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Game of universal domination. New dice available free upon request.
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Re: Quote of the week...

Post by Naraku » Thu Aug 09, 2018 2:35 am

Description: MOTM (map of the month) - rotating map for each week
So are you going to bring the MotW back? or just confused as to what you're doing with luxtopia? :lol:

Maybe with the MotW you'd get more than 2 games a week???

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Re: Quote of the week...

Post by landlord » Thu Oct 25, 2018 4:58 pm

█ Hugo: lol
█ RADAR: sy my english is bad
█ landlord: you both speak doitch lol
█ RADAR: yes
█ RADAR: but it isnt gentil to speak in german
█ landlord: why after 1945?
█ RADAR: lol
█ RADAR: :)
█ RADAR: good answer

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Re: Quote of the week...

Post by Stelee » Thu Nov 29, 2018 9:20 pm

▉ asdf: you know, mods is only one letter different than bots

(i has enouff fingers to count to two... still baffled...)

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Re: Quote of the week...

Post by Naraku » Fri Dec 07, 2018 9:27 am

█ Deep Blue: this was actual revenge
✱ BRAINDEAD has turned on guest only mode and is not available to play in games ✱
landlord: emotion in effect
█ Deep Blue: two games ago he did almost the same
dtopik87: Mr. M you need to get to work like me...
landlord: i play to win
█ king size: a mod should fly above emotions ;)
Q: fool no I didn't deep blue , but w/e
█ Deep Blue: i had 68 armeis and he killed for 25
█ MrMartini: thats why i guested out :)
Q: i killed for a double cash
dtopik87: same here... later all
✱ dtopik87 has exited ✱
█ Deep Blue: I got 6 but he lost ofcourse
Q: but why look @ facts when he lives on rage & revenge?
Q: good to know the mods can get away with griefing & targeting though
✱ jelly has joined with guest only status ✱
jelly: hi
█ Deep Blue: hi
✱ cheese-zits ran out of turn time! ✱
█ king size: lol yeah admitting it was revenge wasnt really smart
landlord: killing pink and blacvk was the right move
✱ upeng2005 was eliminated by cheese-zits in round 11 ✱
█ Deep Blue: it was a clean kill
█ king size: wrong move cheese
landlord: lol
✱ cheese-zits ran out of turn time! ✱
█ king size: guess where those 327 are going now
Q: he is probably still mad about dying first in dragon's bane the other day in the fh motm
█ Deep Blue: my god naraku
█ Deep Blue: you think I care to much
Q: lol
✱ MrMartini ran out of turn time! ✱
Q: you're the one griefing & targeting "revenge" mod
landlord: gg deep
█ Deep Blue: look up griefing please

Griefing - A griefer is a player who does things in a game to deliberately cause annoyance ("grief" in the sense of "giving someone grief") for their own enjoyment. Examples include half-killing on purpose, constant suicides, and targeting specific players. This is a bannable offense.

Targeting - When a player makes moves to ensure that another player loses, even if it means that the attacker will lose as well. An example is attacking a specific player every turn. This is also a form of griefing and will get you banned.

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Re: Quote of the week...

Post by Deep Blue » Fri Dec 07, 2018 9:34 am

I won that game idiot neither of those two decriptions implie

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Re: Quote of the week...

Post by RogueMonk » Fri Feb 15, 2019 8:32 pm

▉ RADAR: yes i play dumb
▉ RADAR: and thats the reason why i am seeded 10th


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