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It is 332 BC and Alexander III of Macedon has entrenched his armies well beyond the shores of Greece. With Babylon now in reach it angers him that the port city Tyre remains defiant. Little wonder, its watery perch is some 900 yards from land, rimmed by 150-foot high walls. It is a sea-locked garrison seemingly impervious to assault.

Professing to have had visions of victory at Tyre Alexander announces he will take the city, a move not widely applauded. Indeed, his plan is so ambitious it verges on the absurd. He proposes to bring the land to Tyre.

The undertaking is immense, not only must his army build a mole across sea to the very walls of Tyre, but it's steep fortification demands use of giant siege engines, a size never before built.

The Tyrians are amused by the Macedonian’s labor - surely this army’s commander must be insane. They besiege the mole and dispatch fire ships to torch the half-built siege engines.

But Alexander is relentless. Days become weeks, weeks months and as the land edges closer to the city and new siege engines are unveiled the magnitude of his vision becomes all too real.

*Best played with country border width set to minimum*

Created by Behemoth. Version 1.0 released December 10, 2009.

SIEGE OF TYRE is a Map for the game Lux Delux.

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