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WWII Battles-Barbarossa

It is June 21, 1941, the eve of the largest land invasion in recorded history, Operation Barbarossa. Germany has amassed a gigantic army on the Russian border with one goal in mind: the total destruction of the Soviet Union. In Moscow Josef Stalin is tragically unprepared for the bloody carnage that is about to grip his country for the next three years. His paranoid purge of the Red Army has left his military disorganized and inept. Finland, attempting to regain their losses suffered during the Winter War, joins the fight against their archenemy, the Russians. Will the Soviet Union collapse before the disciplined and ruthless German army? Will Hitler succeed where Napoleon failed? Or will the Russian resolve prove to be more than the Germans can handle? Tomorrow is war!

Player Set-Up:
Player 1: Finland
Player 2: German Army Group North
Player 3: German Army Group Center
Player 4: German Army Group South
Player 5: Soviet Union

Bot suggestions for Scenario (random play turned off):
When playing the Soviet Union, try setting all 3 German players to be a teaming bot such as Reaper, Nefarious, or Bot of Doom. For an extra challenge, set the Finland Player to team with them.

Created by Mark Bauer. Version 1.2 released March 20, 2007.

WWII Battles-Barbarossa is a Map for the game Lux Delux.

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