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Lux Phforever

This is a map I've been meaning to make phfor a while - not because the map itself kicks much ass, but because the game on which it is based DID. Anyone with a Mac will (or should) be phfamiliar with Bungie's infamous Marathon Trilogy which set the standard for FPS games, and many people still consider it unrivaled in it's genre.

Aimed at the segment of the Lux community that knows what a pair of WST-EM5 shotguns will do to a S'pht (currently myself and el toro) this map places the player back onboard the U.E.S.C Marathon. Unfortunately, Dustin hasn't made the awesome arsenal available in the game available to the Lux Community (probably a good idea), so you'll have to do with SET's dice.

If you enjoy the map, play the game - Aleph One is an open source project which allows you to play Marathon, Durandal and Infinity online, and is available free of charge from

-- Lest We Phforget

Created by Preacherman. Version 1.0 released June 28, 2006.

Lux Phforever is a Map for the game Lux Delux.

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