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Vancouver Ski Jumping

Ski Jumping for the Luxlympic Winter Games

Some hints:

Unusual are the one way directions - Starting at the top of the
Towers, you can only move downwards; a coward watching the
height of the jump may go back to the Entrance as well... But
once you are gliding down the ramp you must take off and jump.

The Jump can end on each position below the take-off ramp
down to the Gold medal positions. From the landing point itself
you can only ski downwards to the exit.

Once there the only way back up to the hill is using the lift or
walking through the spectator areas. Using the lift on the right
hand side is the other one way direction - once entered the lift
you must go upwards.

The upper station can be reached from the left side as well but
there is no way down the hill from there (again you can walk
through the spectators area).

There is only one way up to the Towers then - You have to use the entrance. It is a single spot on top of the hill below the towers. It looks like three countries but is just one. It is marked with a tiny green dot. From there you can walk downhills to the Judges
positions, a kind of dead end (income with easy to hold spot, but
therefore it will not gain much additional troups.

I hope you enjoy this map...

Created by mentor09. Version 1.1 released January 18, 2010.

Vancouver Ski Jumping is a Map for the game Lux Delux.

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