Lux 2.3 changelog

Game of universal domination. New dice available free upon request.
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Lux 2.3 changelog

Post by dustin » Tue Jul 08, 2003 5:03 pm

Version log

Lux 2.3 (July 8th, 2003)
- fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the game to be restarted when the desired number of players was changed
- made sure that as soon as the PlayerInfo window is opened it updates to the most recent data
- added sound effects
- players can no longer have duplicate or empty names
- got rid of the 'Host Game' window and integrated hosting into the 'New Game' window
- fixed a cocoa-bridge memory leak when retrieving the list of active network games
- added the option to force immediate card cashing whenever a player has 5 or more cards
- <a href="">Online Lux Wednesdays</a>

Lux 2.2 (June 12th, 2003)
- AIs can now play in network games at a selectable difficulty level.
- removed the restriction of starting a network game when only the host is present.
- added a server command to change the number of players.
- added a server command to end the game and return to strictly chat.
- the window position doesn't get reset when Play Next Map is clicked
- removed the 'Quit on main window close' preference
- the player info window no longer closes/reopens when a new game is started
- created a centralized Statistics object for each game that everyone uses. This should speed things up a little.
- added the option to show Poofs as well as explosions.
- fixed a bug where autoplay was sometimes set to true when Lux started
- changed the method of loading extra nibs for better stability under MacOS 10.1
- rankings are now saved after each game, so they will not be erased by a crash

Lux 2.11 (May 24th, 2003)
- fixed a spelling mistake (thanks to firthy)
- fixed a bug where late-joining guests would be stuck in initial army placement phase
- fixed a 'Replay Map' bug where cards weren't cleared
- fixed a 'Replay Map' bug where countries weren't all given one army (the black-hole bug)

Lux 2.1 (May 21, 2003)
- added a link to the user forums in the about box and the help menu (
- the server beeps whenever a client joins
- fixed the server bug so it now lists the correct IP address of connected clients
- the playerInfoWindow behaves nicely across next-game buttons and game-overs
- synchronized the action of printing stuff to the chat screen
- now sends the version number when checking for updates. this means the What's New string returned by the server can be version specific
- added the option to turn explosions off
- added the option to display the actual number of armies, instead of one less
- added options for when to show cards at the beginning of the user's turn
- changed the card-sequence pref item from radio buttons to a combobox
- checking the LuxTracker for active games to join is now done in a seperate thread
- the board-size is now changed correctly when using the '/start' command
- some network bug fixes
- 'give player to guest' now works

Lux 2.0 (May 20th, 2003)
- multiplayer support over a network with a built-in chat
- created a LuxTracker to advertise and join active games
- Explosions!!!
- mouse clicks will now interupt the game thread, instead of waiting for it to relalize it can continue.
- the player-info window has been redone and turned into a panel. It now has live-updating.
- moved board-change notifications into a centralized notifier object
- fixed a bug where the user's defence-dice value was being used for computer players
- the user is now not allowed to enter the fortify phase or end their turn while looking at their cards
- the board files are now stored in the Application Support folder, rather than inside the app bundle.
- changed the key-command for Preferences to apple-,
- card preferences now only take effect for the next game
- it's now impossible to exit the cards screen when you have 5 or more cards
- upped the shareware game limit to 30
- added conformation sheets when closing a game or network

Lux 1.3 (January 25th, 2002)
- added support for user supplied AIs
- added themes
- added the option to not transfer cards to the conquering player
- added a record book
- at the beginning of a human's turn their name is now shown
- tightened up the exception handling around calls into agents
- reorganized some menu items

Lux 1.2 (December 26th, 2002)
- auto-select cards now chooses the best card set possible
- only auto-select cards during cardsPhase
- made command the mod key to place 5 armies
- made option the mod key to place 10 armies
- made command the mod key to toggle attack till death
- really fixed the lots of cards with a wildcard crash
- stopped the next map button from reverting to an earlier window position
- better picture positioning
- the shareware count is now immune to force-quits
- non-modified button key equivalents now work even when the button is the default
- HTML-ified the release notes
- changed the 'Hide Others' key shortcut to the standard one
- check for updates maximum once per week
- fixed the misplaced buttons bug
- fixed the turn-box drawing bug
- fixed the ultrafast logo bug
- sined the logo movement

Lux 1.1 (November 29th, 2002)
- added the 'Next Map' button for quickly ditching bad boards
- added non-modified key equivalents for all buttons ('c' for cards, etc)
- eliminated the card-screen crash bug (yay)
- fixed some bugs when using tokens for 50 or 100 armies
- eliminated a possible infinite loop when cashing cards
- eliminated some crashes caused when running Lux from a read-only volume
- killed the wacky all-one-unconnected-continent bug
- made the about box non-resizeable
- preferences are now saved before exiting when a fatal exception is caught
- improved wildcard placement
- eliminated a possible infinite loop when there is no good place to put a wildcard

Lux 1.0 (November 25th, 2002)
- The first release of Lux

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