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AEL Persian Empire

c.648 BC-c.150 BC
After the collapse of the Babylonian Empire, the Assyrians became the dominant power in the region. The small kingdom of Parsu was forced to pay tribute to the brutal and merciless Assyrian King, Ashurbanipal.

The Parsu people, growing increasingly resentful of the Assyrians, migrated south to the strategically important Anshan region of southern Iran, thus forming the first Persian state. The unforgiving Ashurbanipal made sure to keep this new state weak and subordinate to Assyria.

The Persians are in desperate need of a brave and determined leader; they find it in the great Cyrus II. Cyrus works quickly to unite the Persians and is now ready to finally throw off the shackles of Assyrian domination.

In the abundant Indus Valley, the thriving Kushan Empire is closely watching the growing schism occurring in the west. Their neighbors to the north, the Scythians, are also inclined to reap the benefits of an all out war between Persia and Assyria. Concurrently, the Spartan-dominated Greek City States are expanding at an incredible rate.

Once again Mesopotamia is on the eve of total war! Blood will spill, kings will fall, and only one Empire can remain!

Created by Mark Bauer. Version 1.0 released January 30, 2007.

AEL Persian Empire is part of the Ancient Empires Lux
expansion pack for Lux Delux.

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