lol
Beetroot: haha
Marauder: heh
Dr.Thorvaldt: must be
Bod: where do you get so many peanuts Eice ¿
Drifter: Concentrate on this game guys
Joshua of Beersheva: me welde!!!
Eice: lol
Eice: secret
▉ dustin: first of all I want to congratulate everyone who came out and competed in this year's Luxtoberfest tournaments
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Beetroot: eice is hacking
Dr.Thorvaldt: thought it was Crexx' world
Eice: :D
Big Will E Style: wahoo
Billy93: :)
C-Rex: THOORRRRvaltz
Owned: eice teach me how to hack
Eice: xD
TazzyGirl: MOFO
▉ dustin: all the tournament winners and runner-ups are listed on the 2008 Luxtoberfest awards page:
∞ Dr.Thorvaldt is passing the Dutchie ∞
Lantern: go PIPC!
Dr.Thorvaldt: Mofo lol
∞ n00less cluebie hopes it's on the Left Hand Side ∞
mofo: hi
Eice: " /me throws peanuts everywhere! "
Eice: " /me throws peanuts everywhere! "
Eice: so
Eice: it'll be like this
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Black Pope: I didn't catch one game this year on Luxtoberfest
Eice: RAW WHORES!!!!!!!!!!
Big Will E Style: yeah Raw Whores
Mach: WAIT!
Eice: RAW WHORES!!!!!!!!!!
Mach: Dustin!
Lantern: PIPC!
Eice: §
Eice: §
Owned: me throws peanuts everywhere!
Lantern: §
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Dr.Thorvaldt: What is happening
▉ dustin: To start out with we have the Best Host award...
∞ Owned throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Mach: Biohazard was created in May 2007 - is it elligible for the map generator award?
Eice: lol
∞ n00less cluebie keeps lolli crossed ∞
Dr.Thorvaldt: lol STFU HUGO
TazzyGirl: he stole your peanuts
▉ dustin: hosts are a core part of online lux
▉ dustin: thanks to all the good hosts
Micella: hoooray hosts!
Eice: :D
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
ViVaLosChichos: vivaaaaa
Dr.Thorvaldt: lol
∞ Owned throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
∞ Lantern pulls for tazzy ∞
Eice: rofl
∞ Micella does toooooo ∞
C-Rex: WILL RESTART!!!!!!!!
CaptainMurphy: <---- worst host ever???
Micella: lol tech
▉ dustin: runner-ups for best host award are Odelay, djdee, and Rated Insane
Dr.Thorvaldt: lolol
∞ Mach claps. ∞
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
∞ CaptainMurphy thinks trinkett votes yes on that ∞
Micella: wooo hooo Odelay djdee and Rated Insane!
∞ Drifter claps ∞
∞ Lantern crosses his fingers for tazzy ∞
∞ n00less cluebie applauds our Runners up! ∞
∞ Owned throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
∞ Lantern claps ∞
♪♫ Micella go tazzy go! ♪♫
Owned: i like peanuts
C-Rex: congrats dj, great job
Samuel99: congrats Ode
Billy93: go runners
∞ TazzyGirl throws lolis ∞
Eice: lol
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Odelay: WooHoo!
▉ dustin: best host third place goes to -NN-Grim !!
Tortoisestyle: whoooo!
Big Will E Style: gj Grim
Dr.Thorvaldt: aha Grimm
engliman1: yay grim
Odelay: Goooo Grim!
Beetroot: WHAT!
Lantern: :\
MinorKing: PEANUTS?!?!?!? Im alergic to peanuts
Beetroot: NO
∞ TazzyGirl claps for grim ∞
tech1: congrats
C-Rex: rrrrooommmaaaannnnn
▉ dustin: best host second place goes to Scad !!!!
Dr.Thorvaldt: Gratu
Billy93: cong
∞ Owned throws more peanuts everwhere! ∞
Dr.Thorvaldt: yes
Billy93: yay scad
ViVaLosChichos: scaddd
∞ Mach tosses MK an EpiPen. ∞
Heartscoffee: whoooo go scad
Lantern: yeah SCAD
Dr.Thorvaldt: and...
C-Rex: gj scad
Heartscoffee: ?????
Big Will E Style: TAZZY
∞ TazzyGirl passes lolis to MK ∞
Odelay: Yipppeeee Scad!
Big Will E Style: TAZZY
Black Pope: Scad is a great host
Micella: hooorah Scad
Dr.Thorvaldt: and.....
Lantern: TAZZY
Big Will E Style: TAZZY
ViVaLosChichos: +
♥ Eice grabs holda Micella so she won't get allergic since peanuts are going outwards :D
Mach: w00t Scad!
Big Will E Style: TAZZY
ViVaLosChichos: +
Eice: rofl
▉ dustin: and the #1 Best Host award for 2008 goes to ..... TazzyGirl !!!!!!!!!!!!
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
ViVaLosChichos: +
♥ n00less cluebie WTF TAZZY!!! 0----- ♥
ViVaLosChichos: +
∞ Drifter gives Tazzy the... nm ∞
∞ Odelay claps for Tazzy ∞
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Beetroot: no owned
Beetroot: no peanuts
n00less cluebie: WTG*
Utan: !!
Heartscoffee: yay TAZZY
Big Will E Style: WAHOOOOOOO
Lantern: TAZZY
C-Rex: TAZZY FOR FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lantern: TAZZY
Lantern: TAZZY
Lantern: TAZZY
ViVaLosChichos: TAZZZ
Claudiu: lol'
∞ Owned throws more peanuts everwhere! ∞
♥ dustin hugs TazzyGirl ♥
Billy93: TAZZZYY
Marauder: congrats hosts, Tazzy
Beetroot: YAY
∞ n00less cluebie replaces the F with a G ∞
Black Pope: Nicely done, Tazzy
Drifter: Congrats Tazzy
♥ C-Rex hugs the winner ♥
Beetroot: YAY
Beetroot: YAY
Odelay: Goo Tazzzy!
∞ Lantern throws peanuts at tazzy ∞
∞ Lantern throws peanuts at tazzy ∞
Beetroot: YAY
∞ TazzyGirl would like to thank all the lolis eaters ∞
Dr.Thorvaldt: WTF NO HUGO
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Beetroot: YAY
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
∞ Drifter hugs Taz ∞
Beetroot: YAY
Eice: HA
∞ TazzyGirl would like to thank all the lolis eaters ∞
