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Franco-Prussian War HD

This map has been optimized for use on the iPad.

Tension between France and Prussia had been building for years when Spanish rebels overthrew Queen Isabella of Spain. The rebels offered the vacant Spanish thrown to a Prussian prince. Napoleon III of France, immediately protested this move and threatened war against Prussia. Wilhelm I of Prussia agreed to back off the Spanish thrown. Falsely sensing weakness, Napoleon III demanded that no Prussian monarch ever be considered for the Spanish thrown. In response, Wilhelm sent a telegram from his vacation home in Ems, politely refusing this demand. Wilhelm's Prime Minister, Otto Von Bismarck, sensed opportunity to orchestrate war and unite Germany. He edited the telegram and insulted the French, while at the same time making it sound as if the French had insulted Wilhelm. The scheme worked. France declared war on Prussia, and under skillful diplomatic maneuvering, Bismarck ensured that the independent Germanic states allied with Prussia, thus uniting Germany against a common foe.

Created by Mark Bauer. Version 1.1 released August 9, 2010.

Franco-Prussian War HD is a Map for the game Lux Delux.

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