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Lux Delux Maps: Pictures | Submit A Plugin | Developer Info

Map Submission Process and Agreement

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. By submitting a map to Sillysoft you agree to the following terms and conditions.

MapLAB Process: All submitted maps are sent to the Lux mapLAB test group. You will recieve an email reply from the mapLAB within 14 days from when you submit your map. This email will detail any bugs or errors found in the map as well as offer friendly feedback and suggestions for you to consider. The suggestions offered do not have to be taken (with the exception of fixing any bugs). It is polite and advisable to respond to this email so the mapLAB knows you got it and the email you used is valid.

If you have submitted a map and do not see it in the plugin manager after 14 days, then most likely there is an issue that the mapLAB has found that needs your attention. Check the email address on your forum account for any messages from the mapLAB or contact us at

Most maps go through at least 1 round of mapLAB before being added to the Plugin Manager. The main purpose of the mapLAB is NOT to refuse maps; it is to ensure that all Lux maps are bug free and high quality!

Terms and Conditions

  1. Valid email address. Your map/forum id must have a valid email address. This email address will not be sold by Sillysoft and will not be used for any spam purposes. A valid email address is needed for correspondence with the mapLAB.

  2. Starting Scenario. Your map must have a working starting scenario (more info).

  3. No copyrighted material. Sillysoft cannot host or distribute copyrighted maps or images. Any map that is submitted with copyrighted material and no proof of permission will be rejected.

  4. No pornographic or obscene material.

  5. 1 NEW map per week. To ensure quality and to not overwhelm our map testers, each author can only submit 1 NEW map per week. This does not restrict updates or bug fixes to maps that have already been submitted or released. Please take the opportunity to perfect each map as much as possible. A map with no errors will be added to the plugin manager faster.

  6. Legal statement. By uploading your file you are giving Sillysoft Games the right to distribute your work and use it in promotional materials.

Sillysoft gladly accepts and encourages all map makers. The mapLAB rarely rejects any maps, provided the rules are followed, but Sillysoft reserve the right to not distribute maps they feel do not reflect the quality that Lux strives to exhibit.

Thanks for your interest in Lux and cartography!
We look forward to playing your map!

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Lux Delux Maps: Pictures | Submit A Plugin | Developer Info

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