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Europe Large 3--The Napoleonic Wars

Edited--The download should work now; I did not realize that ":" in the title caused a problem.

Based on Europe Large, this map is altered to reflect the Europe of Napoleon. France is very powerful, and England's Royal Navy has set up a blockade. Austria is mighty, but hard to control. And Russia is immense. As in real life, the capital cities are key to these nations. There are wars to be fought. Vive le Emperor!

Version 1.1: Scenario added! This is from approximately 1805, so France has conquered Spain and most of Italy. Prussia and Austria are the weakest players, and probably need to ally to survive. However, they have the potential for large reinforcements. Russia is quite powerful, if they are careful. They must hold Russia proper to survive. The Ottoman Empire is fairly strong, if they don't over expand. They too have the potential for large reinforcements, with careful diplomacy. England is in a solid position, having England, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, and Hannover. All must beware of the massive army of France; France is equal in strength to any two of the others. Britain and Russia are the next strongest, then the Ottomans, and finally the Austrians and Prussians. In order to balance this scenario, I added a new continent, the Caucasus, to allow both the Ottomans and the Russians to survive for a while.

Version 1.2: Connections modified; London now one-way touches a number of locations, simulating the Royal Navy. Also, the setup in Scandinavia is very different; it is now essentially unnocupied; first come first served. This is in keeping with the desire to make this scenario historical. Also, some strength was added to Prussia and Austria, as they are usually hammered. A two-way connection was added at the Pas-de-Calais

Created by Daniel Myers. Version 1.2 released June 3, 2005.

Europe Large 3--The Napoleonic Wars is a Map for the game Lux Delux.

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