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Viking was authored by Tor & Vor -

By default teaming is on. When on, Viking teams with other Vikings, if present.
Chat commands:
- Turn teaming off: "Viking alone", "Viking team off", "Viking teaming off"
- Turn teaming on: "Viking together", "Viking team on", "Viking teaming on"
- Help: "Viking help", "Viking about"

They came from afar, athelings of the north
Alone they were a danger, together they spelt doom
They felled the strong, and scoured the feeble
Their fanes were cunningly placed, as they fathomed the globe
Facing mishap, they retreated into the wilds, to emerge hale and unexpected
Untiring, they have hewn through peoples of every land,
Leaving the ground hued the crimson of blood, and ashen black.

Created by Tor & Vor. Version 1.0 released April 28, 2020.

Viking is a AI for the game Lux Delux.

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