2012 LUX AWARDS :: Closing Ceremonies :: CHAT LOG

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2012 LUX AWARDS :: Closing Ceremonies :: CHAT LOG

Post by dustin » Sat Oct 27, 2012 4:51 pm

dustin: Thank you all for coming to the 2012 Lux Awards Ceremony!
∞ RogueMonk is still looking for the snack table. ∞
∞ AlphA_OmegA claps ∞
dustin: honoring the best and brightest over the past year
∞ TSK whistles ∞
∞ Casey Jones throws peanuts ∞
dustin: please help yourself to the snacks and champagne
dustin: I'm going to start this year with the Best Map Award
∞ Big WiIl E Style spikes the punch ∞
♪♫ Casey Jones feelin tha pagne ♪♫
TSK: Yum...
Professor Plum: ooo so you did bring the champagne
Big Will E Style: can we boot the duplicate?
∞ Sugarbutt munches on the snacks and drinks fruit punch instead of champagne ∞
Professor Plum: booo
Professor Plum: have the champagne sugar
Professor Plum: i can vouch for you
dustin: there were 34 new maps released into Luxtopia this year
∞ Sugarbutt will stick with fruit punch ∞
✱ Big WiIl E Style has exited ✱
dustin: not record breaking, but still a good bunch!
Sugarbutt: General K's racing maps were the best!
GFips: oh TSK - sorry i thought i should vote taxidriver for all categories ...
✱ Professor Pluot has joined ✱
TSK: hehe
Casey Jones: lol
Sugarbutt: wow
Sugarbutt: haha
dustin: honorable mention for best map of 2012 goes to The Civilizations by FleshEaterUK
dustin: honorable mention for best map of 2012 goes to Middle East III - Iran by FleshEaterUK
∞ TSK claps ∞
Sugarbutt: lol general k didn't win awe
✱ n00less cluebie has joined with guest only status ✱
Big Will E Style: hey N00
∞ Professor Plum golf claps ∞
dustin: honorable mention for best map of 2012 goes to Reality TV by MillTycoon
n00less cluebie: Hola! Did I miss anything?
jesterme: cl00bie
Professor Plum: wooh millty
Professor Pluot: cl00bie
∞ Sugarbutt golf claps ∞
dustin: welcome n00less cluebie
n00less cluebie: GOOD ANSWER!!! GOOD ANSWER!!!!!
TSK: W00t, Millty!
Milltycoon: thanks
Fast Cache: nice
∞ n00less cluebie wonders if dustin's map problems got fixed by updating his java ∞
dustin: 3rd Place Best Map of 2012 goes to ... Middle East Series I - Mediterranean by FleshEaterUK
jesterme: good map Millty!
∞ Professor Plum claps ∞
✱ animechess has joined with guest only status ✱
Rhye: Updating java fixes everything, pfft
∞ Professor Pluot claps louder ∞
jesterme: fun for survivor for sure!
dustin: great batch of submissions from FleshEaterUK !!!
∞ Casey Jones eats Professor Pluot ∞
TSK: So, who IS Flesheater UK?
TSK: And thanks for the maps!
Sugarbutt: congratz UKeatingFlesshes
jesterme: sounds like a brittish disease
Rhye: Mmm, aren't all Brits the same?
Professor Plum: lol
Sugarbutt: zombieidis?
n00less cluebie: kudos to flesheater, whomever you are
dustin: 2nd Place Best Map of 2012 goes to ... San Francisco by Mark Bauer !
Casey Jones: ¥aaaaa¥
jesterme: congrats!!!
Rhye: Truck?
dustin: MB still has it!
Professor Plum: wooh!
∞ Professor Plum claps ∞
Professor Plum: fun map
n00less cluebie: nice job Truck!
Professor Plum: good theme too
Professor Plum: great theme actually
dustin: And the overall Best Map of 2012 Award goes to ...
dustin: Downtown Lux by Ryanoceros !!!!!
jesterme: congrats Ryan!
dustin: quite an innovative map design!
∞ Professor Plum hasn't played that one ∞
Milltycoon: Congrats
GFips: Congrats to everybody!
Sugarbutt: congratz!
∞ RogueMonk claps. ∞
Professor Plum: but congratulations!
∞ Casey Jones unleashes confetti ∞
TSK: Yay, Ryan!
✱ paul dh has joined ✱
∞ Sugarbutt hasnt played it either ∞
dustin: try it out if you haven't yet everyone
dustin: it's quite large, more of an offline map than an online one
∞ Professor Plum blows his load in excitement for the winners ∞
Rhye: Keep that away from your champagne
∞ jesterme puts on a pancho ∞
Professor Plum: always
Casey Jones: pancho?
Professor Plum: rain pancho
Sugarbutt: wow professor keep that to a minimum
Professor Plum: lol
∞ n00less cluebie throws penis everywhere.....hmmm....that's not QUITE right. . . . ∞
Professor Plum: hahaha
Big Will E Style: hoyl crap that map would take years!


