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Lux Delux - Online Rules

  1. Don't be offensive. Use language appropriate for a friendly board game. This means no excessive swearing or abusive language in game chat or your winning message, no marketing or advertising (spamming), no discriminatory or hate speech based on race, religion, sex, gender or other identity factors unrelated to playing a game. Trolling and creating a hostile/negative environment fall under this rule.

  2. Don't ruin games. The outcomes of a game should be based on the relative merits of each player's strategy and tactics in the game, not moves made to harm other players without improving one's probable rank in the game. Ways to ruin games include:

    a. Griefing (attacking and/or verbally harassing another player repeatedly to express anger),
    b. Boardflipping/Suicide (throwing all your resources into impractical assaults until you are nearly dead),
    c. General asshattery (singling out a particular opponent for a resource wasting move that does not help your position).
    d. Recruiting others in chat to help you ruin games.
    e. Being away from your keyboard (AFK) while you are guested in. If you are in a game, finish the game.

  3. Don't team. No teaming outside of ad hoc strategy in the current game or specific team based curated games. Ad hoc means you can follow up a move with your own but not plan the follow up with other players.

  4. Don't cheat the system. Don't undermine the ranking/awards system with schemes to hide your identity or improve your rank through any means apart from ranking well in games. This means having only one online account per person, not manipulating games leading up to the rankings deadline, not using IP anonymizers or proxies, and other tactics. If you have multiple players in the same household, please inform the moderators.

Things that are NOT against the rules:

  • Killing or attacking your opponents, regardless of card value, the presence of AI's (bots), or opponents' preferences.

  • Refusing to "be cool," burn armies for the convenience of your opponents, or participate in opponents' schemes.

  • Treating some players differently in the game according to your beliefs about their quality (ability, diplomacy, position in game) as long as it does not violate rule #2 by ruining games.

  • Either choosing to restart OR play it out when more humans enter a room.


  • Moderators endeavor to enforce these rules using reminders and warnings, but patterns of violation will be corrected with muting or suspensions according to how severe and/or repetitive the offense is.

  • We're keeping things clean in Luxtopia. Report abuse in-game with the /report command followed by a concise statement of what you are reporting.

  • Use the /mute 'player' command to hide a specific player's chat, but do not use it to avoid a moderator's attention/instructions.


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