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580 BC- The Median king, Astyages, is having strange dreams. His advisors say the vine wrapping around his land is related to his daughter marrying a Persian prince. Not just of his grandson succeeding him, but ruling in his place. And Persia is ripe for independence from their northern overlords.

So he tries to skew history. A general, Harpagus, is ordered to leave the newborn on a hillside to die. Instead, Harpagus gives Cyrus to a herdsman, who raises the child. Astyages, ten years later, finds young Cyrus and brings him back to the palace, in the hopes all will forget the incident. Harpagus, however, has his son roasted and served to him at a banquet. Cyrus soon grows into a cunning, strong man and convinces Harpagus and the tribes of the Persians to revolt against the Medes and its increasingly insane king.

In the following years, the known world will be torn into turmoil. The Babylonian Empire is crumbling under Nabonidus's erratic rule from Arabia, while the Egyptians and Lydians are consolidating their small kingdoms and forging alliances for what lies ahead. The Great King marches at the head of his army. Who can resist him?

Created by heart-of-fire. Version 1.0 released August 29, 2015.

Cyrus is a Map for the game Lux Delux.

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