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Nevada - Alien Assault Map
Map for the Risk Game Lux 
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Nevada - Alien Assault

-The Air Force Bases & Phase Canon can attack any UFO hull, but the hulls cannot attack back.

-Capturing the 2 secret air force bases will incur a penalty

-UFO cockpits control the laser beams, which can attack all areas within the target continent. In other words, each cockpit can attack all countries within the continent that their UFOs red laser beam is pointing at. These connections are one-way.

In a top-secret facility deep within the Nevada Mountains, military scientists were studying a mysterious aircraft that was recovered in New Mexico some 50 years ago. They were innocently taking bets on what the red button in the cockpit did when the pool got too large to resist any longer. The scientists finally got up enough courage to press the button and settle the question once and for all. To everyone's surprise, the red button was an alien distress call. A full-fledged alien invasion has been inadvertently triggered. The angry little green men are determined to recover their fallen comrade and make the hummons pay!

Scenario set-up (Random Start off)
Player 1 - Bob
Player 2 - Nevadans
Player 3 - Xivoxo
Player 4 - US Military
Player 5 - Klaxxzar

Created by Mark Bauer & Drifter. Version 1.4 released September 5, 2008.

Nevada - Alien Assault is a Map for the game Lux Delux.

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