dustin: and now we move over to the PEOPLE awards for 2012
✱ animechess has exited ✱
Professor Plum: i'm trying it out tonight
Casey Jones: wohooo
∞ paranoiarodeo assumes the map voters this year were suffering from acid flashbacks ∞
Professor Plum: woohoo people
Professor Plum: i love people!
jesterme: surprised no one twitched that map
dustin: recognizing the zany characters that make Luxtopia the place it is
∞ Rhye thought Lux had only 3 maps. ∞
∞ n00less cluebie loves People too....esp. with some fava beans and a nice Chianti ∞
Professor Pluot: wait there are other maps besides classic?
dustin: first up is the Best Host Award
dustin: who could it be???
dustin: lol
n00less cluebie: IGNO! IGNO!!!
TSK: Hmmm.
Sugarbutt: PARRAAAA
TSK: Such a puzzler
Sugarbutt: generalk?
Rhye: Baden, obviously
Sugarbutt: nope its TSK
∞ Professor Pluot voted ignominous ∞
dustin: honorable mention for Best Host goes to ... GFips !
TSK: ha!
Milltycoon: Hope KP gets a shout out here...
∞ n00less cluebie voted igno, entropist & para ∞
TSK: Yay, GFips!!!
Big Will E Style: does he even host?
Big Will E Style: ;-)
Sugarbutt: LOL nice
dustin: 3rd Place Best Host of 2012 Award goes to ... Baden !!
TSK: Cute, Will.
n00less cluebie: lol
∞ paranoiarodeo applauds for Baden ∞
jesterme: good job Baden!
TSK: 50% all the way, baby
∞ Sugarbutt will be applauding for para in a moment ∞
TSK: Congratulations!
∞ Sugarbutt claps for baden ∞
paranoiarodeo: Is there any other setting for Classic ... ?
Rhye: At least he did host, unlike GFips.
∞ Professor Pluot takes australia ∞
Big Will E Style: oh great
Milltycoon: why is Baden's award shaped like Australia?
dustin: 2nd Place Best Host of 2012 Award goes to ... mentor09 / ManicMonday !!
Big Will E Style: now we have to hear about his wonderful award for 2012
Big Will E Style: for the next 10 years
Sugarbutt: omg monkeypox get your own name
Milltycoon: why is Baden's award shaped like Australia?
Professor Plum: woo way to go mentor!
✱ AlphA_OmegA has exited ✱
∞ Professor Plum whistles ∞
Sugarbutt: WAIT where are you seeing these awards?
∞ paranoiarodeo applauds for mentor ∞
Sugarbutt: how do I see them
n00less cluebie: Don't forget Will, Baden won Honorable Mention for Best Forum Influence in 1978!!!
Big Will E Style: lol
dustin: and the Top Best Host Award of 2012 goes to ...
Milltycoon: no, sugar--they aren't visible yet.
dustin: ...
✱ Professor Pluot has exited ✱
Sugarbutt: oh hehe
dustin: ..........
∞ Professor Plum drumroles ∞
TSK: The suspense!
jesterme: drumroll
dustin: .......................................
✱ Sugarbot (AI) has joined ✱
Professor Plum: roles
n00less cluebie: IGNO!!!
Professor Plum: lol
dustin: paranoiarodeo !!!!
Big Will E Style: who?
Professor Plum: WOOOO!!!
Sugarbutt: PARA1!!!! wooooh!
Professor Plum: i know it!!!
∞ jesterme tips the hat ∞
n00less cluebie: booo....IGNO GOT ROBBED!!!!
Milltycoon: Congratulations, Para
∞ Rhye watches mindbombs go off in the distance ∞
∞ Sugarbutt strips and gives a show for para ∞
TSK: Oh, him again. :P
dustin: and his alter-egos igno and lobotomist !
∞ Big Will E Style slow claps as para walks up to the stage ∞
Milltycoon: not Entropist?
∞ paranoiarodeo throws around a few handfuls of pistachios ∞
✱ paul dh has exited ✱
TSK: Congratulations, lovely host!
Big Will E Style: Entropist is a n00b
Professor Plum: haha
paranoiarodeo: Oh thank you thank you ...
∞ Professor Plum throws roses at para's feet ∞
✱ PJB has joined with guest only status ✱
∞ Sugarbutt proposes to Para ∞
paranoiarodeo: I cracked 250k games hosted a few weeks ago ...
PJB: hi
Professor Plum: !!!
Professor Plum: congratulations!
Sugarbutt: wow!
∞ mud claps ∞
Casey Jones: thats so... magical
paranoiarodeo: I think I'll keep the winner picks command alive going forward too ...
KingofKong: Later all Happy Luxtober!
∞ n00less cluebie puts a post up for para (and one for Baden too of course!) ∞
TSK: Bye,King
n00less cluebie: Bye King
Professor Plum: wow can we get a less muddy room for this award ceremony? my suit is getting dirty....
paranoiarodeo: So you strange non-Biodeux folks will have some choices ...
Professor Plum: awesome
paranoiarodeo: And that's all I'm gonna say about that ...
Sugarbutt: woooh
jesterme: winner picks!
∞ paranoiarodeo sits back down ∞
n00less cluebie: wwww.icanhazblobbz24-7.com
∞ Sugarbutt #map1 ∞
✱ KingofKong has exited ✱
Rhye: We prefer "queer"
dustin: many thanks to para and the other hosts for the online rooms that enable online lux to shine!
✱ Sugarbot (AI) has exited ✱
✱ toadhill has joined with guest only status ✱
∞ n00less cluebie throw Pinot everywhere.....no....STILL not quite right ∞
♥♥♥ dustin loves you ♥♥♥
TSK: Absolutely... thanks to al the hosts!
TSK: *allllll
Sugarbutt: TYTYTYTYY
✱ toadhiIl has joined ✱
Professor Plum: not possible without you para
♪♫ Rhye Just another ManicMonday. ♪♫
∞ Professor Plum whistles ∞
✱ toadhiIl has turned on guest only mode and is not available to play in games ✱
toadhill: hey


dustin: next up is the Most Entertaining Player Award
toadhiIl: hey
Sugarbutt: oh definitely professor
Sugarbutt: haha
toadhill: who ripped off my name
Professor Plum: lol nah
dustin: honoring the lighter side of things
toadhiIl: damn wvil twin
Professor Plum: pickle!!!
Professor Plum: i want a pickled win!
TSK: weevil twins everywhere
✱ Big Will E Style has exited ✱
n00less cluebie: ick
dustin: as you can tell by the name of the company behind Lux, I think seriously is seriously over-rated
Sugarbutt: get rid of toadhiIl its an imposter
dustin: ;-)
TSK: :)
Casey Jones: hyuk hyuk
✱ toadhiIl has exited ✱
∞ paranoiarodeo prefers nyuking ∞
Professor Plum: lol
Professor Plum: stupid bot
✱ froghiIl has joined ✱
dustin: honorable mention for Most Entertaining Player Award goes to ... General K !
Professor Plum: bots first....
Professor Plum: wooh GK!
∞ Professor Plum claps ∞
Sugarbutt: haha WOOOOOH CONGRATZ
n00less cluebie: KLOWN POWAH!!!!
♥♥♥ TSK General K!!! ♥♥♥
froghiIl: better
∞ Professor Plum salutes ∞
dustin: honorable mention for Most Entertaining Player Award goes to ... Schroberts !
∞ froghiIl claps for K ∞
Casey Jones: Ω!
jesterme: Schrobaire!
Rhye: 0mega?
n00less cluebie: SCHROBBY!!!!!
♥♥♥ TSK Schroberts, too! ♥♥♥
Casey Jones: scrobbery
Sugarbutt: SCHROBPIE! <3
∞ froghiIl claps for schrobert ∞
∞ paranoiarodeo thinks about all the broken shift keys that gave their lives for GK's award ∞
Fast Cache: schrotum!
n00less cluebie: FETCH ME.... A SCHROBBERY!!!!
Rhye: Shrubbery!
dustin: honorable mention for Most Entertaining Player Award goes to ... Baden !
TSK: lol
Sugarbutt: lol para
Casey Jones: lolwut
Casey Jones: baden?
TSK: I knew it!
jesterme: it is entertaining!
dustin: ironic or not, I counted your votes
♥♥♥ TSK Baden! ♥♥♥
dustin: :p
Professor Plum: lol
Casey Jones: yay baden!
froghiIl: "entertaining" in the loosest sence of the word
Sugarbutt: heh did baden ever play?
TSK: I am entertained.
paranoiarodeo: Did Baden ever not play ... ?
Sugarbutt: lol
n00less cluebie: Kudos Baden! He may be set in his ways, or annoying, but he IS entertaining!
Professor Plum: don't bash awards people
∞ Professor Plum claps ∞
dustin: 3rd Place Most Entertaining Award goes to ... Llux Llama !!!
dustin: yay llama!
Professor Plum: woo! llama!
jesterme: Llama, Llama, Duck!
∞ paranoiarodeo knocks over a houseplant in Llama's honor ∞
TSK: Woo and Hoo, Llama!!!!
Milltycoon: Nice job, Duck.
Rhye: Scam, he wasn't even here until a month ago. Darn that Kleef
∞ n00less cluebie dances in mint jelly ∞
Sugarbutt: haha n00lses you are a clown
froghiIl: accpeting the award on behalf of llux llama is the dalai llama
dustin: lol
dustin: 2nd Place Most Entertaining Award goes to ... n00less cluebie !!!!
n00less cluebie: Monkey, she prefers going by "Dolly"
✱ Schroberts has joined with guest only status ✱
froghiIl: oh right
Sugarbutt: WOooooh! N00less!!!!!!!!
TSK: n000000000000!
Rhye: Clown overload!
♥♥♥ Sugarbutt n00less cluebie ♥♥♥
dustin: congrats n00less!
Milltycoon: Schroberts just won an award and now SHE HAS ARRIVED
Rhye: (Not overlord, I hope)
jesterme: n00dless!
Professor Plum: whooo??? n00!!!!
dustin: welcome Schroberts!
∞ paranoiarodeo applauds for Cloobie ∞
Schroberts: heyyyyyyyyyyy
∞ n00less cluebie bows deeply ∞
✱ Engie has joined with guest only status ✱
∞ Rhye pushes cluebie over ∞
♥♥♥ Schroberts wubs everyone! ♥♥♥
dustin: Schroberts, you just got an honorable mention for Most Entertaining Player Award
dustin: congrats
Sugarbutt: Engie you missed the award you won for being first place host ;)
Schroberts: what?!?!
Engie: lol
Schroberts: THAT'S funny!
∞ froghiIl claps for shcrobert again since whe missed it the first time ∞
∞ n00less cluebie kicks Sugarbutt ∞
✱ froghiIl has exited ✱
Schroberts: :D
Sugarbutt: lol jk
✱ blooming lotus has joined ✱
Sugarbutt: Schroberts you won an awwward!
∞ Professor Plum claps and whistles for schro ∞
dustin: and the Winner of the Most Entertaining Player Award for 2012 is ... TSK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
✱ The Schrobert Report has joined ✱
Professor Plum: TSK!!!!!
n00less cluebie: TSK!!!!!
blooming lotus: can i play next game
Professor Plum: woah
Professor Plum: n00
Sugarbutt: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
∞ RogueMonk claps. ∞
Schroberts: YAY
Rhye: Teskay!
jesterme: Tisket Tasket!!!
dustin: congrats to The Silken Knot !
RogueMonk: Congrats to you all.
GFips: CONGRATS TSK'alring!
Professor Plum: n00 that was insane lol
♥♥♥ dustin TSK ♥♥♥
∞ n00less cluebie pours TIKI drinks for ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ∞
✱ Big Will E Style has joined with guest only status ✱
The Schrobert Report: YAY silky
♥♥♥ Sugarbutt Congratulates the beautiful Flower of Lux ♥♥♥
TSK: Well, I guess the way I play is pretty entertaining.
♥♥♥ Professor Plum pretzel ♥♥♥
Milltycoon: Congratulations, The!
✱ toadhill has exited ✱
n00less cluebie: Wait....what? Black Pope is here, Sugarbutt?!?!
TSK: If you're feeling charitable.
Sugarbutt: lol n00less TSK is the beatufiul flower
TSK: Thank you, all.
∞ paranoiarodeo hands TSK a tiki drink of unknown origin for the occasion ∞
The Schrobert Report: pretty pretty flower
dustin: thanks to all the entertainers for keeping it fun out there!
Schroberts: The Schrobert Report???
✱ blooming lotus has exited ✱
dustin: they are on to you
TSK: And I can take the pretty pretty Flower if need be.
TSK: ;-)
∞ Rhye throws out that newspaper ∞
Sugarbutt: LOL schro its monkeypox hes been impostering everyone
n00less cluebie: lol
The Schrobert Report: its pronounced shrobaire
Big Will E Style: lol


