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East Asia

The "Central Kingdom" (Literal Chinese translation for China) has for 5000 years dominated this culturally diverse region of the globe with both its Confucian culture and its military might. During its spikes of influence it has made tributary nations out of Korea, Japan, and most of Southeast Asia. However, many of its "barbarian" neighbors have challenged its sovereignty. Mongolia and Manchuria have both conquered the Chinese imperial court, establishing their own dynasties, while Japan, upon emerging as the first modern Asian nation was able to successfully wrest Manchuria, Korea, and Taiwan from China's control. Will China yet again fall to one of its ambitious neighbors or will it expand its power and finally absorb the entire region into its empire?

The Southeast Asian Peninsula (Siam and Indochina) has also long been subjected to Chinese influence, and Vietnam in particularly has fiercely battled its "Big Brother" to retain its independence. Will this long oppressed region ever rise above China's shadow and become a major Asian power?

South Asia or more specifically India has had a powerful cultural influence on all of East Asia. Buddhism poured eastward out of India despite the Himalayan mountains and has become particularly important in the Southeast Asian Peninsula. Will India's military influence match its cultural influence and become a contender for China's Asian hegemony?

Will the continuous growth of Islam finally give the Malay Archipelago an upper hand? Or will the small but economically vibrant regions of Singapore and Taiwan surprise the world by creating their own empires?

With so many possibilities, only you can decide if history will repeat itself.

A few notes:
The Great Wall of China and the Himalayas are impassable barriers.
2.4 China bonus reduced to 6. South Asia bonus reduced to 3. Japan bonus reduced to 2.
2.3 Hong Kong Border Changed to Blue.
2.2 line between Malaysia and Borneo removed.
2.1. Line drawn from Malaysia to Sumatra. Info box moved to bottom left.
2.0. Lines changes to white instead of black. Drew line from Malaysia to Borneo. All continent bonuses reduced by 30%-50%.
1.1. Correction: set connection between Myanmar and Vietnam.

Created by Sir Loin. Version 2.4 released December 6, 2007.

East Asia is a Map for the game Lux Delux.

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