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Arms Race

Arms Race

A new kind of Lux map, that requires a different strategy than traditional maps.

Here are the rules:

The map is divided into two areas. The main map on the right side works like a regular map. The cities provide a bonus and the continents provide a bonus. Each of the countries marked with a port (the boat icon) can connect via the water to any other port. There are also a few bridges that connect continents. The left side of the board is where things get interesting. This is the industry and power sidebar.

INDUSTRY: There are three types of industry: Light, Medium and Heavy. Owning an entire industry type provides a troop bonus. The larger the industry, the more troops. EVERY industry space is accessible from ANY city on the map. And industries connect to adjacent industries (not diagonally). Be careful, though - troops can NOT return from industries to the map! So, invest your troops in conquering the industries at your own risk, because if you get wiped out on the main map, you will become orphaned there and doomed to be defeated.

SEA POWER: The sea power represents an investement in naval R&D. Any port country can begin their R&D by moving troops (attacking) the Sea Power Level I space. Ports can not skip directly to levels II, III or IV. Once at a level, troops advance only one way up the chart to level IV. (You can not move backwards down the levels). Holding Sea Power Level IV lets you attack any coastal country with a beach. You can not attack a mountain coastline. You do not need to control all 4 levels of R&D to use the power, just whoever controls Level IV can use it (troops attack coastlines from the Level IV area, not other countries). So, defend your technology - lest someone come up the ladder behind you and take it away!

AIR POWER: Air power works in a similar way to sea power. Countries marked with an airport symbol are just like regular countries, with one exception: they have the ability to invest troops into Air Power R&D (Level I). Again, troops advance one way up to Level IV, where they gain the ability to attack any airport country on the map.

So, defend your coastlines, unless you own SEA POWER. Defend your airports, unless you wield the AIR POWER. Invest in INDUSTRY for more troops, but keep a army presence on the map!

Will you go for strategic power, troop power or geographic power. The decision is yours. The Arms Race has begun!

Best played with aggressive and teaming bots - try it with Angry and multiple Reapers!

Created by RandomGuy. Version 1.1 released March 30, 2007.

Arms Race is a Map for the game Lux Delux.

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