dustin: next up is the Most Sportsmanlike Player Awards
Schroberts: ;p
Casey Jones: big chillie style
∞ Big Will E Style crosses his fingers ∞
Sugarbutt: definitely sociald
∞ n00less cluebie votes for the Evil twins ∞
Schroberts: lulz
Casey Jones: Meat Bat
dustin: huge props to everyone who keeps it friendly out there on the battlefield
The Schrobert Report: first prizes is 30 minutes with the 70's porn chest
Big Will E Style: you're welcome
Sugarbutt: ewww thats gross the report
Casey Jones: thats history
Big Will E Style: lots of bush
TSK: C;ever you.
∞ paranoiarodeo thinks 2013 might be a good year for beating people until they're more sportsmanlike ∞
dustin: honorable mention for Most Sportsmanlike Player Award goes to ... imapickle !!!
∞ n00less cluebie fetches para's "Schoolin' Mug" ∞
Rhye: What is that exactly? Is it a collection, or just an ex-pornstar's torso?
Sugarbutt: nicE!
TSK: O Pickly One!
✱ Owner38 has joined with guest only status ✱
TSK: yayayay!
paranoiarodeo: Ah yes mister pickle is a nice fellow ...
Casey Jones: lol chest
Milltycoon: by "beating people," do you mean defeating them at Lux, or do you mean physically punching them?
n00less cluebie: Go Pickley!
✱ blooming lotus has joined ✱
dustin: honorable mention for Most Sportsmanlike Player Award goes to ... Schroberts !!!
Casey Jones: kazooo!
✱ Behemoth has joined with guest only status ✱
Big Will E Style: Schrob!
n00less cluebie: Schroby!!!
∞ The Schrobert Report claps ∞
Rhye: Schroberts? Queen of Honor(able mentions)
Milltycoon: congrats, Schrob.
TSK: Woot, Schrobaire!!!!
∞ Schroberts curtsies ∞
Sugarbutt: wooooh!
✱ blooming lotus has exited ✱
dustin: honorable mention for Most Sportsmanlike Player Award goes to ... glu !!!
TSK: glu.. !!
n00less cluebie: glu, wtg
Professor Plum: GLU!!!
jesterme: heeeeeyyyyyyyyyyy
Schroberts: that asshat??
∞ TSK throws pistachio shells everywhere! ∞
Schroberts: ;D
✱ The Schrobert Report has exited ✱
Rhye: Inglorious mention!
✱ gIu has joined ✱
dustin: 3rd Place Most Sportsmanlike Player Award goes to ... WhirlPlaid !!!!
∞ Professor Plum glues his hands together!!! ∞
Professor Plum: WP!!!
dustin: haha, welcome glu
♥♥♥ Schroberts whirrrrrly! ♥♥♥
jesterme: WP HOUSE
n00less cluebie: 3DA's EVIL TWIN FOR THE WIN!
jesterme: heeeeeyyyyyyyyyyy
TSK: Congrats to Whirls.
Professor Plum: great conduct WP
Professor Plum: !!
∞ gIu accepts the award on behalf of his evil twin ∞
dustin: glu, you just got an honorable mention for Most Sportsmanlike Player Award, congrats!
TSK: Such a sport...!
Big Will E Style: it's not really him Dustin
dustin: hmm, imposters?
∞ Professor Plum would clap but his hands are still glued together ∞
Big Will E Style: windows shows it's giu
∞ n00less cluebie facepalms that dustin can't tell imposters ∞
gIu: st00pid windows
Big Will E Style: heh
dustin: ...
gIu: lux was better when it was just mac players
✱ WhirlPlaid has joined with guest only status ✱
gIu: it was all down hill from tehre
Professor Plum: WP!
dustin: welcome WhirlPlaid
∞ paranoiarodeo wonders if there's a cure for monkeypox or if it's inevitably fatal ∞
♥♥♥ Schroberts whirrrrrly! ♥♥♥
Professor Plum: congratz WP!
jesterme: WP HOUSE
Rhye: Why does everyone show up one award late??
Milltycoon: Whirl just won an award and NOW ARRIVES!! This cannot be a coincidence.
WhirlPlaid: hiya magnificent peeps!
Big Will E Style: hey WP
Professor Plum: 3rd Place Most Sportsmanlike Player Award goes to ... WhirlPlaid !!!!
n00less cluebie: WP! Just got 3rd place sportsbra-like!!!
dustin: whirl, you just won a Most Sportsmanlike Player Award!
∞ Rhye fluffs Whirlplaid! ∞
Big Will E Style: congrats
dustin: congrats!
Professor Plum: nice WP
WhirlPlaid: stewpid responsibilities
Professor Plum: lolol
dustin: haha
Sugarbutt: monkeypox went insanse from too much stimilus sorry para
WhirlPlaid: how kind
∞ WhirlPlaid bows ∞
TSK: No curtsey?
dustin: 2nd Place Most Sportsmanlike Player Award goes to ... meron !!!
✱ gIu has exited ✱
Sugarbutt: woooh meron!
Professor Plum: MERON!
TSK: Saint Meron, please.
dustin: he wins this one every year
n00less cluebie: Kol HaKavod Meron!!!
Rhye: Oh, yes, my Lux Ultimate Ninja opponent
∞ paranoiarodeo hmms ∞
Rhye: Good times.
GFips: boring but well deserved meron!
TSK: Congratulations!
Professor Plum: as paul dh would say.... "right"
kaluh: lol
Professor Plum: lol
dustin: and the Winner of the 2012 Most Sportsmanlike Player Award is ... Mumps !!!!!!!!!!
Professor Plum: MUMPY!!!!
Rhye: Warmumps!
WhirlPlaid: mumpsy!
TSK: YES!!!!!!!!
Professor Plum: woo!
mud: yay
Schroberts: yay dropbear!!!!
RogueMonk: Congrats all!
Professor Plum: couldn't agree more
Milltycoon: Congrats, Mumps!
Schroberts: he got my vote :)
♥♥♥ TSK bears!!!! ♥♥♥
paranoiarodeo: Oh good for Mumps ...
GFips: congrats Mumps!!
RogueMonk: Nice!
TSK: W00t!!!
TSK: H00t!
♥♥♥ dustin loves all the godd sports in Luxtopia ♥♥♥
dustin: haha
Rhye: God sports?
dustin: *good
n00less cluebie: Apparently it's short for "Can't Play without bein' all sportsbra-like, Mumps"
∞ Rhye fluffs theology ∞
mud: good old infectious parotitis
TSK: They're my favorite, too dustin.
TSK: :)
Professor Plum: damn did i mis the God sports tourney?
♥♥♥ Schroberts wubs good sports ♥♥♥
∞ Rhye consoles Plum ∞
Professor Plum: :(
Sugarbutt: you wouldn't have qualified Professor
Professor Plum: lol
✱ Lockshores has joined with guest only status ✱
∞ n00less cluebie heard Schob likes watersports too. . . . ∞
Sugarbutt: :D
Professor Plum: yeah right
TSK: lhehe
Sugarbutt: haha
Professor Plum: have you seen how i hurdle and swim?
Schroberts: shhhhhh
Schroberts: ;p
TSK: At the same time?
Professor Plum: yes
Rhye: (Schrob, it's no secret)
Sugarbutt: you swim likea god but your looks are average human
Casey Jones: plumm is a sper,
Casey Jones: m
Sugarbutt: hence no admission
Professor Plum: casey
RogueMonk: Man--bio dudes are odd.
Professor Plum: we all were at one time
Professor Plum: ;)
RogueMonk: They'd rather asshat each other than join this nice party.
Professor Plum: not really
Professor Plum: but
Professor Plum: sorta
Professor Plum: lol
✱ Lockshores has exited ✱
Rhye: Yeah, but only one of us is NOW.
Professor Plum: :)


