HOF 2016 - George874

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HOF 2016 - George874

Post by GFips » Mon Oct 31, 2016 12:57 pm

Congratulations on being inducted into the 2016 Lux Hall of Fame! :smt054
George's player page

▉ dustin: first up we honor an active and dominant player of the game
▉ dustin: a #1 seed
▉ dustin: over 3000 FH wins
▉ dustin: a wide array of MOTW awards
▉ dustin: and 12 weekly wins!

Let me add some personal words to your laudatio: when i started playing in 2009 you where already around some months. We were both rookies, but you understood the game very fast. So you became my mentor and you took the time to explain me the game and played endless games with me, where i did play really bad, but learned the game. Nevertheless you kept playing with me and I owe you a lot. Only because of these endless games i became a more or less competive player myself. You made the game for me an very enjoyable fun. I always enjoy to look back to the good old times with you and all the other players around at that time -sadly a lot of them have retired. I am glad you did not. I still enjoy to play this game with you. I hope you will do some more weekly wins! Keep up Luxing!

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