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The Siege

Vers.1.5 Foxes the MAJOR connection bug. The swamps can now be accessed from the outside.
Meanwhile, while fierce battles are being fought in the West, the Eastern city of Duncanton has been attacked by the Hielanders, and is close to being taken! The Eindonians respond by holding San Reelt, a fortress, under siege. However, Duncanton itsself is nearly surrounded, and if it is, control over San Reelt is lost, and Duncanton will be used for evil means. General Harper was keeping Duncanton safe, but he was stabbed and killed. After you defeat the Goodwinians, you rush over to replace him, but you may not make it in time...
-------------WELCOME TO TED THE BUG----------------
map:the clam wars 3 countries:about 140
players:3 major cities:3
info:battlefield # in series:3
advice:have fun object:to win
-------------------GOOD LUXING--------------------
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Created by Ted The Bug. Version 1.5 released June 10, 2006.

The Siege is a Map for the game Lux Delux.

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