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Antarctica Map
Map for the Risk Game Lux 
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In the not so long future, after decades of mindless consumption of the planets natural resources and polluting of the environment, most of the ice on the continent of Antarctica melted. The sea levels around the world rose and countless coastal cities flooded with water. The consequences were bigger than what most expected. Highly toxic elements entered the atmosphere, which started a chain reaction of toxic rain, destruction of plantations around the world, contamination of fresh and sea water and the rapid decline of marine life. In Antarctica the lands’ remaining frozen areas served as a natural shield from the ecological disaster. With large areas of frozen freshwater and wetlands ideal for farming people from around the globe, in a last effort to survive, traveled by any means to Antarctica. As more and more settlers arrived, open landmass became scarce. Not long after, new alliances were formed and battles ragged through the continent in an attempt to secure more land.

Your alliance has given you their full force of their military might in an attempt to conquer and bring peace to the continent. It’s now up to you to prove you have what it takes to succeed and ensure the survival of your brethren and all those who seek peace.
Be careful though, there are others that seek the same goal who will, in their desperation, do anything to achieve it. At the most southern point of the planet, at 90°S 0°W coordinates, navigation tools don’t work forming a dead zone to those why seek passage through it. Prevent crossing it to avoid having your armies lost in that barren wasteland.

Good Luck.

Created by Enokrad. Version 1.0 released July 22, 2009.

Antarctica is a Map for the game Lux Delux.

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