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Western Asia Map
Map for the Risk Game Lux 
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Western Asia

Theme thanks to Mbauer!

With most of East Asia firmly under its control, China turns it's massive war machine east, hoping to replenish their rapidly depleting oil reserves. The Middle East has lost control over the majority of its oil fields to the greedy western powers. The West, hoping to keep China in check, has refused to export any more oil. Enraged, the Chinese invade Western Asia on March 7th 2046. Within two months the Chinese army is on the outskirts of Tehran. With the Chinese forces stretched thin, the Pakistani Freedom League seizes the opportunity to revolt against their oppressors. Will the world use this rebellion to drive a thorn into China's side or will the Chinese crush this rebellion and take the rest of Asia for itself?

Created by Salaam. Version 1.2 released October 10, 2008.

Western Asia is a Map for the game Lux Delux.

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