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Solar System Dominance Map
Map for the Risk Game Lux 
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Solar System Dominance

This board is based on our Solar System. This includes the Planet Ceres which has been incorrectly classified as an asteroid. A simple adjustment to the ancient (Bodes Law) identifies Ceres as a major mass within a planetary periodicity.

**You are encouraged to snipe this; adjust it to the way you want it; and then Post it as a different scenario. Except, that you should include this message within your version of this board. Thank you.**

Allied bodies are:

Mercury, Venus, and Mars +4
Earth & Moon +6
The Planet Ceres +10
Asteroids +5
The Galilean Moons of Jupiter +5
The Moons of Saturn +4
The Rings of Saturn +2
The Moons of Uranus +3
The Moons of Neptune +3
Pluto & Charon +2
2003 UB313, the Kuiper Belt
Solar Space is divided into the Inner(+3), Middle(+5), and Outer(+3) systems.

Special connections exist between the (Rings of Saturn) and the First (Moons of Saturn).

This is a (BIG BOARD) game and could take a very long time to play. You may want to limit cards to (5,5,5). Also, turn time limit should be set higher because of the possible need to move (Big Fronts) in a multiplayer games.

MapLAB update: Added a starting scenario

Created by Anon. Version 6.3 released August 30, 2005.

Solar System Dominance is a Map for the game Lux Delux.

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