dustin: next up is the Rookie of the Year Award!
Sugarbutt: LOL classic ftw!
∞ Professor Plum wiggles around ∞
Professor Plum: mami
Professor Plum: i bet mami
Sugarbutt: goooo Symbiosis!
∞ n00less cluebie keeps his fingers crossed ∞
dustin: honoring the best newbs to join us this year
Rhye: Clowns just undergo binary fission I think.
∞ n00less cluebie is n00b of the year EVERY year ∞
mud: yer all newbies
WhirlPlaid: according to Atom we are all nebs
TSK: nebbishy nebs?
Professor Plum: lol
dustin: honorable mention for ROY goes to ... bichon30 (who just missed the rookie cutoff, but still got votes!)
WhirlPlaid: newbs*?
∞ Professor Plum claps ∞
Schroberts: lol
Schroberts: yay bichon!
Professor Plum: lol
Professor Plum: woot
TSK: bichon!!!
n00less cluebie: Bitch-On! My bro!
Rhye: 'ohray
Professor Plum: lol
dustin: honorable mention for ROY goes to ... AJ1 !!!
Rhye: Bitch-on, Bitch-off
Professor Plum: bitchon award
Schroberts: .
✱ Schroberts has exited ✱
Professor Plum: big AJ1!
∞ Professor Plum claps ∞
∞ TSK congratses ∞
∞ n00less cluebie throws Pinays everywhere....Damn, I STILL don't have it QUITE right ∞
dustin: 3rd Place Rookie of the Year 2012 goes to ... Mike54 !!!
Professor Plum: lol all numbers
Professor Plum: lol
WhirlPlaid: solid
Rhye: Pinwheels, that's what you mean cl00bie
Professor Plum: right
∞ Professor Plum claps ∞
✱ Fast Cache has exited ✱
✱ Fast Cache has joined with guest only status ✱
Rhye: Numbers are the sure sign of a noob, are they not?
dustin: 2nd Place Rookie of the Year 2012 goes to ... Coriander !!!
Sugarbutt: not sure who either of them are bt congratz!
mud: almost as good as cumin
RogueMonk: lol
n00less cluebie: Heh, Can we give moli ROY then, Rhye?
RogueMonk: sugarbutt - same
✱ Fellwurst has joined ✱
dustin: The 2012 Rookie of the Year Award Winner is ... the_mami !!
Big Will E Style: yeah who are these people
∞ Rhye ponders this. ∞
WhirlPlaid: mami!
Professor Plum: i bet n00 gets 1st place ROY
Professor Plum: i knw it
RogueMonk: nice for mami
✱ Schroberts has joined with guest only status ✱
Professor Plum: mami!
Sugarbutt: LOL professor called it
♥♥♥ TSK Rookies! Congrats all! ♥♥♥
jesterme: congrats mami!!!
∞ n00less cluebie remembers when BWES was ROY ∞
∞ Professor Plum is smart ∞
∞ paranoiarodeo applauds for the_mami ∞
dustin: welcome to all the 2012 rookies!
Big Will E Style: 2007
kaluh: well done the mami
✱ Fellwurst has exited ✱
∞ Professor Plum claps ∞
n00less cluebie: WTG MAMI!!!
✱ Fellwurst has joined ✱
Schroberts: did mami win gold??
Sugarbutt: yes
Professor Plum: yes
Big Will E Style: yes
TSK: Hurrah, the_mami!
WhirlPlaid: mami is solid and kind... my type of player!
Professor Plum: yes
✱ Fast Cache has exited ✱
Professor Plum: mami is awesome
Sugarbutt: platiumumumumummmniactually
Schroberts: yay mami!
WhirlPlaid: w00t!
∞ GFips (habe also just missed the cut) congrats the rookies! ∞
Schroberts: she's good stuff.
WhirlPlaid: yuppers
paranoiarodeo: A recent recruit for the Ferocious Hamsters too ...
♪♫ Rhye That's why the_mami is a tramp... ♪♫
Professor Plum: nice
Professor Plum: can't wait to see mami in survivor
Fellwurst: what is that
✱ gypsymystyc has exited ✱
n00less cluebie: How come only para and I are logged onto the Forums btw???
∞ Sugarbutt wishes Engie would have recruited paranoiarodeo for the asshats team* ∞