Owned: go tazzy
Beetroot: YAY
∞ TazzyGirl would like to thank all the lolis eaters ∞
∞ TazzyGirl would like to thank all the lolis eaters ∞
∞ TazzyGirl would like to thank all the lolis eaters ∞
∞ TazzyGirl would like to thank all the lolis eaters ∞
Beetroot: YAY
Beetroot: YAY
Beetroot: YAY
∞ Marauder boots tazzy ∞
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Beetroot: YAY
Eice: :D
Billy93: wooohoooo
Beetroot: YAY
n00less cluebie: LOL, that sounds SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO wrong Tazzy
C-Rex: i want a loli
Beetroot: YAY
∞ Lantern eats lolis ∞
Micella: woo hoooooooooo
Beetroot: YAY
Mach: Stop spamming the chat!!!!
Beetroot: YAY
∞ TazzyGirl would like to thank all the lolis eatersouch mar ∞
Dr.Thorvaldt: Tazzybitch GRATULATIONS!
Mach: ;p
✱ Player dustin has put Dr.Thorvaldt on mute for everyone ✱
C-Rex: she is a bitch?
Drifter: TY
Bod: well done TazzyGirl
C-Rex: oops
Eice: oi
♥ Owned loves lolis ♥
TazzyGirl: capital B Dr please
∞ Odelay likes halibutflavored lollies ∞
TazzyGirl: :P
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Heartscoffee: ???
Lantern: halibut lolis?
Lantern: eww
Claudiu: What map does Tazzy host on?
Drifter: ewww indeed
▉ dustin: next we have the Most Entertaining award...
Eice: :D
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Mach: Classic, I believe, Claudiu.
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Claudiu: I've never seen her host Rome II.
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
C-Rex: NIMMY!!!!!!!
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
n00less cluebie: Nimbus?
Eice: xD
Lantern: go NIM!
∞ Owned throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
∞ TazzyGirl throw a haibut flavored loli to ode ∞
Claudiu: ok
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Eice: lol
Odelay: Yes!
∞ Owned throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
∞ Owned throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
▉ dustin: runner-ups for most entertaining go to Eice, camaro, and SuperGood
∞ Odelay thanks tazzy ∞
Eice: W00T
Eice: xD
Big Will E Style: Yeah SuperGood!
∞ Mach claps. ∞
Billy93: wooohooo
Big Will E Style: lol
Heartscoffee: nice
Owned: go Eice!
∞ Lantern congrats EICE ∞
Micella: woo hooooooo Eice
Drifter: WOOHOO!
Eice: XD
C-Rex: congrats EICE-bud
Heartscoffee: SG!
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
ViVaLosChichos: iceyy
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Micella: he's so fun!
n00less cluebie: nice job Eice
Eice: :D
Heartscoffee: nice job eice
Claudiu: Camaro is surely entertaining. lol....
Odelay: Congrats!!
∞ Owned gives eice more peanuts ∞
Eice: lololol
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
∞ Micella claps for Eice! ∞
▉ dustin: most entertaining third goes to Deez Nuts !
Marauder: Deez Nuts
tech1: entertaing + westie
Eice: :P
Drifter: LOL
Big Will E Style: lol
Marauder: nice
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Heartscoffee: lol
Mach: yeah nuts!
Micella: woo hoooo Deez Nutes!
tech1: opps =
n00less cluebie: LOL !
Big Will E Style: yeah Deez
Lantern: lol
Billy93: goo nuts!!!
Lantern: DEEZ
Odelay: Deeez mofo Nutzzzz!
C-Rex: deeezzzzzzzzz
Heartscoffee: nice nuts
TazzyGirl: YEA DEEEZ
∞ Owned throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Drifter: He is still passed out from last nite
TazzyGirl: he's on his way
∞ n00less cluebie tosses Jell-o shots to all in honor of Deez ∞
▉ dustin: most entertaining second goes to C-Rex !!!
Beetroot: NUMBER NAMES!>?!?!
Mach: Shh...
Eice: :O
Lantern: CLOWN REX!
C-Rex: WHAT??????????????
Marauder: Rex!
Owned: C-Rex!
Mach: Yeah Rex!
Eice: GO CREX!
TazzyGirl: YEA REXY
C-Rex: ME?
Lantern: congrats!
Heartscoffee: rexy! nice
Billy93: rexxx
Black Pope: Congrats, CRex!
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Lantern: congrats!
Micella: Rexxy!
Big Will E Style: yeah rex!
C-Rex: for what??????
Eice: :D
n00less cluebie: Yay CREXY!
Utan: haha
Drifter: Congrats
Big Will E Style: Deez
Lantern: DEEZ!
Big Will E Style: you just got 3rd
Beetroot: deeeez
Big Will E Style: for most entertaining
∞ C-Rex is blushing ∞
Micella: wooo hooooooo C-Rex!
deez nuts: yo holla
Odelay: Goooo Rex!
Lantern: dustin you must repeat that for Deez
Lantern: dustin you must repeat that for Deez
Lantern: dustin you must repeat that for Deez
Drifter: Congrats Deezy D
▉ dustin: and the Most Entertaining Player of 2008 Award goes to .... Nimrod7 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
C-Rex: Thnaks alll
∞ Owned throws PEANUTS everywhere! ∞
Eice: NIMMY!!!!!!!!
Lantern: NIMMY!
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Big Will E Style: WHOO NIM
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Billy93: NIMMY
Marauder: 7!
deez nuts: what did i miss?
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
∞ Owned throws PEANUTS everywhere! ∞
Micella: NIM!
C-Rex: he is my bud
∞ Owned throws PEANUTS everywhere! ∞
ViVaLosChichos: +
Black Pope: Congrats, MNims
∞ n00less cluebie THROWS PIES EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!! ∞
