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Ched Nasad Map
Map for the Risk Game Lux 
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Ched Nasad

Ched Nasad: City of shimmering webs. The 12 noble houses of Ched Nasad now battle for supremacy of the city. Who will recieve the favor of the Spider queen & who will she spurn? Will the goddess of chaos grant you ultimate power or leave your house in ruin? In the shadows of the city of shimmering webs lurk the assassins of J'Kaelyo willing to stab any foolish drow in the back. Secretly the lower six houses plot and scheme to overthrow the matron mothers of the houses above them. Which noble houses of Ched Nasad will be victorious & which one's will fall into ruin?

Lloth's Temple - 8
1st house - Nasadra - 6
2rd house - Melarn - 5
3rd house - D'Dgttu - 4
4th house - Auvryndar -4
5th house - Mylyl - 3
6th house - Aleanrahel - 3
7th house - Claddath - 3
8th house - Rilynt'tar - 2
9th house - Maerret - 2
10th house - Zinard - 1
11th house - Ousstyl - 2
12th house - Hlaund - 2
House of assassins - J'kaelyo - 4

Note the daggers represent the J'Kaelyo exits: they have 1 way attack from the "Hideout" to any tile with a dagger on it.

Created by Naraku. Version 1.03 released May 9, 2016.

Ched Nasad is a Map for the game Lux Delux.

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