dustin: Next comes the Best Forum Influence Award
Casey Jones: cause you care the most?
∞ Schroberts iz in class ∞
Big Will E Style: aka the Mods?
Sugarbutt: TSK WINS!!!!!
dustin: recognizing the other online-world of Luxtopia
Professor Plum: TSK!!!
Rhye: Yeah, sugar, at least then we wouldn't be getting dqed all the time.
n00less cluebie: Schroberts is like School in the Summertime...NO CLASS!
TSK: Isn't that their job?
RogueMonk: There are still forums?
RogueMonk: lol
TSK: Lazy lot)
♥♥♥ Professor Plum pretzel ♥♥♥
∞ n00less cluebie pokes Rogue ∞
Sugarbutt: lol what rhye? whos team are you on
∞ RogueMonk ouches. ∞
dustin: Honorable mention for Best Forum Influence goes to ... jesterme !!
✱ Fellwurst has exited ✱
Rhye: Engie's as of yesterday that is
n00less cluebie: Low Blow, jjazz, LOW BLOW
dustin: congrats jester
WhirlPlaid: JES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sugarbutt: oh awesome!!!! ahaha
mud: yay jesterme
Schroberts: w00t jestah!
Professor Plum: nice jester!
TSK: Woot, jesterme! RMPNZ Foreva!
n00less cluebie: jester!!! He's FAMOUS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sugarbutt: what do you mean n00less how is thata lowblow
dustin: oh shoot, I screwed up, jester got 3rd place
✱ kaluh has exited ✱
n00less cluebie: He's on OUR team, and you pretend you didn't know that
WhirlPlaid: playing some shitty tunez ans and making people play rck scissor paper finger monkey mninja thing
Professor Plum: even better!!!
Sugarbutt: LOL
jesterme: yeah!
Professor Plum: way to go jester!
Professor Plum: lol
TSK: Better!!!
n00less cluebie: jesterme is even MORE Famous.....He's INfamous
Sugarbutt: how would i know that n00lesss? I don't pay attention to these things
dustin: let's back up
TSK: Let's.
✱ oliverzilla has joined with guest only status ✱
∞ Sugarbutt rewinds the awards ceremony for dustin ∞
n00less cluebie: Shut up ya asshat!
dustin: Honorable mention for Best Forum Influence goes to ... Drifter !!
∞ mud throws pickles at dustin ∞
TSK: (Ho zilla)
GFips: Para can cut that out ...
n00less cluebie: Drifter!!!!
oliverzilla: hey TSK
∞ Rhye hires Drifter and his shotgun ∞
∞ Schroberts uses her honorary cattle prod on drifter ∞
dustin: Honorable mention for Best Forum Influence goes to ... paranoiarodeo !!
TSK: Yay! My favorite curmudgeon...
mud: drifter and his pink pony
Rhye: TSK: Yay! My favorite curmudgeon...
Rhye: =)
n00less cluebie: paranormal radio!!!!
✱ Shock has joined with guest only status ✱
Sugarbutt: LOL i knew para was going to win TSK toooo
∞ Schroberts hugs para! ∞
TSK: BOTH of my favorite curmudgeons...
∞ paranoiarodeo crushed a PBR in brother Drifter's honor ∞
dustin: Honorable mention for Best Forum Influence goes to ... n00less cluebie !!
∞ Shock sneaks in ∞
n00less cluebie: lol
✱ oliverzilla has exited ✱
n00less cluebie: Shockey!!!
jesterme: congrats n00dles!
TSK: n00!
mud: YAY n00less
♥♥♥ Schroberts n00lessssssss ♥♥♥
✱ PJB has exited ✱
Milltycoon: congtaluations, Nooless.
∞ Big Will E Style wanted n00 to win ∞
TSK: Hi Shocky :)
WhirlPlaid: para and noodles should dance together
Big Will E Style: but forgot to vote
∞ n00less cluebie ALWAYS Forums under the influence ∞
∞ mud agrees with Big Will ∞
Schroberts: lol@whirly
dustin: 3rd Place Best Forum Influence goes to ... jesterme !!
Casey Jones: ?
jesterme: oooh, an upgrade!
jesterme: :)
Rhye: Didn't see that coming
∞ mud voted ∞
Milltycoon: congratulations, Jesterme
n00less cluebie: thx for the vote in Spirit, BWES
TSK: Predictable.
dustin: 2nd Place Best Forum Influence goes to ... Llux Llama !!
Rhye: Baden's first won't be.
∞ paranoiarodeo wonders if jesterme gets a toaster to ease his earlier heartbreak ∞
Schroberts: yay!!!
n00less cluebie: LL!!!! FTW!!!!
WhirlPlaid: LL LL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Professor Plum: llamy!
TSK: Lllamamamamama!!!!!
♥♥♥ Schroberts LLLLLAAAAAMAAAAA ♥♥♥
Big Will E Style: congrats llama
∞ Rhye Kleefs on Llama ∞
dustin: and the 2012 Best Forum Influence Winner is ... TSK !!!!
dustin: yay!
WhirlPlaid: TSK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TSK: Thank you!
mud: well duh
Big Will E Style: congrats
dustin: they make a good team, eh?
RogueMonk: Congrats all.
jesterme: Congrats!
TSK: Does this mean I blather too much?
♥♥♥ n00less cluebie WTG WEDNESDAY!!!! ♥♥♥
Rhye: I think so.
Schroberts: TSK! TSk! TSK!
GFips: Congrats !!!
TSK: (Don't answer, please)
mud: SPEECH!!!!
Rhye: Oops
n00less cluebie: TSK, take it from me, MORE BLATHERING
∞ Rhye looks 'round ∞
♥♥♥ dustin loves TSK ♥♥♥
∞ Schroberts shakes up martinis for the winners!! ∞
Casey Jones: more blubbering
♥♥♥ dustin loves Llamas ♥♥♥
♥♥♥ dustin loves jesters ♥♥♥
♥♥♥ TSK Lux ♥♥♥
TSK: !!
♥♥♥ dustin loves you all ♥♥♥
♥♥♥ jesterme loves everyone ♥♥♥
Rhye: Don't say that TSK. You know 'Lux' is Dustin's girlfriend
♥♥♥ dustin can feel the love ♥♥♥
dustin: Lux gets around ;-)
∞ WhirlPlaid feels up dustin ∞
♪♫ Big Will E Style lion king ♪♫
n00less cluebie: ummmm, there are a FEW things wrong with that statement, Rhye....
GFips: ♥♥♥ dustin loves you all ♥♥♥ -> we have paid for the game, he had to say that ;-)
♥♥♥ Sugarbutt LOVES TSK ♥♥♥
Sugarbutt: hahaha gfips
Rhye: Let me count the ways...
Casey Jones: dustbin loves money!
Casey Jones: cause we all paid so much for this game!
Big Will E Style: dustbin is full of dust!
♥♥♥ TSK even loves snarky Casey Jones! ♥♥♥
Sugarbutt: well after people pay for the game does he make money?
Rhye: Who says Lux can't be a lesbian?
TSK: Not me.