Heartscoffee: ??????????? YAY NIMMY
ViVaLosChichos: +
Drifter: WOO HOO for Ninny
ViVaLosChichos: NIMMY
∞ Micella claps for Nim! ∞
Marauder: Nimble1
Odelay: ? ▉ dustin: most entertaining third goes to Deez Nuts !
ViVaLosChichos: NIMMY
▉ dustin: you rock nim
ViVaLosChichos: NIMMY
ViVaLosChichos: NIMMY
∞ Lantern throws kiwi pies ∞
deez nuts: ha
♥ C-Rex hugs his Clown-bro ♥
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
deez nuts: lol
Beetroot: owned, dont throw peanuts
∞ Lantern throws kiwi pies ∞
Owned: no peanuts?
∞ TazzyGirl catches a pie ∞
Beetroot: .
∞ Eice throws kiwi everywhere! ∞
Odelay: Gooo number 7!!!
deez nuts: 3rd? i got 5 stiches last night cause of this game
∞ Eice throws kiwi everywhere! ∞
∞ Eice throws kiwi everywhere! ∞
∞ Mach cues the pie-a-pults. ∞
C-Rex: more peanuts???
Beetroot: no
n00less cluebie: Och!
∞ TazzyGirl throws cherry lolis ∞
Beetroot: that is a semi thing
n00less cluebie: What happened Deez?
C-Rex: i want more peanuts
Drifter: I prefer the peanuts
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
∞ Owned throws beets everywhere! ∞
▉ dustin: next we have the Most Sportsmanlike Award...
Eice: rofl
deez nuts: punched my monitor in bars room
Eice: :D
∞ TazzyGirl slaps deez ∞
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Micella: don't ask n00less, you'll just get him flexing again
Billy93: this one is me
∞ Owned throws beets everywhere! ∞
Eice: lol
♥ Beetroot throws an  at eice ♥
Eice: lol
Big Will E Style: I vote General K
∞ n00less cluebie sends Deez his left-over Vicodin ∞
Eice: XD
Lantern: lol
Heartscoffee: hehe
Marauder: heh
▉ dustin: runner-ups for most sportsmanlike are puppy, jwd, and MaW1028
Odelay: Gooo Sportsmen!
Eice: OUCH
∞ Mach claps. ∞
deez nuts: lol
Lantern: MAW!
Joshua of Beersheva: i won this one fur shure
ViVaLosChichos: maww
∞ Drifter claps ∞
Lantern: nice
Billy93: pup!!
Eice: XD
Micella: wooooo jwd
n00less cluebie: Yay Mawnster
Micella: gooooo Maw
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Eice: :D
Heartscoffee: jwd maw yay
∞ Owned throws beets everywhere! ∞
∞ Odelay cheers ∞
♥ C-Rex hus maw ♥
C-Rex: hug*
∞ Micella claps ∞
C-Rex: hugs*
n00less cluebie: yay JWD, wherever the heck you are
Drifter: good ole jdubs
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
▉ dustin: Most Sportsmanlike third goes to Meron !!!
∞ Utan knew this would marathon ∞
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Marauder: no way
Mach: Yeah, Meron!
∞ deez nuts opens a beer and sprays everyone ∞
Utan: gj Meron
Marauder: he cusses non stop
n00less cluebie: YASHAR KOACH TO MERON!
Marauder: heh
▉ dustin: Most Sportsmanlike second goes to Lantern !!!!!!!
∞ Mach claps. ∞
Eice: wooooooooo!
Big Will E Style: gj Lantern
Drifter: WOO HOO!
Black Pope: Nice
C-Rex: LANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lantern: WHAT!
Eice: GO LANTERN!!!!!!!!!!!
Billy93: lannty
Lantern: wow
∞ TazzyGirl thorws grape lolis ∞
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Marauder: nice Lantern
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Eice: :D
Heartscoffee: YAY LANTERN!! ?????????????
∞ n00less cluebie gives Lantern BIG Props ∞
Owned: Lantern!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
∞ Lantern takes a bow ∞
TazzyGirl: LANTERN
▉ dustin: congrats Lantern
Micella: yay LANTERN!
Lantern: thank you all
TazzyGirl: yea
∞ C-Rex congrats Lantern ∞
Lantern: :)
Beetroot: congrats
Lantern: :D
Eice: :D
Eice: §
∞ Lantern is so happy ∞
Lantern: wow
Micella: wooo hoooo Lantern
C-Rex: but he suicided me once
Lantern: :)
deez nuts: nice 1 lantern
Beetroot: LANTERN R00LZ!!
▉ dustin: and the 2008 Most Sportsmanlike Award goes to ...... 3DA !!!!!!!!!!!!!
♥ Micella hugs Lantern! ♥
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Drifter: I need to play more often, so many new names
Lantern: thanks all
Marauder: I didnt win, screw this
C-Rex: lantern is a teamer and a backstabber
Black Pope: Excellent
∞ Mach applauds. ∞
Eice: woooooooooooooooo
Heartscoffee: YAY !!!!!!!
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
deez nuts: WOOT
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Billy93: 3DDDD
ViVaLosChichos: yayayaya
n00less cluebie: WOOO HOOO 3DA!!!!!
Billy93: WOOO
Eice: lol
Odelay: GOOOO 3DA!
TazzyGirl: YAY #DA
stonewallmorgan: FOR SURE
Lantern: lol BP
Big Will E Style: woh nj 3DA
Heartscoffee: whoooo ??????????
Owned: 3DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
C-Rex: CONGRATS 3D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Big Will E Style: marauder you just won
stonewallmorgan: 3DA!!!
Billy93: i demand a recount
Micella: yay MONKEY!
Eice: lol
TazzyGirl: congrats 3
TazzyGirl: D
Utan: 3DA - well done, You are the target for 2009
Marauder: congrats 3DA!!!!
TazzyGirl: A
Eice: :D
∞ Owned throws Ω everywhere! ∞
∞ Micella claps for 3DA ∞
▉ dustin: big congrats 3DA
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
∞ n00less cluebie puts 3DA on auto-asshat ∞
∞ Odelay claps ∞
deez nuts: the votes arnt in from florida yet
∞ Lantern claps for 3DA ∞
Big Will E Style: lol
Micella: wooo hooooooooooo 3DA!
Lantern: Nimmy you clown
