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Zaoz Void Map
Map for the Risk Game Lux 
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Zaoz Void

Zaoz Void: Welcome to the realm of the dreadlord. Can you stop the evil necromancer on his campaign to conquer his kingdom in a dark corner of luxtopia? Or will the Dread King Zao defeat all who oppose him again? Tarnel's treachery reaches all over the realm of Zao but with his power comes a great price. His five vassal subjects now revolt as the Dracolich, & the arch-lich Tarnel pool their power to try to overthrow Zao from the South. In the North of the realm Drandor's fanatics unite their forces with the Witches of Rift City to try to topple the dark lord of the Grey Mountain. The Ghost who rules over the city of bones tries to find the strength to slay his former master. With open revolt declared now Zao will try to crush his former servants and restore his rule in Zaoz Void.

Created by Naraku. Version 1.0 released May 8, 2016.

Zaoz Void is a Map for the game Lux Delux.

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