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Chaos Descends

6 player extended battle. Final map in this 9 part series.

As the captain of the last remaining battleship of the Galactic Defense force snaps out of his reverie, he realizes that his battle is futile agianst the Star Killer. He is low on energy to supply his weapons and the Star Killer is holding out better than he expected. The captain realizes that one option remaining is to ram his ship into the Star Killer and destroy everyone in the vicinity.

The captain makes a quick speach to the surviving crew and fires up all remaining engines targeting dead center of the Star Killer. A fantastic explosion occurs destroying the entire solar system in a massive super nova class explosion as the energy from the Star Killer is released.

Chaos decends once again in the Universe due to the recent loss of its leaders. A power vacume has been created between the remaining subclass superpowers previously cowering under the might of the sector champions. The cylce of war and power continues as six rival powers emerge to claim donimance over their lands...

Created by Straken99. Version 1.0 released November 19, 2009.

Chaos Descends is a Map for the game Lux Delux.

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