Joshua of Beersheva: when is the biggest asshat award?
n00less cluebie: NIMBUS!!!! You's da most entertaynin
∞ Owned throws Ω everywhere! ∞
Eice: :D
Micella: Nimmy!
∞ Nimrod7 waves sheepishly ∞
Drifter: Florida had dangling chads
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Nimrod7: I DID?!!!
▉ dustin: u did
deez nuts: drifter you cost me 700$
Micella: you DID!
Eice: :D
Nimrod7: YAY!!!!!!
Heartscoffee: yay
∞ Beetroot suicides eice ∞
∞ TazzyGirl throws lemon lolis ∞
∞ Lantern thows kiwi at Nimm ∞
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Black Pope: Congrats, Nimmy
♥ Nimrod7 prepares a sheech ♥
Heartscoffee: go nimmy ?????
∞ Owned throws Ω everywhere! ∞
n00less cluebie: LOL
Nimrod7: thank you?
▉ dustin: next we have the Rookie of the Year Award....
n00less cluebie: ROFL
ViVaLosChichos: LMAO
∞ Mach steps away from Nimrod7 as he is pelted with pies. ∞
Drifter: Yea, say something funny
n00less cluebie: I LOVE THAT Nimrod, that's HILARIOUS!!!
Big Will E Style: yeah ROY
▉ dustin: love all you nice rookies =)
C-Rex: i was right behind you
Big Will E Style: nooless Cluebie!
Big Will E Style: nooless Cluebie!
Big Will E Style: nooless Cluebie!
Lantern: go micella!
Odelay: GGGooooSSS n00less
Nimrod7: drifter smells like old tube socks
Lantern: Rookie of year!
Owned: Go Mic
Heartscoffee: cheechie!!
TazzyGirl: nooless
Lantern: cheechers!
Drifter: lol
▉ dustin: runner-ups for rookie of the year are Micella, Odelay, and mnemosyne
cheech99: heartsie !!
cheech99: Lant
Big Will E Style: nice job all!
Owned: MICELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Tortoisestyle: woohoo micella!
Heartscoffee: micella!
Lantern: Micella!!!!!
Heartscoffee: whoooo
∞ Drifter claps the rookies ∞
n00less cluebie: Odelay, Micella! WTG!!!!
TazzyGirl: :)
Heartscoffee: go girl! ???
∞ n00less cluebie didn't realize Odes was a Rookie ∞
Beetroot: baloooooooo
∞ Owned throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Lantern: go cella
▉ dustin: rookie of the year third goes to Crawford !!
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
∞ TazzyGirl throws lime lolis ∞
n00less cluebie: Crawdaddy! woohooo
deez nuts: lol
Nimrod7: yay crawdaddy!!!!!
Guru God of Ganja: lol
Nimrod7: is he here?
Heartscoffee: nice job craw
∞ Lantern wants a kiwi loli ∞
Micella: ewww lime lolis really?
Beetroot: owned!! no peanuts!
Drifter: congrats Craw
Odelay: Craw is a rookie?!?
C-Rex: I want a rookie
∞ Odelay claps ∞
TazzyGirl: who let guru in
TazzyGirl: who let guru in
TazzyGirl: who let guru in
TazzyGirl: who let guru in
▉ dustin: rookie of the year second goes to TazzyGirl !!!!!!
Nimrod7: yes odels
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
TazzyGirl: :)
Mach: Yeah, Taz!
Beetroot: EWWWWWWW
Marauder: when do we haze?
tech1: woot
n00less cluebie: TAZZY YAY!!!!
Drifter: rookie, not cookie
Nimrod7: YAY TAZZY
Micella: yayyyyyyy TAZZY!
C-Rex: YAY crawforddddddddd
Eice: :D
Billy93: gazzz
Owned: Tazzy!
Eice: woohoooooooo
Guru God of Ganja: i just joined to see what this was
Heartscoffee: TAZZY!!! whooooo
Micella: wooo hooooooooooooo
Odelay: Gooo Tazzy!
Eice: :D
Heartscoffee: nice job
Big Will E Style: NICE TAZZY!
deez nuts: woot
TazzyGirl: tank ya
Utan: gj Taz
Beetroot: EWWWWWWW
∞ Guru God of Ganja kicks lantern in the nuts ∞
∞ Micella claps loud for Tazzy! ∞
Big Will E Style: NOOLESS
Big Will E Style: NOOLESS
♥ C-Rex hugs TAZZZZZZZzzzzz ♥
Big Will E Style: NOOLESS
Big Will E Style: NOOLESS
Marauder: good job Tazzy
Lantern: tazzy!!!!!!
Owned: i call first place
Eice: n00less!
Eice: n00less!
Eice: n00less!
deez nuts: u wookie
♥ TazzyGirl hugs rexy ♥
∞ Lantern hugs tazzy ∞
∞ Nimrod7 snags a lolli and hugs himself ∞
C-Rex: i wanna be a rookie too
♪♫ Beetroot sings opera! ♪♫
♥ TazzyGirl hugs lantern ♥
∞ Drifter hugs Taz ∞
▉ dustin: 2008 rookie of the year award goes to ......... n00less Cluebie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Micella: lol
∞ Eice was a rookie once! ∞
n00less cluebie: ROFL
Mach: Yeah, n00less! ;p
Utan: !!!!!!!!!!!
Odelay: GOOOOOO n00less!!!!!!
Eice: W00T!
Heartscoffee: NOOLESS WHOOOOO NICE JOB ????????????
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Micella: wooo hooooooooo n00less!
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Lantern: n00less!
Eice: :D
Billy93: NOOL
Marauder: congrats nooless
♥ TazzyGirl hugs drift and pinches his butt ♥
Big Will E Style: my votes really do count!!
Drifter: CONGRATS n00less
Eice: goooooooooo
Lantern: whoohoo
∞ deez nuts piches tazzys behind ∞
▉ dustin: congrats n00less cluebie!
∞ Owned throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Micella: wooo hoooooooooo
∞ Odelay claps fo the n00b ∞
Nimrod7: congrats n00dles
TazzyGirl: oopsie
n00less cluebie: LOL! Thanks!
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Drifter: spammin the forums really paid off
Lantern: lol
Heartscoffee: lol
∞ n00less cluebie has to save this chatlog for posterior ∞
Nimrod7: heh
C-Rex: congrats nnnnnnnnnoooooobless
Micella: oh my goodness
∞ Lantern pokes drift ∞
Drifter: heh
Big Will E Style: lol
Eice: posterior?
Eice: like a rear end? :O

