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Lux Online Hosting Help

To host network games of Lux you must ensure open access on your computer to internet port 6619 (Lux Delux) or 3319 (Lux Alliance).

You can always join hosted games that are on the Tracker, and we provide a variety of public rooms.

The vast majority of hosting problems are caused by routers and firewalls.

Router Setup
Routers are commonly used to share a high-speed internet connection between multiple computers. If you use a router then you must configure it for hosting. Here are the router setup instructions.

Firewall Setup
Some computers use a firewall to protect them. If you use a firewall on your computer then you must configure it to allow connections on port 3319 or 6619. The instructions vary depending on what firewall you use.
- Mac OS firewall
- Windows firewall

Wireless Setup (Airport)
Most wireless base-stations act the same way as a router. See the above router instructions to configure yours. Apple branded Airport wireless base-stations are slightly different. Please see the Apple Airport wireless instructions.

Other Issues
Some internet service providers do not allow hosting services (such as Lux) on their network. If you have configured your router and/or firewall but are still having problems then you should email your ISP. Tell them you are trying to host a game on port 6619 and it isn't working. Ask them if they are blocking it.

A user with an internet telephone reported once "It ends up the culprit was my VoIP box. It was blocking the 6619 port. I accessed the VoIP box and told it to port forward 6619 to my router, which I then set up to forward to my machine."

Need Help?
If you have followed all these instructions but can still not host then post in the forums. Make sure you include as much information as possible about your computer setup and what you have tried. NOTE: Please follow the instructions before asking for help, otherwise you'll just be told to come here.

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