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AHL Mexican-American War

Manifest Destiny is on every American's tongue. The only thing in their way is Mexico, which has control of California and New Mexico. President Polk, fearing that the British or French may seize the region, offers to purchase the hotly contested real estate from Santa Anna, the Mexican dictator. Santa Anna refused to negotiate.

Meanwhile, The Lone Star Republic has existed for almost 10 years, but Mexico has never given up on re-conquering it. In 1845, Texas was annexed to the United States, which infuriated Mexicans. Immediately, colonists flood into the region and spread all the way to the Rio Grande River, which they claim to be the southern boundary of Texas. The Mexican government, however, claims the border is further north.

Having been snubbed by Santa Anna, Polk decides to send an American force under the command of Zachary Taylor to the disputed border. The Mexicans have taken the bait and attacked the American troops, paving the way for Polk to demand a declaration of War against Mexico and finally fulfill the dream of Manifest Destiny! Conquer Mexico and seize control of the American Southwest! It's your God-given right!

Created by Mark Bauer. Version 1.0 released April 12, 2006.

AHL Mexican-American War is part of the American History Lux
expansion pack for Lux Delux.

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