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Post by dustin » Sun Oct 26, 2008 9:15 pm

▉ dustin: which brings us to the best forum influence award...
Beetroot: I AM RA!!!
Heartscoffee: haha
n00less cluebie: save all is Alt-f5?
deez nuts: o no
Guru God of Ganja: best forum influence award?
tech1: GK GK GK GK GK
C-Rex: that would be me I guess?
Eice: :D
▉ dustin: runner-ups for best forum influence go to MaW1028, Lantern, and Black Pope !!
C-Rex: paranoia?????
∞ Mach claps. ∞
Lantern: this one has to go to KITTY ON CATNIP
Eice: wooooooooo!
Drifter: save all is command+Q
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
∞ Marauder claps ∞
Micella: LANTERN!
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
tech1: gk
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Lantern: lol
tech1: gk
Big Will E Style: Yay!
tech1: gk
Eice: :D
Guru God of Ganja: lol lantern is a good influence?
Lantern: wow!
tech1: gk
Owned: Lantern!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Big Will E Style: I voted pope
tech1: gk
Beetroot: HAHA
tech1: gk
∞ Micella claps loud for Lantern! ∞
Lantern: a second mention
tech1: gk
Beetroot: KOC FTW
tech1: lol
Eice: wooohoooooooo
Eice: :D
∞ Odelay claps!!! ∞
tech1: lol
Lantern: thanks to all
∞ TazzyGirl throws halibut lolis ∞
∞ n00less cluebie is a N00b to the end ∞
C-Rex: i voted dustin
∞ Nimrod7 break dances ∞
Drifter: Congrats BP!
Nimrod7: lol rex
Big Will E Style: lol rex
Drifter: Congrats Mandy!
▉ dustin: Best Forum Influence third goes to The Wontrob !!
∞ Marauder does the robot ∞
Drifter: Congrats to you too Lantern
n00less cluebie: BP and MAW!!! woohoo!
Eice: wooohooooooooo!
TazzyGirl: yea wont
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Heartscoffee: nice wont!
Lantern: thanks drift!
Beetroot: HARRY!!
Owned: Wontrob!
∞ Lantern high fives BP ∞
Micella: wooo hooooo Wontrob!
Odelay: Goooo WOntrob!!!!!!
Beetroot: :D
C-Rex: The wont!!!!!!!
Eice: :D
n00less cluebie: Wonny, he makes up in Quantity for what he lacks in Quality ;-)
Black Pope: I feel like a contentious influence...
Eice: lol
tech1: did some one say wonton damm Im hungry
▉ dustin: Best Forum Influence second goes to Drifter !!!!!!!
Beetroot: boy i really hate you guys
∞ Lantern high fives BP ∞
deez nuts: awsome
Odelay: GGGooooo Drifter!!!
Eice: gooooooooooooo Drifter!!!
TazzyGirl: DRIFT
Heartscoffee: DRIFTERRRRR WHOOOO ??????????
Lantern: DRIFT!
Eice: :D
Marauder: Drift!!!!!!!!!
∞ Odelay claps ∞
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Micella: yay Drifter!
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
∞ Owned throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Lantern: woohooo
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
C-Rex: way to go drift
n00less cluebie: Drifter!!!! Woohoo!
Black Pope: Congrats, Drift
▉ dustin: nice drift!
Drifter: YEA ME!
Nimrod7: yay drifter!!!!!!!!
Micella: woooooo hooooo Drifter
Mach: Yeah, Drift!
♥ Beetroot slaps owned ♥
Utan: !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lantern: go drift, go drift
∞ Owned is sad ∞
C-Rex: d d d d d d dd d rifterrrrrrrrrrr
Eice: :D
Drifter: lol
∞ TazzyGirl throws out strawberry lolis ∞
∞ Lantern wants a kiwi loli ∞
Micella: hooray strawberry!
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
▉ dustin: 2008 Best Forum Influence Award goes to ..... Nimrod7 the Klown !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
∞ C-Rex throws out strawberry pies ∞
Lantern: NIMROD!!
Eice: goooooooooooooo nimrod!
Marauder: 7!
∞ Tortoisestyle give Owned an icepack ∞
Mach: W000T
Micella: NIMROD!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eice: :D
Drifter: NINNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
▉ dustin: congrats again nim
Mach: Yeah, Nim!
Heartscoffee: NIMMY ?????????????? nice job!
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
TazzyGirl: congrats
Lantern: congrats NIM!
Micella: wooo woooooooooooo Nimmy!
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Big Will E Style: whoo Nim!
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
∞ n00less cluebie thinks the thread on his cross country trip is worth the award for Drifter ∞
Marauder: nimble1
∞ Owned throws beets everywhere! ∞
∞ Lantern throws peanuts everywhere ∞
Drifter: CONGRATS ya st00pid clown
n00less cluebie: NIMROD! WTG!!!
Black Pope: Way to go, Hunter
Eice: :D
Nimrod7: wow
Nimrod7: thanks guys
Eice: woooooooooooooooooo
Odelay: GGooooo Number 7!
C-Rex: congrats bro
Beetroot: number name = asshat
Drifter: awww, TY n00less
Nimrod7: :O
cheech99: how many awards did i miss?
▉ dustin: now we move on to the Hall of Fame inductions
Eice: :O
Lantern: oooo
C-Rex: i voted for Nimmy as ROY???
C-Rex: me
C-Rex: me
n00less cluebie: LOL
C-Rex: pick me
C-Rex: pls
∞ Odelay starts a drum roll ∞
▉ dustin: there are 4 inductees this year
C-Rex: YES
Drifter: I never win ROY
∞ Lantern cant wait ∞
C-Rex: 25% chance
Odelay: wowsa
Eice: i don't either Drift :(
Nimrod7: lol rexy
Eice: lol
Drifter: heh
Eice: :P
∞ Owned continues the drum roll ∞
∞ n00less cluebie wonders how he won ROY when his real name is Steven.... ∞
Joshua of Beersheva: Peter Rose for Hall of Fame!!!!
▉ dustin: Black Pope, welcome to the Lux hall of fame
C-Rex: WOW
Big Will E Style: WHOO HOO
Eice: woooohooooooooooo!
Marauder: Yeah!
Lantern: BP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
▉ dustin: for your storied service and humor
Lantern: woooo
Eice: go BP!!!!!!!!!!
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
TazzyGirl: BP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
∞ Black Pope blushes ∞
Heartscoffee: go pope!