dustin: now we come to the Hall of Fame Inductions / Lifetime Achievement Awards
Big Will E Style: the government
Schroberts: lux is bi curious
Rhye: XD
Sugarbutt: LOL schro
Milltycoon: Not me. I'm not saying that, Rhye. Not me
WhirlPlaid: BEST ~$20.00 I HAVE EVER SPENT!
Schroberts: ^^
GFips: so true whirl!
dustin: honoring Luxers who have added to the community over the long-haul
Sugarbutt: how many luxers are in existence?
TSK: Shh. Respect.
RogueMonk: None of them exist. They are all in your mind. This is really a dream.
Casey Jones: R-E-S-P-E-C-T
dustin: 2012 features 4 hall of fame inductions
Casey Jones: R-E-E-S-P-E-K
mud: RAWspect
Rhye: ^
dustin: Please welcome to the Lux Hall of Fame: Baden
∞ paranoiarodeo woohoos ∞
∞ Rhye grabs Oz ASAP ∞
Sugarbutt: are there 100 luxers?
Schroberts: :o
WhirlPlaid: the ultimate curmudgeon!
Sugarbutt: 1000*
Milltycoon: Congratulations, Baden!!!
∞ Casey Jones spits his drink in paras face ∞
∞ TSK's eyes go wide ∞
GFips: BADEN! Congrats!
dustin: One of the earliest players still active in the online games. Over 20,000 online games played!
dustin: An extremely entertaining, if somewhat curmudgeonly player!
n00less cluebie: LOL, WTG Baden, Clearly an institution
Sugarbutt: Congratz baden!!!!!
Casey Jones: yay baeden!
WhirlPlaid: BADEN!
jesterme: Congrats Baden!
TSK: BADEN! Huge Congratulations!!!!!!!
Professor Plum: wooh nice baden
paranoiarodeo: The man the myth the legend that is Baden ...
Professor Plum: haha
Schroberts: watch out oz!
Sugarbutt: haha
WhirlPlaid: the one and only.
Rhye: You never leave a conversation with Baden without an eyebrow raised, that's for sure
Big Will E Style: wow
dustin: Please welcome to the Lux Hall of Fame: General K
WhirlPlaid: GK!
Schroberts: yay!!
Sugarbutt: woooh@ GIK
n00less cluebie: KLOWN POWAH!!!!!!!!!!!!
♥♥♥ TSK GK! ♥♥♥
mud: yay
Professor Plum: NICE GK!!!
♥♥♥ Schroberts GK!!! ♥♥♥
∞ mud voted for K ∞
∞ Professor Plum claps ∞
dustin: An incredibly skillfull player, albeit controversial character, longtime first seed ...
dustin: 19 first place weekly medals, and a map maker to boot!
WhirlPlaid: dude slayed in Luxtober medals
∞ Rhye cowers at the power of the clowners ∞
Schroberts: got my vote
Milltycoon: Congratluations, General K
GFips: Congrats!
Big Will E Style: double wow!
paranoiarodeo: More than nineteen if you include Josef ... !
Rhye: Let 2012 be remembered as the year of controversial all-stars
n00less cluebie: Do we count Elka?
Schroberts: heh
dustin: Please welcome to the Lux Hall of Fame: Big Will E Style
∞ mud claps ∞
GFips: BigWill!!!!!!!
Schroberts: willlllllllllllly!
∞ Rhye appaluds. ∞
∞ paranoiarodeo applauds Big Will E Style too ∞
n00less cluebie: BWES!!!! FROM ROY TO HOF in only 5 years!!!!
dustin: From his Rookie of the Year win in 2007 to the present, Big Will has been a well awarded player throughout his years.
dustin: 20 weekly first place medals, and over 2500 full-house online wins!
Professor Plum: WOOH!
Professor Plum: BWE!
dustin: congrats BWE
WhirlPlaid: BWE!
Milltycoon: Congratu-LUX-ions, BWES!
Rhye: The next one is surely Lobotomist.
Big Will E Style: wow thanks all!
TSK: Even if he killed me.
Big Will E Style: didn't expect that
TSK: ;-)
paranoiarodeo: Good to see some of the competitive players represented in the Hall of Fame this year ...
∞ Big Will E Style puts on his tuxedo ∞
TSK: Agreed.
RogueMonk: Congrats!
Milltycoon: The fourth inductee will be "Stooges"
∞ paranoiarodeo hehs ∞
Rhye: St00ges1-6
dustin: Please welcome to the Lux Hall of Fame: WhirlPlaid
Big Will E Style: Yeah!
Big Will E Style: WP!
mud: whirlybird
Schroberts: woooohooo!
RogueMonk: Congrats!
Rhye: Swirla-Whirl!
jesterme: WP HOUSE!
n00less cluebie: 3DA
GFips: Whirly!!!!
dustin: Recognized multiple times as a Most Sportsmanlike Player and Hosting member of the online community.
dustin: Whirl put in over a year on the mod squad and has been instrumental in building a positive community in his time here!
♥♥♥ Schroberts whirrrrrrly!!! ♥♥♥
TSK: woo and hoo!
Milltycoon: Congratu-LUX-ions, Whirl!!!!!!
n00less cluebie: 3DA's Evil Twin FTW!!!!
♥♥♥ TSK Mr. Plaid! ♥♥♥
WhirlPlaid: wow
✱ TCraig has joined ✱
∞ paranoiarodeo applauds for WhirlPlaid ∞
Casey Jones: hey tc
WhirlPlaid: color me shocked!
Schroberts: TC!
RogueMonk: Congrats to you all!
Schroberts: Ω
dustin: congratc to our 4 Hall of Fame Inductees
Casey Jones: Ω
∞ Rhye gives dustin a crayon ∞
∞ RogueMonk claps. ∞
dustin: ∞
TCraig: hey guys!
Milltycoon: Dustin, I have an announcement to make before we finish
WhirlPlaid: too kind
TCraig: i dont have a mouse but im hear for survivor!! :)
Milltycoon: hi, craig
TCraig: hey milty
∞ paranoiarodeo wonders why Milltycoon continues to insist upon interrupting dustin ∞
Big Will E Style: that's your announcement?


