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Desert of Despair

You belong to a group of slaves traveling with your masters in a caravan. As you cross the desert, you come across a lake. A merchant takes a first taste of the water. "Its' sweet!" he exclaims. The merchants take to drink first; then the camels; and now it's the slave's turn. As your group approaches the lake, you notice the merchants and the animals behaving strangely. They start rolling their eyes and nodding their heads hysterically. Then they drop dead! The water is poisoned and cooking it will do no good. You are stuck in the desert with no animals to carry you and with only some provisions left. Some slaves panic; others try to go for leadership. You suggest to the group to turn back. The provisions should be enough to reach the nearest village, but you'd have to leave the wealth behind. At least for the time being. Some like the idea, but others want to go continue on the original path. Some want to be free, others like the security that slavery
brings. The group splits into seven factions with each getting their share of the provisions. Some slaves from one tribe takes on to try the water from the other lakes, only to meet the same fate as their masters. Another tribe, sensing their weakness, attacks the few that remained and takes their provisions. There are now six tribes. As the night unfolds, each tribe is preparing for conflict. Some adopt a defensive stand, while others preach for courage and offensive battle. Alliances, if forged, will be short lived. The provisions give you the strengths you need, but defeating another tribe will add more to your power.

Which tribe will survive?

Created by Claudiu & LF. Version 1.01 released November 23, 2009.

Desert of Despair is a Map for the game Lux Delux.

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