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323 BC- Alexander the Great dies in Babylon, most likely of West Nile Virus. He leaves behind a massive empire and no adult heir. The army arranges his feeble half-brother Philip as co-ruler with Perdiccas as regent.

321 BC- Fractures begin to grow. Ptolemy hires Greek mercenaries and turns his satrapy into an empire. Perdiccas, unpopular, is assassinated by Seleucus. Amid the turmoil, Roxanne and Alexander's newborn son are moved to Macedonia for safekeeping.

316 BC- Cassander, General Antipater's son, invades Pella to secure his grip on Macedonia. Alexander's mother Olympias is stoned for arranging Philip's murder. Now the map has changed to five kingdoms: Seleucus in Babylon, Ptolemy in Egypt, Lysimachus in Thrace, Antigonus in Asia Minor, and Cassander in Macedonia.

310 BC- Alexander IV, only twelve, and Roxanne are killed by poisoned wine in the castle of Amphipolis. Cassander is obviously responsible. But the other generals refuse to leave the facade. No one proclaims himself king of the whole empire. If he does, he may find all the others allied against him...

7/7/15: Changed corners, modified description.

Created by heart-of-fire. Version 1.5 released July 19, 2015.

Diadochi is a Map for the game Lux Delux.

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