dustin: I have some "alternative" awards to give out before we close
Big Will E Style: Hi Craig?
Milltycoon: ok.
n00less cluebie: LUX CURMUDGEON!!!!!
Schroberts: yay for the alternative crowd!!!
∞ RogueMonk wonders who ate all the food. ∞
TCraig: rock out dustin!
Casey Jones: <-- me
Rhye: Most likely to return from a ban?
dustin: El Capitán Supremo Award goes to Milltycoon !
Casey Jones: lux blimp
TSK: And drank all the champagne.
RogueMonk: shh
Milltycoon: Wow. Thanks!!
jesterme: congrats Milltycoon!
jesterme: great job!
TSK: YAY, Millty! Well-deserved!
TCraig: congrats!!
Milltycoon: I feel honored
dustin: =)
Schroberts: my captain!!!
Schroberts: w00t!!
dustin: The Mafia Don Award goes to SunTzu!
WhirlPlaid: captain my captain!
TSK: YES!!!!
RogueMonk: :)
Milltycoon: Congrats, Suntzu.
jesterme: awesome Mafia this Luxtober!!!
TSK: My favorite!
∞ Schroberts kisses sun's ring ∞
∞ n00less cluebie hopes Sun dons something other than that BowTie ∞
TCraig: congrats suntzu
Rhye: Victorious luxers win first and then go to forums...
dustin: The Great 'n Dirty Award goes to mud!
TSK: hehehehe!
mud: heh
WhirlPlaid: i wouldn't know how good mafia was seeing that nudeless killed me on night one.
TCraig: woohoo mud!!
mud: st00pid mud
TSK: Congrats, mudd
Milltycoon: Not sure I utterly understand this award, but Congrats, Mud!!!!
∞ Rhye pats the HOFer on the back ∞
∞ n00less cluebie tips his hat to Whirlybird ∞
dustin: The Not as Rogue-like as you Might Think Award goes to RogueMonk!
WhirlPlaid: yo monk!
Rhye: Wuuuhhh?
jesterme: Monk!
RogueMonk: lol
TCraig: lol
n00less cluebie: LUX CURMUDGEON!!!!!
TSK: Nor as monk-like?
Milltycoon: That's true--he is less rogue-like than I would have thought! Congrats, RM
RogueMonk: shh
∞ mud's first lux name was rogue ∞
dustin: last, but certainly not least
dustin: The Internet Jocky Award goes to 3DA!
Rhye: Hawkings!
n00less cluebie: Jocky (?)
TSK: Yay!
jesterme: DDDA!
Milltycoon: Congratulations, DDDA
WhirlPlaid: treeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~!
♥♥♥ Schroberts 3deeeeeee!! ♥♥♥
mud: he like to ride a pony
dustin: congrats everyone!
Milltycoon: Disc Jockey
♥♥♥ TSK T'ree and his musics ♥♥♥
WhirlPlaid: spinning d noize
TCraig: yay! 3DA!!


✱ dustin was eliminated by dustin in round 1 ✱
✱ Player dustin has been promoted to the top of the player list ✱
✱ Autoplay game will start in 30 seconds - 5/22 players ✱
Sugarbutt: LOL
∞ n00less cluebie slides dustin an "e" ∞
✱ Autoplay game will start in 25 seconds - 5/22 players ✱
TSK: lol
Professor Plum: nice win
jesterme: diced would have been funnier!
✱ Autoplay game will start in 20 seconds - 5/22 players ✱
WhirlPlaid: gg
dustin: =)
Milltycoon: I have an announcement to make, Dustin
Professor Plum: gg
✱ Autoplay game will start in 15 seconds - 5/22 players ✱
Professor Plum: gla
TSK: Well done!
✱ Autoplay game will start in 10 seconds - 5/22 players ✱
Casey Jones: plum you and TC should try and get a survivor game going
Sugarbutt: wha is the announcment millty?
✱ n00less cluebie is no mere guest and is available to play in the next game ✱
✱ Autoplay game will start in 5 seconds - 6/22 players ✱
jesterme: congrats all!
Casey Jones: i have to jet
✱ Sugarbutt is no mere guest and is available to play in the next game ✱


✱ Loading the next game ✱
✱ Welcome to online Lux. Here's the list of chat commands you can use ✱
Card set values go up at 5, 5, 5... the next card set is worth 5. Game is in round 1, has been going on for 1 seconds.
Connected users - 7/22 players:
AWARDS CEREMONY (host - guest only)
dustin (host - player)
paranoiarodeo (guest only)
Professor Plum (guest only)
Sugarbutt (guest)
opti (guest)
jesterme (guest only)
Casey Jones (guest)
RogueMonk (guest only)
Rhye (guest only)
Milltycoon (guest only)
mud (guest)
TSK (guest only)
GFips (guest only)
n00less cluebie (guest)
Engie (guest only)
Big Will E Style (guest only)
Owner38 (guest only)
Behemoth (guest only)
WhirlPlaid (guest only)
Schroberts (guest only)
Shock (guest only)
TCraig (guest)
Game Description: ∞ 2012 LUX AWARDS CEREMONY ∞ Happy Luxtoberfest to All ∞


Milltycoon: Is it time, Dustin?
∞ mud cuts the mic on milty ∞
Professor Plum: i'll try tomake it happen
✱ Behemoth has exited ✱
✱ Owner38 has exited ✱
Casey Jones: he needs a game
Milltycoon: people are leaving
∞ Sugarbutt listens to millt ∞
dustin: feel free
Big Will E Style: just make it
Milltycoon: Laides and gentlemen:
Sugarbutt: gooooo
n00less cluebie: DOO EEET!
Casey Jones: beetroot
Milltycoon: 4 weeks from today, November 25th
RogueMonk: Congrats to all.
Sugarbutt: YES/
∞ mud throws peanuts ∞
mud: spit it out
Big Will E Style: lol
Milltycoon: Lux will turn TEN YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!
∞ n00less cluebie throws Penis everywhere!!!! ∞
WhirlPlaid: damn!
Schroberts: whaaaaa?!?!??!
Casey Jones: cool
RogueMonk: Nice.
Rhye: Dustin is dating a 10 year old?
Milltycoon: And I and General K are desigining a special 10th birthday map
Professor Plum: beet
mud: bag full of dicks joke
Professor Plum: is owner still on our team?
WhirlPlaid: sweet
∞ paranoiarodeo rolls his eyes ∞
Casey Jones: sup
dustin: cool
Milltycoon: and a forum thing which I'd like for everyone to participate in
Professor Plum: he's in rome right now
dustin: yep, 10 years is coming on fast
Casey Jones: 2. Beetroot 3. Dominator 4. TCraig 5. Matt_Leaf 6.Owner38 7Maw1028 8.opti 9. jgrnaut dollabillz 11. Schnazzle Professor Plum
dustin: how the time flies!
RogueMonk: Cool
RogueMonk: congrats
n00less cluebie: LUXVEMBER FTW!!!!
Milltycoon: Dustin, we'd like to have you as the guest of honor at our party in 4 weejs
Milltycoon: weeks
Professor Plum: okay
Sugarbutt: Professor won the veterans tourney Dustin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sugarbutt: lol
✱ mud has exited ✱
dustin: send me the invite
Casey Jones: bye all
dustin: sounds like a good time
jesterme: is it a roast?
Big Will E Style: yeahhh
Milltycoon: and we'd like for everyone to contribute. The Birthday is November 25th, 4 weeks from today!!!
Big Will E Style: let's do a roast
RogueMonk: gotta go.....thanks all...fun month
jesterme: ill bring the au jus
✱ Casey Jones has exited ✱
✱ RogueMonk has exited ✱
✱ Big Will E Style has exited ✱
Schroberts: gotta get back to paying attention in class
n00less cluebie: LOL
Schroberts: byeeeeee winners!
TSK: Nice thought, Millty!
WhirlPlaid: school!
✱ TCraig has exited ✱
♥♥♥ Schroberts wubs lux!! ♥♥♥
n00less cluebie: Don't FAIL OUT SCHROB!
WhirlPlaid: good work millty
✱ Schroberts has exited ✱
Milltycoon: no you don't, Schroberts
jesterme: cyall 2nite
Rhye: Who needs school when you have 10 year old lux to gawk at?
dustin: my birthday is Nov 19th as well
✱ jesterme has exited ✱
Milltycoon: Congrats for your HOF, Whirl
✱ SmotPoker has joined ✱
WhirlPlaid: crazy?!?
TSK: A banner week, then.
n00less cluebie: Hey Smot
✱ Shock has exited ✱
✱ maya37 has joined with guest only status ✱
✱ dollabillz has joined with guest only status ✱
Milltycoon: So, Dustin, can you come and play in 4 weeks?
Sugarbutt: btw how do Ifound when a motw is?
WhirlPlaid: still shocked
dollabillz: oh this shit is today?
dollabillz: i've never been to one of these thingies
n00less cluebie: Missed it all dolla
Sugarbutt: lol dolla you missed it
dollabillz: nooooooo
Milltycoon: You just missed it, Dolla.
dollabillz: okay bye
✱ dollabillz has exited ✱
Milltycoon: He still hasn't been to one
TSK: hehe
Sugarbutt: haha
dustin: big thanks to everyone for another lovely year in Luxtopia!
WhirlPlaid: fine with me
n00less cluebie: dustin, you captured all the text?
TSK: Congratulations, everyone!
WhirlPlaid: thanks for the games dustin
Sugarbutt: I did
WhirlPlaid: tons of fun!
GFips: Congrats everybody once more! Bye! See you all in November ...
✱ Milltycoon has exited ✱
WhirlPlaid: peace
dustin: the award winners and chatlog will be posted in the forums soon
SmotPoker: he always does and will post it on the forum :)
n00less cluebie: See you'all in LuxVember!!!!
Professor Plum: congratulations all!
Sugarbutt: whats Luxvember?
Rhye: Voxvember, you mean
✱ WhirlPlaid has exited ✱
✱ Professor Plum has exited ✱
✱ n00less cluebie has exited ✱
✱ GFips has exited ✱
Sugarbutt: hey TSK?
✱ SmotPoker has exited ✱
Sugarbutt: when does the week reset?
Sugarbutt: what tim est
TSK: In about two hours, JJ
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Post by dustin » Sun Oct 28, 2012 11:14 am

