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Roman Empire c300AD

The Roman Empire circa 300AD, around the time of Diocletian and Constantine. Be a Prefect and conquer the known world from your own Diocese, or unite the Barbarian Hordes and destroy the Empire.
VERSION 2.0 6/27/05 - Now with a scenario: It is the first of May, 305 AD. After splitting the Empire in two in 286 AD, Diocletian and Maximian abdicate their positions in the tetrarchy as co-Augusti. Diocletian tries to maintain order and make the right appointments, but there are many who aspire to the throne.
First player: You are Constantine, son of Constantius, appointed Caesar of the West but hailed Augustus Emperor at York by your troops. You control Spain, Gaul, Germany and Britain. With visions of the Cross you seek your destiny. Reunite the Empire, by sweeping East over the rebellious pretenders to the throne!
Second Player: You are Maxentius, son of Maximian, hailed as legitimate successor to the Empire by the Praetorian Guard and the city of Rome and heading the revolt against Constantine. You have control over Italy, Raetia, North Africa, and, because you're a clever little rebel, the hordes of HIbernia. Can you put a stop to Constantine's "divine" destiny with your vast army?
Third Player: You are Licinius, a master of Roman politics with friends in all the right places. Galerius has helped you to be appointed Augustus of the West with control over Pannonia and the Balkans. Soon you are destined to hold the entire Eastern Empire. However, despite your shrewd marriage to Constantine's sister, your alliance with Constantine is tenuous. Will you escape your eventual execution?
Fourth Player: You are Maximinus II Daia, believer in the old Roman gods. Newly appointed Caesar of the East, you exercise vicious and tyrannical control over Jews and Christians in the Diocese of Orientis. Poised to conquer the Anatolian Penninsula with your superior numbers, you are also destined to be crushed by Licinius before he succumbs in turn to Constantine. Can you change history and return the Empire to its Pagan glory?
Fifth Player: You are Galerius, appointed successor to Diocletian as Augustus of the Eastern Empire. You control the Anatolian Penninsula and Thrace. You have the support of Maximinus II Daia, but are succumbing to disease. Can you heal and assert your dominion?
Sixth Player: You are...Attila the Hun! (I know its a bit early, just go with it) You've swept across the Russian plains and decimated indigineous tribes. Have you finally exhausted your murderous reach, or will you teach those high-and mighty Romans a thing or two first?

I tried to balance things as best I could while still trying to have some historcial basis for the placements. So, please note that any suggestions for refinement are welcome. Just post in teh Map forum or send me a private message.
Have fun.

(with thanks to

Created by Hunterrose2000. Version 2.0 released June 27, 2005.

Roman Empire c300AD is a Map for the game Lux Delux.

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