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ROME - Peril of 3 Empires 260AD

By the year 260 the once all-powerful Roman Empire has slid into division and chaos and teeters on the brink of extinction. Decades of military despotism, civil wars, barbarian incursions, and plague and famine outbreaks have shattered political control, and a series of emperors have all gone down in fast and bloody succession. In 260, Valerian becomes the only Roman emperor ever to be captured alive, by Rome's biggest foreign threat, the Persian Empire, leaving Valerian's dissolute son and heir Gallienus to face threats from Germanic invaders and multiple would-be usurpers of the throne. In the west, Britain, Gaul, and Spain have been claimed as a new "Gallic Empire," ruled by puppet generals under the noblewoman Victoria. In the east, power has been seized by another ambitious woman: Zenobia, a beautiful and warlike descendant of Cleopatra, who styles herself Queen of the East from her base in Palmyra, Syria. This is the height of Rome's "Crisis of the 3rd Century," and Rome's only hope lies in a series of Illyrian peasant generals who attempt to seize imperial power, defend the borders, preserve the Roman Empire, and make it whole again.

Created by Calvinius & Johnicus. Version 1.03 released December 22, 2010.

ROME - Peril of 3 Empires 260AD is a Map for the game Lux Delux.

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