Hope to see you there in just under 4 hours...

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Post by plummy » Sun Oct 28, 2012 11:37 am

who's bringing the champagne?

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Post by dustin » Sun Oct 28, 2012 2:57 pm

Starting very soon, come join now peeps!

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Post by n00less cluebie » Sun Oct 28, 2012 4:06 pm


∞ n00less cluebie throws Penis everywhere....

hmmm....where's EICE when you really need him

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Post by Rhye » Sun Oct 28, 2012 4:09 pm

n00less cluebie wrote:CONGRATZ TO ALL THE WINNERZ!!!!!

∞ n00less cluebie throws Penis everywhere....

hmmm....where's EICE when you really need him
Need some EICE for your Penis?

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Lux Creator
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Post by dustin » Sun Oct 28, 2012 4:21 pm

the top post in this thread has been updated with the chatlog of the 2012 awards ceremony!


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Re: 2012 Lux Awards Ceremony Chatlog

Post by General K » Sun Oct 28, 2012 5:19 pm

dustin wrote:
dustin: honorable mention for Most Entertaining Player Award goes to ... General K !

dustin: Please welcome to the Lux Hall of Fame: General K

Thanks for all who voted for me, I am sorry I missed the party... I am on a trip and couldn't get a proper connection in time.

Cheers Luxtopia, it's a privilege spending online time with you guys.


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Post by THE J-Dude » Sun Oct 28, 2012 5:56 pm

∞ JUD.E congratulates the winners... ∞

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Post by imapickle » Sun Oct 28, 2012 6:16 pm

aww i missed the ceremony :-(. Sorry for not attending. it was only due to forgetfulness.

Congrats to the winners and to all who have participated and contributed to making luxtober and the whole of lux. both the games and forums, such fun.

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Post by glu » Sun Oct 28, 2012 10:27 pm

I missed the awards ceremony..F..I see that my brother was getting my prize..LOL.. I am very grateful for the mention..Thx..

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Post by Schroberts » Sun Oct 28, 2012 11:58 pm

I feel so "honor"able, thanks everyone! :curtsey

CONGRATS to all the winners!!! I'm happy that everyone I voted for was represented! :smt023

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Post by bichon30 » Tue Oct 30, 2012 2:59 pm

Congrats to the winners

I'm happy to be considered in the ROY group!!!

tx dustin and all the luxers

special applause for the Hall of Fame Inductions

change anything guys :wink:

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Post by Baden » Tue Oct 30, 2012 6:40 pm

Unfortunately I could not attend. I did not expect such a positive feedback and thank all who voted for me.

I will try to convince more players to play "classic". I don't host only the 50% version btw. and switch the setup frequently by request. However the 50% version is a nice challenge. If you don't want to risk your raw in an online game just try some games offline and you will surprised.

Perhaps I should open my mind more for other maps here and there. It was fun to play a few "Rome" games in the "Survivor" tourney with nice teammates.

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Post by The Silken Knot » Wed Oct 31, 2012 12:06 am

Congratulations, everyone!

My heartfelt thanks to dustin and paranoiarodeo for another fine year of Lux, and to all the hosts and players for a fantastic Luxtoberfest. You're the best.


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Post by Lupus ferox » Wed Oct 31, 2012 1:36 pm

Congrats to all, especially the mapmakers.

It seems I have to do better this year...

~Lupus wonders if that's possible ~

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Post by dollabillz » Wed Oct 31, 2012 3:56 pm

i'm pretty sure it's possible

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Lupus ferox
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Post by Lupus ferox » Wed Oct 31, 2012 3:59 pm

TY :cry:

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Post by dollabillz » Wed Oct 31, 2012 4:05 pm

i'm pretty sure that was not a compliment

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Post by Big Will E Style » Wed Oct 31, 2012 4:07 pm

Hence his sad face?

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Post by dollabillz » Wed Oct 31, 2012 4:08 pm


that didn't load!

snark retracted

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Post by n00less cluebie » Wed Oct 31, 2012 4:08 pm

/me appreciates Lupus's many contributions to Lux and Vox

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Post by The Silken Knot » Wed Oct 31, 2012 4:45 pm

I'm pretty sure dollabillz was just expressing his faith in your eternally-renewed powers of creativity, LF... in the only way he can.


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Post by luiz zenni » Wed Oct 31, 2012 5:19 pm

Congrats to the winners !! :beers "Parabéns a todos os vencedores !!"

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Post by Lupus ferox » Wed Oct 31, 2012 5:30 pm

The Silken Knot wrote:I'm pretty sure dollabillz was just expressing his faith in your eternally-renewed powers of creativity, LF... in the only way he can.

In his own special way. I hope he doesn't work as a coach/motivator....


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Post by The Silken Knot » Wed Oct 31, 2012 5:44 pm

∞ TSK chuckles, and agrees with LF. ∞

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Post by Meron » Thu Nov 01, 2012 5:43 pm

Thanks for voting me among the sportsmanlike players.

I feel very humbled.

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Post by The Silken Knot » Thu Nov 01, 2012 5:48 pm

and very sportsmanlike.

/hme hugs meron!

:smt055 :smt055 :smt055

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Post by GFips » Thu Nov 01, 2012 6:22 pm

Meron wrote:Thanks for voting me among the sportsmanlike players.

I feel very humbled.
Congratulation Meron (as all the others!).

It's getting boring as you keep being that gentleman for several years now, but yes, you are one of the rare sporstmen in Lux! Keep on (i want to vote for you next year again!).

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Post by paranoiarodeo » Thu Nov 01, 2012 6:52 pm

All players will receiving their Luxtoberfest medals as soon as Survivor and Luxshoppe wrap up.

(I'm gonna drop them all into the database in one fell swoop.)