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Downtown Lux Map
Map for the Risk Game Lux 
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Downtown Lux

Downtown Lux: Made by Ryanoceros

Difficulty Level: Hard

<- Arrows show where you can cross under bridges or from top-to-bottom or side-to-side. ->
Starting Scenario:
Each player dominates a region of the city. (5 player regions total)
Each player owns 34 territories; 22 within your own region, 1 within each opponents region (4 total), and 8 somewhere on the 3 different Highways.

Obejective: Secure your region then conquer the city.
Version History:

----- V.1.1 fixes -----

A section of Freedom Rd. was assigned to the wrong road. (Fixed)
Arrows were missing for the underpass on Rand Paul Way. (Fixed)
The value of Limited Gov. Lane was set for 4 armies. It should have been set at 2 armies. (Fixed)
Map description for starting scenario was not current. (Fixed)
Minor adjustment to starting scenario.
Minor adjustment to the white "Entrance to Buildings" lines. I made it clearer which road enters the buildings in a few places.

----- V.1.2 changes/fixes -----

A couple graphical changes to make it more like reality ...
1). I made a small change top and bottom center, creating an underpass under Liberty Highway connecting Patrick Henry St. to Baseball Ave., and Free Market Blvd. to Individualism Ave.. And I created on-ramps to Liberty Highway from each of those roads.
... more like reality.
2). I also made it so you can no longer directly cross over to the opposite side of the Highway from one side to the other side. You now need to use the ramps and surface roads to get to the other side... down one ramp and up the other ramp... again, just like real life! It plays much better this way, too. I've tested it thoroughly.
In addition...
I slightly increased the number of road segments on the Highways, and made it clearer which segment connects to the ramps. It plays better this way.
Also, I wasn't completely satisfied with the starting scenario, I didn't spend enough time on it at first. So I spent a little more time thinking about how to improve it. 1). I increased the number of armies in the starting scenario a little. This makes it a little easier/quicker to secure your region at the beginning of the game. It may still take a few turns to occupy all the nuetrally held buildings, but you can clear out the opponents on your first turn if you place your armies wisely and the dice are nice to you.
2). I changed the number of armies in some specific locations making it strategically more interesting for each player region.
... plays better and more fairly for each player/region.
Lastly, one error was found and fixed. The value of Patriot St. was set at 1 army, it should have been set at 2.
... This is the final version. Enjoy!

Created by Ryanoceros. Version 1.2 released July 20, 2012.

Downtown Lux is a Map for the game Lux Delux.

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