∞ Mach cues fanfare. ∞
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Drifter: YEA!!!!!!!!! Congrats BP
C-Rex: BP
Micella: wooo hoooooo BP
C-Rex: BP
C-Rex: BP
Eice: :D
C-Rex: BP
n00less cluebie: BP!!!!!
∞ Odelay claps for BP ∞
C-Rex: BP
C-Rex: BP
Big Will E Style: WAHOOOOO
∞ Drifter gives BP the clap ∞
∞ Lantern gives BP the clap ∞
Owned: go Black Pope
Marauder: congrats Pope
Black Pope: Thanks, Dustin, that means a lot
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
C-Rex: BP
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Eice: :D
Odelay: Goooo Pope!
cheech99: Congrats Poper
TazzyGirl: congrats BP
Beetroot: ...
C-Rex: congrats Popey
Black Pope: Thanks all
Beetroot: ,\
∞ Nimrod7 brings in an elephant to suck up all of the peanuts ∞
Eice: lol
Micella: lol
Drifter: You deserve it ya big lug
Eice: gonna need an army nimmy
Eice: :D
n00less cluebie: now if only we could get him to play a game occasionally...
∞ Owned brings mice to get rid of the peanuts ∞
∞ Lantern throws elephants everywhere ∞
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Nimrod7: heh
Eice: :D
Odelay: lol
∞ TazzyGirl throws kiwi lolis ∞
Big Will E Style: all but one of my votes counted! I'm so happy! now only if it worked in the US election
▉ dustin: the tide enters the hall of fame
Eice: woohoooooo tide!
Nimrod7: yay tidus!!!!!
Black Pope: Yeah Tide!
∞ Owned throws mice everywhere! ∞
Lantern: congrats tide
Micella: woooo hooooooooo go tide!
Eice: :D
Drifter: It's okay Nimrod, the omegas are cleaning up
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
C-Rex: congrats Tide
Big Will E Style: whoo tide
∞ Odelay claps ∞
∞ n00less cluebie throws mice to scare the elephants away ∞
Nimrod7: lol drift
TazzyGirl: YEA TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
▉ dustin: for his servitude and entertainment (flame-outs included)
Nimrod7: at least the omegas are good for something
Eice: :D
Big Will E Style: lol
∞ cheech99 notices a correlation between mods and the Hall ∞
Marauder: congrats tide
cheech99: congrats Tide
n00less cluebie: The Tide Has Come IN!!!!
∞ TazzyGirl pokes cheechers ∞
▉ dustin: the hall of fame also welcomes RandomGuy !!
∞ Lantern tells beet to cancel his plans this evening. this room needs a good cleaning ∞
Eice: wooohoooo!
∞ cheech99 pokes Tazzy @--------- ∞
Mach: Yeah, RG!
Heartscoffee: yay RG!
Micella: yay Random Guy!
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Big Will E Style: whoooo RG
TazzyGirl: congrats random
Drifter: WOO HOO RG!
Micella: wooo hooooooooo
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Eice: :D
Beetroot: I WONT
n00less cluebie: Woohoo RG! If only for Starting Mafia on the Forums!!!
TazzyGirl: my what a big stick
▉ dustin: thank you RG, for pushing the limits of Lux Delux plugins
Nimrod7: congrats random
C-Rex: good job randomguy
∞ Marauder does the robot ∞
∞ Owned eats the peanuts ∞
Odelay: yippeee
∞ Odelay claps ∞
∞ C-Rex moonwalks ∞
Joshua of Beersheva: Biohazard for Hall of Fame.
Odelay: lol
▉ dustin: the last 2008 Hall of Fame Inductee is Hoodie !!
Lantern: Hoods
∞ Beetroot hates on everyone ∞
∞ Mach claps. ∞
Eice: wooohooooooo :O
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
▉ dustin: welcome hoods, and ty
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
TazzyGirl: conrats hoodie
Big Will E Style: gj hoodie!
∞ Micella claps loud for Hoodie! ∞
Eice: :D
C-Rex: BURNING MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Marauder: Obahoodiema
Micella: goooooooo Hoodie!
Eice: waaaaaaaah!
Black Pope: Yeah Hoods!
Drifter: HOODIE!!!!! Congrats Hoodreaux
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
∞ n00less cluebie turns the flame thrower on everyone for Hoodie ∞
Micella: woooo hoooooooooo Hoodie
Marauder: congrats
Odelay: Congrats Hall of Famers!!!!
Beetroot: SALSA GOATS!!
Eice: :D
∞ C-Rex throws popcorn ∞
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Drifter: Congrats Hall of Famers
Tortoisestyle: goatee salsa?
∞ Lantern throws peanuts everywhere ∞
Beetroot: SALSA GOATS!!
Eice: :D
∞ n00less cluebie throws Eice everywhere ∞
Eice: ha!
∞ Owned throws beets at Micella! ∞
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
▉ dustin: we have a few grab-bag awards to give out also....
Micella: ewwwwww beets
∞ Beetroot flys ∞
Eice: lol
Odelay: bbrrrrr cold
n00less cluebie: Best Lurker!
∞ TazzyGirl throws orange lolis ∞
Lantern: oooo who gets the pretty pretty pony this year?
Eice: :D
∞ Drifter catches Eice and throws him to Black Pope ∞
▉ dustin: Best Turtle award goes to Soundboy !!!!!
∞ Mach needs a bag of tortilla chips and salsa. ∞
Eice: lol
Beetroot: yay
C-Rex: LOL
∞ Marauder does the robot ∞
Eice: xD
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Beetroot: Ω
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
∞ Micella calls Soundboy! ∞
Lantern: congrats sound
Odelay: Gooo Sound
Marauder: congrats
TazzyGirl: YEA SOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eice: :D
Big Will E Style: lol
∞ Black Pope catches Eice, throws him into the huge ass pile of peanuts ∞
Lantern: lol
Big Will E Style: nice soundboy
Micella: wooooo gooooooo Soundboy!
Eice: rofl
n00less cluebie: WTG Soundy. Now F*CKIN CARD ALREADY!
Drifter: Congrats Sound
♥ Eice wubs BP!!!!!!!!!!! ♥
Eice: :D
cheech99: hey Tazzy... how many awards were there prior to the Rookie?
Odelay: lol
∞ Owned throws Ω everywhere! ∞
Big Will E Style: map awards
∞ cheech99 hates being late ∞
Big Will E Style: and then like two human awards
TazzyGirl: ummm lost count
▉ dustin: Most Illusive Award goes to Licht !!!!
Marauder: dude, you cant go around throwing horseshoes
