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Yggdrasil, the world tree that holds all of creation & the nine realms of gods, mortals, dwarves, elves & Giants. Asgard is now ruled by the Æsir. All is peaceful in the 9 realms until Loki set his evil plot in motion. He caused havoc in the underworld by traping Hel in limbo. From here his seeds of chaos spread throughout all ot the Nine realms. Will the Æsir be victorious again or will Loki's scheme set Ragnarök into motion?

Created by Naraku. Version 1.0 released May 3, 2010.

Yggdrasil is a Map for the game Lux Delux.

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Turtoa: Global Rhythm Music Game brings world music to your fingertips.

Lux Delux advanced Risk game with over 1000 game maps, challenging AI, and online multi-player.

Lux Alliance diplomacy game is a simultaneous-turns team strategy boardgame. Diplomacy meets Axis & Allies game.

Lux Touch iOS risk game, and Lux DLX let you conquer the world on your iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Lux DLX android risk game

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