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USS Lionhart, Part 1 Map
Map for the Risk Game Lux 
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USS Lionhart, Part 1

We have received a distress call from USS Lionhart, investigating anomalous readings near star LU-X. All crew have been driven insane by unusual radiation and a mutiny is under way. Your team will board via the transmat pads. Secure USS Lionhart by any means necessary before this contagion can spread farther! Use the matter transmitters (transmats) to move quickly around the ship or fight your way through the corridors bulkhead by bulkhead, cabin by cabin...

Good scenario play built-in (scenario play tip: "He who hesitates is lost").

And finally, have a look at some of the detailed work that went into creating it at:

Created by Rick Godman. Version 1.01 released August 28, 2006.

USS Lionhart, Part 1 is a Map for the game Lux Delux.

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