n00less cluebie: LOL
Drifter: rofl
∞ Lantern claps for licht ∞
deez nuts: lol
Eice: ooooo
Odelay: gooooo LICHT!!!
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
∞ Beetroot trows  at owned :D
∞ Mach claps. ∞
∞ Micella claps for Licht ∞
Nimrod7: hi meron
n00less cluebie: MERON DUDE!!!!
∞ Big Will E Style looks up illusive ∞
n00less cluebie: you're a WEINER!
∞ Owned throws Ω at Beety! ∞
∞ Nimrod7 turns on a licht ∞
Drifter: Heya Meron
deez nuts: he's in my grave yard if any one is lookin for him
∞ TazzyGirl throws beer flavored lolis ∞
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
deez nuts: now we are talkin
Meron: hello everyone :)
C-Rex: marathon-meron!!!!!!
∞ Odelay snags a beer lolly ∞
∞ Eice wishes for somefin ∞
Micella: booooo beer yay vodka!
tech1: You all never figured it out I am licht
Lantern: the Ω sign is a horseshoe
n00less cluebie: What did Meron win again? Most likely to marathon?
∞ Drifter scrambles for the beer lolie ∞
n00less cluebie: ;-)
Black Pope: I'm off to mass, folks, thanks for the fun...peace and good
∞ cheech99 was robbed lsat year of the most sportsmanlike player.... maybe this is his year ∞
Black Pope: Thanks again, Dustin
∞ TazzyGirl makes vodka lolis for micella ∞
∞ Nimrod7 scrambles some eggs ∞
Lantern: bye bp
▉ dustin: Clown of the year award ended in a tie between C-Rex and Nimrod7 !!!
deez nuts: no way
Marauder: congrats Pope
Drifter: Take care Popey
Eice: lol
C-Rex: congrats licht!
n00less cluebie: Enjoy your Evening Song BP
Odelay: Congrats BP
∞ Micella thanks Tazzy! ∞
Mach: LOL REX & NIM!
∞ dustin throws pies everywhere ∞
Lantern: go clown§
Eice: gooooo nimmy and crex :D
Lantern: go clown§
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Nimrod7: YAY A TIE!!!!!
Lantern: go clown§
Odelay: A tie!!
Micella: woooooo hoooooo CLOWNS!!!!!!!
Lantern: rs
Lantern: rs
♥ Micella loves the Clowns! ♥
Odelay: Hurrayyy clowns
Eice: §Clowns!
Eice: :P
∞ Owned throws clowns everywhere! ∞
n00less cluebie: RS FOR FH
Tortoisestyle: is there going to be a runoff?
∞ Nimrod7 high fives C-Rex ∞
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Big Will E Style: go clowns
Drifter: st00pid clowns
Lantern: go clown§
stonewallmorgan: rs
∞ Owned throws clowns everywhere! ∞
Drifter: heh
▉ dustin: 2008 Hugs Supreme Award goes to MaW1028 !!!!!!
Utan: eewwwwwwwwww clowns
∞ Eice wishes for somefin ∞
∞ C-Rex highfives Nim but misses ∞
∞ TazzyGirl throws rainbow lolis for the clowns ∞
Drifter: Congrats guys
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
∞ Odelay voted for John Wayn Gacy ∞
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Nimrod7: YAY MANDY!!!!
Micella: woo hooo go Maw!
♥ Lantern hugs MAW ♥
Eice: wooooohoooooooooooooooo
♥ dustin hugs MaW1028 ♥
n00less cluebie: WOOHOO Maw!!!
♥ TazzyGirl hugs maw ♥
Heartscoffee: awww go mandy!
♥ cheech99 hugs La'Mawnsta ♥
Owned: go Maw
♥ Eice hugs MaW :D
? C-Rex hugs ?
♥ Beetroot kicks maw ♥
? Drifter hugs Mandy ?
♥ C-Rex hugs Mandy ♥
Lantern: !
Odelay: Yea MaW!!
Lantern: bad beet
n00less cluebie: LOL
Beetroot: O.o
∞ Micella throws bricks at Beet! ∞
∞ Odelay claps ∞
Beetroot: º=º
▉ dustin: Finally...
∞ Drifter throws Beet out the door ∞
∞ Owned throws clowns at Beety! ∞
Eice: :o
∞ TazzyGirl makes a teddy bear huggin loli for maw ∞
Eice: :O
Lantern: last award?
∞ cheech99 watches Maw pick up the bricks... and HUG THEM ∞
Micella: lol Tazzy
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
TazzyGirl: :)
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Eice: :O
▉ dustin: the Banished Forever from Online Lux Award goes to General K !!!
Mach: EGAD
Owned: LOL
tech1: lol
Lantern: LOL
∞ TazzyGirl throws lolis at eice ∞
tech1: lolol
n00less cluebie: ROFL
Utan: lol
tech1: lol
tech1: olo
Micella: oh boooooooooooooooooo
tech1: lololo
Eice: x.x
tech1: lolo
Meron: omg
tech1: lolol
Lantern: K!
Drifter: I need a pet monkey to ride the pony
tech1: olo
tech1: lo
Nimrod7: lol
n00less cluebie: Para doesn't win that one????
tech1: ll
tech1: o
Odelay: wow
tech1: loool
Odelay: lol
Eice: oi
Tortoisestyle: phew
∞ Owned throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Naraku: Is general K really banned?
Meron: is there a medal for that?
Mach: That' award?
Heartscoffee: lol
▉ dustin: he keeps saying i abuse my dictator powers, so I thought i might as well
Meron: or just a title?
Nimrod7: rofl
Naraku: YES!
Drifter: ROFL
Mach: o lol
▉ dustin: ;-)
Joshua of Beersheva: how long is he banned forever for?
Naraku: he's the worst player i've met on here
Utan: lol
Eice: darn
C-Rex: para and gk are the same person?
Drifter: til next week
Micella: lol
Naraku: whines about everything
Mach: Until dark matter liberates the universe.
Micella: that's a mighty long forever
cheech99: they are both aliases of Baden
Meron: for one mobth ever
Big Will E Style: woh
Lantern: K is a big teddybear
Mach: Er, destroys it.
n00less cluebie: Until Westy is kind and considerate?
Big Will E Style: tweakers and cheech
♥ TazzyGirl hugs tweakers ♥
Mach: Whatever.
∞ Utan wonders if GK is really Dustin ∞
Heartscoffee: hmmm
Tweakers: what going on in here?
Nimrod7: does tweakers wear sneakers?
▉ dustin: There was also a Lux Video contest as part of Luxtoberfest
▉ dustin: the video contest winner is Mark Bauer !!
▉ dustin:
tech1: they both should win
∞ Odelay starts the drum roll again ∞
cheech99: is there a runner up to the award taht GK just won?
▉ dustin: go watch that
Mach: LOL MB
C-Rex: hallelujah, thaks all
Mach: GJ
Nimrod7: YAY MB!!!!
Drifter: shame the Luxshoppe is going at the speed of smell
Owned: go MB
C-Rex: *thanks
Odelay: Yea!!
Mach: Snail, Drift.
Odelay: when do we see that bab boy on TV?
Mach: Snail.
Odelay: bad*
n00less cluebie: What IS The Speed of Smell?
Drifter: Congrats MB on the video, you outta do it for a living
Joshua of Beersheva: holy shit that video is fucking amazing
Mach: Depends on particle size. ;p
Micella: I guess it depends on how fast you can sniff
Soundboy: YAY
Micella: puppy's probably got a lock on it
Joshua of Beersheva: that's like the best thing i've seen in a long time--WOW
Soundboy: turtle award
Soundboy: yay
Mach: What is the air-speed velocity of...oh, never mind.
Owned: Beety!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Soundboy: ty all
Nimrod7: congrats soundboy
Beetroot: what did i miss?
Naraku: nice comercial
Meron: wow !
∞ Micella still calls Soundboy! ∞
Meron: nice video!
Soundboy: CELLA
∞ Micella still calls Soundboy's shoes ∞
Joshua of Beersheva: nice commercial? amazing.. that's like pro-qulaity
Soundboy: hehe
Joshua of Beersheva: i'd asshat it just because its too good
▉ dustin: remember folks, there's still the Luxtoberfest Halloween Ball coming up this week...
Soundboy: Ω
Micella: wooo hoooooooooooooo turtles
Beetroot: WHAT DID I MISS?
▉ dustin: check the forums for details
∞ TazzyGirl hands out rum lolis ∞
Micella: yummy!
Marauder: Congrats all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
▉ dustin: congrats again to all winners and all luxers
n00less cluebie: MB continues to amaze
∞ Nimrod7 checks himself out in the mirror ∞
Owned: Ω
▉ dustin: you make me smile big =)
∞ Marauder does the robot as he backs out the door ∞
Meron: and all losers... :(
Drifter: I'll need internet out in the woods for the Halloween Ball
∞ TazzyGirl throws all her lolis at eice ∞
Big Will E Style: thanks Dustin!
Drifter: RS
Big Will E Style: yes cheech
∞ Eice throws peanuts at Tazzy ∞
∞ TazzyGirl pinches drifts butt ∞
▉ dustin: free aliases for all on halloween
Drifter: st00pid Ninny
Nimrod7: nicemessage
cheech99: yesssss
Micella: lol Nim!
Nimrod7: =)
Odelay: nice!
Soundboy: ooh
Soundboy: aliases
Nimrod7: WHY AM I NOT IN
Mach: Well, gratz, all.
Mach: xya
♪♫ n00less cluebie Sings praise for the Winners! ♪♫
Mach: Er, cya.
Meron: rs fh
Nimrod7: oobs
Beetroot: why didnt i win anything?!!?!?
Drifter: HA!
TazzyGirl: awwww
Owned: Micella!
Lantern: you won the award to clean up the room Beet
Nimrod7: st00pid mod power abuse
∞ Odelay skips around in the massive pile of peanuts ∞
Drifter: lmao
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Nimrod7: later kids
TazzyGirl: look at all those nuts and lolis
Nimrod7: thanks for the love
▉ dustin: Thanks for coming to the 2008 Lux Awards everyone
Heartscoffee: ???
Drifter: CONGRATS Beet! No get to cleaning peanuts
∞ n00less cluebie contemplates the physical impossibility of Beet's suggestion ∞
♥ TazzyGirl hugs the room ♥
Odelay: Ty Dustin! Good Times!
∞ cheech99's super secret alias is still awaiting his award ∞
▉ dustin: Good Times!
Drifter: TY Dustin, as always
Lantern: ty dustin
TazzyGirl: ty dustin
∞ n00less cluebie gives Cheech the Award for MOST INCOGNITO ALIAS ∞
n00less cluebie: JUST IN TIME PACKMAN!
cheech99's super secret alias: what alias?
Lantern: well look what the cat dragged in
Drifter: Nice timing Packman
∞ Beetroot shoves peanuts down eices throat ∞
n00less cluebie: We're about to get started
∞ Naraku thanks Dustins for making a greatly entertaining game and lot's of fun to play! ∞
Packman: kids had a concert
Packman: just got home
Packman: hey hey hey boys and girls
n00less cluebie: You didn't miss much yet
Drifter: we just finished
TazzyGirl: hi pack
Packman: I was actually surprised to see the room still up
Drifter: Nimrod ran away with the awards
∞ Lantern throws peanuts at packman ∞
∞ Eice throws peanuts everywhere! ∞
Packman: who would vote for a nimrod anyway?
∞ TazzyGirl throws lolis at eice ∞
Owned: Ω
Drifter: ∞
▉ dustin: ∞
Lantern: §
Packman: ∞
Drifter: Owned, you need to get to sweepin up the peanuts
n00less cluebie: MY fiancee is calling
MBryoma: hi all
n00less cluebie: I'm outta here
n00less cluebie: Niters all!
Drifter: niters
TazzyGirl: ltr n00less
Lantern: bye all
Packman: later all
▉ dustin: bye all
Drifter: lets talk about him now that he left
TazzyGirl: bye lantern
Drifter: I hate goodbyes
∞ Drifter sniffs ∞

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Dangerous Beans
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Post by Dangerous Beans » Sun Oct 26, 2008 10:08 pm

/me farts

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Loves his dice!
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Post by Packman » Sun Oct 26, 2008 10:15 pm

Dangerous Beans wrote:/me farts

That's Trackers gig! Sheesh!

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Post by 3DA » Mon Oct 27, 2008 2:54 am


Congratulations to ALL the winners! I'm really proud and happy to be part of this community. Rock on, people. I wish I coulda been there. Thanks for all the well-wishes. and shouts out. You all rawk. :smt023

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Post by supergood » Mon Oct 27, 2008 2:59 am

I'm sorry I missed it too! This is a great place to have fun - thanks for the love.

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Post by mbauer » Mon Oct 27, 2008 2:01 pm

You guys kick ass! Thank you so much!

Sorry I missed all the fun.
Drifter: even that st00pid mbauer
∞ mbauer throws a rock at Drifter ∞

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Post by Llama LluxaLlot » Mon Oct 27, 2008 2:09 pm

Fun and Funny. I would have kept that Eice in line. I have my ways...